WARNING! Followers are useless now in combat and will die FAST

You’re the hero of your story, now. No longer a facilitator.

Its a great thing.


The best way, no mater the thralls, is to learn how to fight and attract the boss on you, not your thrall. Use your thralls only for healing pillows and continue the fight! Both crock and Spider fall down really fast with daggers and their attacks maybe powerful but extremely slow, so you give 2 hits and rotate around the boss leaving your thrall doing full combos in the boss. If by accident or lag these bosses manage to hit you you can leave the fight for some seconds to your thrall, heal and apply a full combo so the world boss focus on you again.
One thing is certain, boss fights will become ours again… Finally!

Done. Doesn’t seem to be a problem yet. Do you actively engage in the fight, or do you let the thrall do the work?

I don’t normally run with a thrall if I’m not leveling, so my fighting style hasn’t changed much.

I am set up for axes and daggers
Strength - 10 pts - Combo finisher
Agility - 10 pts - Precision Strike - I do not use bows
Vitality - 15 pts - Fast Healer
Authority - 10 pts - Healthy Diet
Grit - 10 pts - Endurance
Expertise - 5 pts

We’ll see if adjustments need to be made in the future. I could reassign the Authority until I need to level thralls.

Question is - how do you survive purge if you have no/weak thralls?

The nerfs to thralls also applied to NPCs.

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Oh… that’s… unexpected, and good!

Its not good. It means hidden stats are present, just mitigated. I had a discussion about why it was still there and the answer was to remove the hidden stats of thralls would make some NPCs trivial to fight. To decouple thralled NPCs from wild ones stat wise would be more work than could have been put into 3.0.

I’ll still be pushing for this, so maybe we’ll see another shift in 4.0 in the future.

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Yes, please. Though I do like a bit of unknown in a game to keep it from getting stale.

my new crested lacerta has 252 hit points :smiley: i am afraid an antilope can kill it know when i set him to defend

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I agree with you, I used my t4 exile thrall (forgot the name, found her inside the sinners refuge) to do the sepermeru event with a 3 skull dragon for boss, ezpc and we both were wearing t3 crafted non epic weapons and armor

you just need to put points into inspiration if you want a even more OP Thrall than before

just stop using thralls.
Until we’re able to revive them, they’re glass cannons without the ammo, they’ll just distract enemies for a while until they die. So keep them safe in your home base and protect them at all costs.

I must be one of the odd ones out who are not having any issues keeping my thralls alive in battle…


Hrm… Not sure what to make of all this as yet. Looking forward to testing it all out.

I got to say I’m not feeling very …positive… about it, mainly due to past experiences, and the supposed thrall-nerf, but I will reserve judgement on it.
Bear in mind that I struggled with the previous update. I hated what they did to combat with that prior update–Felt like all I was doing was running away from fighting rather than actually fighting, especially with how quickly my health bar drops now.

Case in point; last night I decided I would try and do the volcano before the new big update dropped (as I’m particularly wary of the impending thrall nerf) - Couldn’t even make it through! :smile:

I died in a full set of redeemed armour , that was only an hour old, couldn’t make it back, now lost it all.

Honestly at this point, I’ll be giving the entire area a hard pass, I mean if I couldn’t make it before, I don’t think I’m going to able to get much further now.

We’ll see I guess.

I think old thralls have stat problems. Newly broken thralls have normal stats. I just take out on the wheel thrall (she is on the “training” while patch came), Lissa o’ the Longbow (Archer) have high stats while my old guarding RHTS have bad stats.
Lisa have 0 Str, 20 Agil, 10 Vita, 15 Grit while old RHTS Archer 0 Str, 15 Agil, 10 Vita and 0 Grit.

I think problems are the old thralls didn’t get stat change.

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If only it was thralls dying like flies in a microwave, but as it is, they’re brain-dead and don’t respond to commands at all. What’s the use in lugging two useless meatbags?

Case in point; I had two Dalinsia, fully leveled and wearing Redeemed Legion armors. I only went for the boss spider to try things out. One Dal refused to fight. The other one only attacked one time out of three. when the second Dal came out of her catharsis the first Dal was losing HP fast. I backtracked and ordered the two Dals to retreat to me but refused to do so, and eventually one got killed.

Good. Followers were never intended to be your actual fighters. They were always intended to be support. Who sends a thrall into a fight and just leaves them to fight on their own? LOL. That will almost always end badly. You will have to participate now. Also, it sounds like you need to invest 15 into Authority if you’re going to support your thralls that way.

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I’m with you. LOL. I have a level 10 Stygian 3 fighter and he’s only got like 4 in strength. I NEVER use good armor on thralls and this thrall is wiping out villages. I’m thinking people that are losing thralls have developed poor management of thralls. I always fight with my thralls and NEVER leave it to fight alone. I hear many players talking about “ordered my thrall into a fight and he died.” LOL. Of course they’ll die if you just leave them to fight alone and now that they’ve fixed thralls so they’re more support than tank it’s even more important to manage them correctly.

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As you can see in this thread old followers indeed do have a problem.

Previously their armor was calculated from armor items + agility contribution.
Agility now has been completely reworked thou and no longer provides any armor…

Stats for existing followers thou were not changed in any way, so they’re in your database the way they were… which means they simply do not have a database record for Grit whatsoever so every follower you had will have 0 Grit - which is the new stat that contributes to armor

This means that pretty much every max level follower you placed prior to this update is missing on average 300-400 armor, on top of that even the armor damage reduction curve seems to be less steep, at least that’s the impression I’m getting, didn’t check to confirm yet.

Edit: yup, confirming the armor curve change:
this is my armor and reduction ingame now
This is the old armor curve from the wiki

Based on this I should be around ~64% instead of 49%. So apply that to the thralls too :slight_smile:

Meh… they’re still too OP imo :smiley: It’s just that now they have a slight possibility of actually taking damage… so you can’t just go and make a coffee while they kill you the boss… but that’s still kinda meh… so I’m with you two too lol

I tried out my T3 level 11 bearer against 4 bears with me in the loop. He lost like 100 HP out of the 3.6k. Not seeing this issue here.