Have the almost guaranteed wrong perks on thralls and pets killed the joy of leveling them for you?

Has all the joy been sapped out of raising thralls and pets for you like it has for me?

No longer am i excited to raise any kind of thrall at all, purge, volcano, doesn’t matter anymore

Managed to work your ass of and get that high teir thrall you wanted? Good job

Now the fun part where funcom disrespects all your time work and effort put in to it, and I’m not being rude because this is true

Funcom then has such a randomization of perks that the first thought to a new thrall for me now is…”what opposite perk is going to drop and ruin my thrall”…

Every new thrall i get The first thing i think Is…how is the perk system going to ruin this one no matter how i feed, fight tame or train them…

It’s just dead to me, like why level a thrall in strength just to have a perk take that away, that was my time and effort to level him up just to have it taken away by a random perk

I get the rng but seriously it’s almost every time now it seem that a perk will ruin the work you just put into the leveling.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who lost all joy in leveling thralls to this damn perk system

Players shouldn’t dread getting a perk…maybe give us the option each of the perk levels to choose between two perks for our thrall so we can end this backwards perk system


Lol dammit you just had to say “working as intended” :joy:

What I find interesting is how devastating these perks are for people. Meanwhile there was a time when thralls didn’t even get perks or levels. Your best thrall could only ever have 750hp.

Not saying these perks shouldn’t be changed, they should. I’m just introducing a bit of a perspective. For me, when a fighter gets Deadeye, its not the end of the world. The fighter still has more going for him then he would have a while back.


The thrall cap killed the joy of capturing and leveling thralls for me. I really enjoyed that part of the game.

Ah the good ol days, i miss those days a little bit with what’s been changed, old spear move set, being able to lure enemy’s and bosses (never kited them to grief, we would have daily bets on bosses like black yeti vs white dragon fights kinda stuff and get them to go at it😂)

The only thing they really need to do for these perks to fix them is just make it so that what ever food your primarily using it’ll consider the stat it buffs and maybe make it so a perk of that type has a 25% more chance to drop, so if i gruel the thrall he’ll be more likely to drop a strength perk, that’s what i wanna see

I’ll be honest I’ve never hit the thrall cap lol my clan mostly went away before that update and now that I’m solo i usually just have a small base with a solid small defence force that i can manage on my own without giving myself a headache haha

I’ve said it before but the only thing I dislike about the perks is that you have zero control over their outcome. I like the food/stats manipulation system, I wish we had something like that for perks. EX: Higher chance for a VIT perk if thrall is in mostly VIT armor.


Exactly the food or armor should effect them, feed them strength food up to next perk should increase the chance of it actually being strength like by 25% more,

i mean It should already be like that since that’s kinda the point of stats on the food for thralls and freedom to feed them for leveling…but then perks just ruin that freedom in the end in a bad way

I agree, wrong perks are not the end of the world. Still, i want a realistic training regiment for “resourceful skulker”! :wink:

Did you know there are perks that give -accuracy? I didn’t as I never had it appear on a fighter thrall. But two days ago my relic hunter archer got a -Acc perk.

Why don’t fighters ever get -acc perks? Or do they and for some reason they only occur at a 1% rate compared to -strength?

I’m pretty sure there is something wrong with the randomization they are using, or someone intentionally weighted it in a way to make it far more likely to receive a negative perk that directly detracts from their purpose

It hasn’t sapped the joy for me, but it is quite annoying.


To answer question in thread title, yeah bro!

I wouldn’t say the wrong perks have ruined the levelling of thralls for me, I see it more as an annoyance making it not really a perk when you can get negative in the most useful stats while getting a buff to a stat that isn’t useful for a fighter or archer thrall.
I mainly level T4 cimmerians, RHTS and Votaries of Skelos(Vulcano), these thralls are so strong right from start and have a very high multiplier which makes anything you get to strength/accuracy not matter much, so while a thrall may not become the best it can get, they will still be very strong and perform sufficiently in almost all sítuations :slight_smile:

Still it does baffles me that Funcom call it a perk when it can have a negative outcome on a thrall, and that is my biggest problem, but it’s not something that makes me delete a levelled thrall, however I do check their initial chances of gaining stats and if the percentage chance in some of the stats are way off from what I want then I may consider deleting them right away before levelling them, so not really much wasted time for me other than the time spent getting the thrall.

I see a lot of people only focusing on strength and vitality for a fighter, and while these are good stats, there are also situations where a fighter thrall with decent stats in survival and agility can perform just as good or even better than a thrall with mostly strength and vitality, but obviously accuracy doesn’t really do much for a fighter and that is my biggest problem with the thrall levelling slot-machine :slight_smile:

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This second perk actually made me have to stop playing to go have a mental break down…like this crap isn’t even funny to me anymore, I’m considering quitting after it caused me to snap…like I’m beating a dead horse it feels like now, i cant level a thrall without mostly archery perks…

That is actually a terrible take on it. Yeah, you got weaker thralls, but you also didn’t invest hours of time into them. You plopped them down and that was it, they were what they were 100% of the time. You knew exactly what you were getting and you put little effort into getting it.

These negative perks are a penalty to your time, not just your thrall. If you have a thrall from the hardest training difficulty get a really bad perk at level 20, your time investment just when out the window from a single dice roll.


I got an interesting perk on one of my thralls, Assassin. Strength and Accuracy, so good with both types of weapons.

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Well said, this right here is exactly what angers me, i play a lot of survivals and can take a lot, raiding, full wipes, and all that, but this thrall time wasting crap is to much…

This is something funcom could easily change for the betterment of the community and I’m hoping they do because at this point it really is disrespectful to expect us to put so much time into a thrall just to let the game rng butcher is after hours of training.

Ive said it before and I’ll say it again; your thrall is just trying to tell you who they are and what they dream about. Don’t hate on their dreams.

I personally like the system as it is. Getting great thralls is a process that takes time rather than Choose-Your-Own-Companion.

That’s effort you had a choice in making. And you still see a large increase in HP for a thrall going 0-20. And then there isn’t even a large difference between a thrall who has crap perks and one who has great ones. If we’re talking about T4 Fighters, both can solo anything in the game with you being AFK.

My latest abomination. :nauseated_face::nauseated_face: the system is trash and needs addressing :man_shrugging: It really is as simple as that.

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What if I told you that any perks that don’t give agility, survival, or vitality are nearly useless? And even those have questionable impact.

The two stats that matter are Melee Damage Modifier and Ranged Damage Modifier. And neither of those show up on the Thrall stat page. You need to use console commands, devkit, or wiki (if updated) to see that.

The real issue is taking those stats out and adjusting perks. Right now perks are nearly cosmetic if they adjust STR or ACC. For example, in Darkzombie’s example, with a Sword of Crom, the thrall if it had the best perks (STR based) compared to what is shown, would only do about 10-15 more damage per swing.

This is why I don’t bother with trying to get perfect perks. Once a decent thrall gets to 20, and gets whatever, I call it done and leave it at that.

The changes that should happen is the removal of MDM and RDM or just set them to 1.0. Then have STR and ACC add more bonus damage per point. Then fix the perks. Then you have thralls where you can look at the stat sheet and understand at a glance what dmg the thrall is going to put out.