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Hi all,

I haven’t been following the forums as closely as I had been since the Riders of Hyboria release in December. It looks like the perk discussions have fallen off the radar. I’ve been holding off on placing several thralls that I don’t consider trash and waiting to deploy when and if there is word that the perk system will get adjusted. Is there any update that this is going to be addressed or not?

If it’s officially not going to get adjusted so that good thralls will continue to get trash perks, I’ll just deploy and suck it up. If there is talks or even rumors of a change, I’ll wait. I just want to know if there is an update. It has been a couple of months since the debate and we’re pushing the second quarter of the year. Thralls are a key feature of game play so I am hoping there is an update. I feel like I’ve been on a holding pattern waiting to level them up or deploying new ones in case deployed thralls can’t be patched with whatever fix like legacy thralls couldn’t be patched in December. I just don’t want another quarter of a year to go by an learn that it is what it is.


This was the perfect time for more or less getting rid of older/not thrallable thralls anymore, except you stored a crap load of them in chests.

Bandit leader and Captains for example.

I still think it would have been possible, to merge older placed thralls into the current system - but it would have been more work + more testing.
Combine that with the chance of getting rid of many older thralls… So I understand Funcoms decision (I am still not happy about it :smiley: )


Yeah, I know about legacy thralls being completely obsolete, but I know there was a lot of talk about new thralls getting trash perks like accuracy on fighters. The few thralls I leveled up ended up being worse at 20 than 19 for example. I don’t see any info if that was something they were looking to expand on or fix in terms of a better thrall experience. But from the sounds of it, probably not. I didn’t want to level up 100 thralls and find out a new revamped system was on the way.

They just need to make it so thralls can’t get negative stat growth, have it be not easy to get really good stat growth sure, make it so a lot of the time a thrall will only get a minor increase and only sometimes will get a significant increase, but please there is no reason that my fighter should decide to smash his own hands with a hammer and lose melee stat.

I get the idea of risk and reward that they wanted to introduce, but we have now is RNG based punishment and reward, this is a terrible idea for any progression based game that relies on grind in order to achieve growth and levels. You can make players feel challenged and make them appreciate really good thralls without punishing them for trying to level a thrall, just reward them less or more, have that be the risk, instead of the constant risk that your thrall catches a disease and loses vitality, or breaks their leg and loses agility or smashes his hands with a hammer and loses melee… Actually makes me genuinely angry because of how stupid a game design mechanic that is. I dont even appreciate it when I get a good thrall now, The anger from the amount of thralls that can so quickly go backwards and become more useless from leveling them up far outweighs any enjoyment from having one that doesnt get punished and ends up with decent stats. The first time I got one that didnt get a negative stat was after going through 4 others that got ruined. I was so pissed off about it that when I got a thrall to 20 and his stats actually ended up ok my residual frustration and anger caused me to despise the thrall that got good stats and I let it die. I havent trained a thrall since then, so yeah really good way to encourage players into the new system Funcom, totally worked for people like me.


But why? Your effort to train it worth a lot, please don’t throw it in the bin. I remember way behind(25 years ago) when i was loosing in a game, i was breaking the controllers :joy::joy:. I cannot blame you, still, next time before you act, please, promise me that you will give it some time and return to act :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Thank you, love your posts :+1:

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I appreciate the concern and kind words man :grin:.

It was my act of protest against the new system I guess, also the server I did that on was set to wipe soon, it has wiped already now, so losing that thrall wasn’t really a big deal, besides atleast I channeled my anger through killing a character in the game :wink: I generally don’t let myself get too upset over games anymore, I channel the emotions I feel in game, through the game and I leave them there in the game, I don’t let it carry over into real life.

As it is now I havent even gone to get a new thrall since the server I am on wiped, I will get crafters and I probably will end up training some thralls again but it just feels so silly doing so, every-time one ends up getting negative traits I cringe. Getting less useful traits I am ok with, but getting negative just makes me so frustrated :confused: I am just hoping they review and change it.

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