How to get a thrall to fight?

Greetings All,
I have a lvl 1 archer how do I get it to fight?
Just stands around and does nothing.
My pets attack all the time.

Ok maybe your thralls AI is a little bit stucked. I train archers by giving them weapons and not bows. If you are just starting the game, go to the jungle and kill lemurians to take pieces of lemurian armor. Dress your thrall with lemurian armor, because it has the advantage of accuracy. This way you give more chances for your thrall to take perks that include accuracy. You must hold and attack a lot with bow, because no matter what they say, your weapons affect your thralls upgrade. For your thrall now to be a good archer it is necessary not to loose accuracy, than get more. It is importand to take strenth, because even bows hit harder when you are stronger , you need accuracy to make headshots, not to hit harder. So train your archer like any othet thrall. For realy fast 10 levels take your thrall to the starting river and kill everything, or go to unnamed city and kill mini dragons and heroes. In 20 to 30 min game your thrall will take its first perk. Don’t forget to carry food and healing arrows. Good luck and gg.

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Ok thank you

Not to be condescending, but make sure when you put the bow and the arrows in archer, you arm the arrows to the bow as you would for yourself. If not, the Archer won’t think it has ammo at all. Once you do that, if it runs out of the arrow you supplied, it will default to flint-head arrows.


Ok Thanks All,
Taking the Bow helped. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do armor bonuses for a thrall actually impact perks? The only thing I was aware of was different kinds of food provide different growth rate buffs (for humans, increased chance of strength from gruel, for accuracy, it’s cooked fish and for vitality it’s steaks, IIRC).

Will a Lvl 1 thrall ever be equal to a say lvl 2 or 3 or 4 thrall?
Again many Thanks

Yes. But only for S.A.V.A.S.–No G.E.
Strength (Melee DMG buff%),
Agility (Adds to Armor Rating),
Vitality (health Pool),
Accuracy (Ranged DMG buff%)
Survival (reduces debuff times…bleed, cripple, etc.).

The amount per point on each attribute varies by race and level. Some will give over 200 HP per Vit point, others will give 10 per Armor point.

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I am assuming you mean tier 1,2,3,4.

Not if all are leveled to 20. A Tier 1 at level 20 could be stronger than a named, and levels faster (less XP needed), but a named will end up stronger once it starts to level.

Purge thralls, and a few broken ones (Teimos, Darfari Archer, etc.), but I think the highest non-purge T4 is around the 160 range.

Mind you I haven’t checked the numbers lately, and they did adjust the Black a Hand values without a patch (or so much as a word), so that may have changed, in which case please let me know which Faction.

True. I was lumping pets in there. there are some in the neighborhood of 450 per vit tick.

There is a lot of misinformation in this thread, specially in the post marked solution.

Having a high accuracy will remove some of the accuracy perks from the available perk pool. So the last thing you want on an archer you are training is added accuracy or strength from armor or warpaints. Likewise a high vitality will remove vitality perks and same goes for high strength.

Firespark on youtube created a video that explains the perk pools. I suggest you review it.

Funniest thing I’ve read all day! :rofl:

I get a kick out of pointing out others stupidity, I’m laughing with you.

I’ll grant you that the post marked solution is off the mark on several things, but I would caution you not to use YouTube as your main source of information. Often videos (from many content creators, not singling anyone out) are rushed out before the mechanics are fully understood. YouTube can often show you a thing or two about the game, but just because it’s in video format doesn’t mean it’s 100% correct.

If you check the comments for that video, he pinned one which explains an inaccuracy in the video itself, and while I don’t recall him ever saying that the armor bonus affected the perks he may have, but it hasn’t been proven.

Most of the perks that he pulled from the dev kit had a 9-99 range for a stat, which most thralls will be in by level 10 anyway. So keep dressing your fighters in survival gear to level them if you want, but don’t call others stupid or talk down to them if they don’t fully get new mechanics yet, these forums are a great source of information and the back and forth of discussions will often teach you a thing or two.


It’s not just the rush-rush, it’s the fact that there is very little in the way of reference information that is actually 100% valid. Pardon the superfluous, but if it’s not 100% we start to erode the community’s confidence.

As for Creators, I’m glad when retractions happen, but as @Abomineer put it yesterday, there’s no way in the world that we can have enough data to make any sort of statistically-valid assertions, if the tester is running five thralls here, a handful there. We need hundreds and hundreds tested and re-tested. I think you and @WhatMightHaveBeen are helping take this subject apart on a component level, and that should be pointed out.

The Forum, yes. At Steam, or via public servers? Not so much. I fell prey to that yesterday: parroted something I’d heard and adopted without actually thinking about it. These fora help hash out the subject in public view. Also, your interactions with UltraViolent (:wave::smiley: UV) are predictably funny, and this is a cold, dry Colorado morning where I needed such jollity. I’m glad nobody’s taking it the wrong way.

Returning to subject: I’ve only had one human go pacifist recently. Following @LostInTim’s advice, I wanted Starling to take damage and reset her attribute/food bonus. She refused to accept any damage, even after I withheld her weapon. So I stripped off parts of her armor. It was at this point she stopped fighting, and only walked around in selfie mode.

Long story short, nothing would return her to the fight. I parked her, continued leveling Val Resnick, and logged off. When I returned to her later that day, next login, Starling was fighting just fine. My suggestion if they go passive: park them in safety, strip their armor and weapons until they’re buck naked. Install their armor and favorable weapon, log off and close the game.

I feel your pain on that one, and I’m not saying that content creators should understand every single mechanic without question before trying to make a video, but sometimes there does seem to be a huge rush to be first (I assume it has something to do with the number of views you get being first vs coming out later with better info). I’m always happy to see corrections, and all I was saying is that you can’t always believe that just because it’s on a video it’s correct.

Was your thrall that refused to fight an Archer by any chance? I’m about to start a whole other thread on that mess.

unequip/re-equip them mid combat. start w the helmet, continue w everything till it fixes. works for me 8]

edit: im on ps tho 8/

I really don’t know what’s the rush, really. The game has basically just gotten finished, IMHO. My channel was rebuilt from 0 after leaving GTA Guidemaking, and it’s never been a priority to rush at the risk of alienation.

She is a RHTS Fighter. Very competent.

Believe me, I tried it all. She was consummately kruft. :smiley:

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