Ok testlive peeps

I know ppl have leveled up thralls to 20 already. Can we get some final numbers from the testlive peeps?

Final numbers on…?

Thrall hps

A Votaries of Skelos (Volcano) T4 fighter with the maximum Vitality stat (100% on levelups) ends up with just south of 11.000 HP at level 20. Like so:

The (7) is not his level, it’s the net attribute value of the perks’ plus/minus, I added that to his name manually.

If you give him high-end Vitality armor, it’s possible to add another ~1.1K to that, like so:

and it’s probably possible to get even more with the perfect Perks - I haven’t bothered to try for that.

I am fairly confident the 20K or more seen in that stream that time is not possible, however.


There is RNG involved with the leveling system. While we can admin Thralls to level 20, those numbers will vary from Thrall to Thrall, even the same named Thralls could and will vary.


This is very true. There can be significant differences between one instance of a thrall and another, even if they’re the exact same named thrall when captured.

I don’t think even the “100%” is an absolute guarantee of landing on the same final number, as there’s a chance to get two-for-one on some level-ups. I have not done thorough testing on that, either.

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Thrall hit points adjusted? here, there are some screenshots but indeed there is either some super fancy system with races and stuff or it is pure rng.

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One can solo all dungeons on here as it is, i like thrall upgrades but whats the point unless all said dungeons are adjusted…cough?:crazy_face:

We were adjusted with the new slow rolls lol

Well… new personal best:

Bear in mind, I have generated close to 100 “Dalinsias” to get this one, and console-cheat-leveled her to 20, so you won’t see these everywhere, but it’s certainly possible under the current build.


Believe can get even higher if you get the +5 vita one instead of the survival but with so many combinations, what are the odds for a perfect thrall :joy:

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Ive got purge fighters in a chest waiting for the update, markos tamer of beast, zrist the blade, and a cimmerian fighter i forget his name. Camt wait to see how they level

One of the questions that we came up with for the Thrall leveling system was about Purge Thralls. I personally chase the Purge so I have a collection of Purge Thralls. However the question was about if Purge Thralls will differ from standard T4 Thralls, the answer boiled down to not at this time. I personally will be waiting. Purge fighters were already underwhelming. It is my hope that will the leveling system and a possibility for unique Purge only perks hopefully being added at a future date. I will be holding out on setting said Purge Thralls. But, all the same I am interested to see what generally happens when one is set.

No different than T4s, at least to begin with. That was the word from the stream a while back (Q/A part). But yes, it’ll be interesting indeed.

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Jinx :yum: ish

Any chance you’ve taken a look at the Cimmerian Berserker?

Well thats disappointing. Apparently once again funcom puts another half cocked idea into play. I have specifically been saving these thralls since i first heard about the update. Maybe ill waste the cimmerian one just to see. ill def have to check in sp with admin before i waste them

Briefly. But not in depth. They are next on my list though.

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Interception! :football:

They’re awesome, same female/male spawn ratio. At this point I have three gals, Madeleine, Gisele and Shelly. Gisele I am leveling and Shelly I’m leaving to guard the place. Madeleine is my control, on the roof. What would you like to know?


It’s a brand new system. I think we need to give it time to be refined. I personally am excited.