WARNING! Followers are useless now in combat and will die FAST

I invested 10 point in Authority. There is a world boss near my base that, before 3.0, my 20th level Fighter follower could tank easy. She never even fell below 10% health during the entire battle. She has excellent armor and an epic 2-hander.

I just tried with her. She was killed in under a minute.

If you send your Fighter thrall into a fight, make sure you remember how to order them to withdraw and be prepared to run.

Very vague. What was the fighter? What was the gear on them, specifically?

Thralls and gear all got changed so it’s not apples to apples comparisons. Your +10 vitality armor may not give you the same benefits in 3.0


Try a greater sabertooth. At lvl 20 with decent perks mine killed the Red Mother in about 90sec by itself. Human thrall’s have taken a back seat in 3.0 from what I’ve seen. I’ll probably just use them for knocking out sacrifices :grin:


That is so sad. I haven’t even gone the animal thrall route. Only a few horses. I didn’t even build a pen yet. I loved the idea of Ana the Reaver and me kickin’ arse all over the Exile Lands. I never wanted to be a beast master.


Oh that’s too bad. She’s lovely, but really comes out on the low end for vitality and fighting skills. Have you considered Dalinsia Snowhunter?

Ana the Reaver, level 20. All Guardian heavy armor, reinforced. The point is, we killed that world boss (Rotbranch at I6) many times before 3.0. No worries. Did our nails as we killed it. Ana got killed now in under a minute.

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I got yesterday a sonja :heart_eyes:

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Question, was your old thralls affected by the update or just the new ones?

lol good

Firespark has a vid outlining a build where thralls are still viable. It has its pros and cons, but looks like it works


I’ve gotten no new thralls (yet) since 3.0

Understood, thanks for the info, them all the thrall were affected by the nerf, even the ones already put on the ground before 3.0.

1st great news from 3.0!! Ty for sharing this!!! The time to group bands of players again is here!!! :slight_smile:

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One thing I will do for sure is dress my bearer thralls in some brutal heavy armor! I’ve got a valuable named one. I am NOT losing him to this nerf!

Dalansia still has far more than her original 750hp and 1.0 melee damage modifier.

Followers are fine.

Thank you for that Firespark link. I wish I’d seen that before I sent my most treasured fighter thrall to her death. So, basically, you gotta nerf your main character to nothing to have any chance to keep your thrall alive.

Send Dalansia against a world boss you killed easy before 3.0 and come tell me how she did now. Just keep your “disengaged” and “run like hell” commands ready to go.

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Being as my damage has gone up quite a bit, the world boss has no chance.

Edit. The only world bosses that might pose a bit of a problem are Alaric the Icy and the Snake and Fishman Leviathan bosses. They were pretty scary prior to 3.0.

However those are group level bosses in Savage Wilds. Stuff like the Redmother, Rotbranch, and Rockslide are kinda considered mid-tier bosses on that map. Things like the Hyperborean Witchqueen and Champion were ripping apart thralls before 3.0.

Those of us playing on that map are very much accustomed to much harder content. And being as this is a map that adds no other features or equipment other than the base game. It is NOT an easier experience.

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Welcome :grin:.

Yeah, it seems that way. IMO, all the 3.0 builds I’ve seen so far have been a pro/con thing. If ya want X, u’ll have to give up Y. Personally Imma run a solo Agility build and have my Sabretooth in tow just for the additional help, but I can’t solely rely on her. I’m the DPS now lol

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And I think that was the idea behind 3.0, players mattering again over thralls. I personally think it is a good thing and feel like more of a power in the game and not a thrall sidekick.

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