Conan exiles: PVP META that should not exist! AKA Funcom help us help you!

made a video so we can all come to a solution to current problems the PvP community is facing. this is just the tip of the ice berg, but fixing this just might help, a bit. and, yes i am sorry its a harsh critique, but its also a constructive one.


couldnt agree more.


Great video displaying the current problems in PvP.

You forgot to mention though, that another suggestion would be to move the “act after dodge” bonus from agility to grit.


yes indeed i did. but hopefully its enogh for 1 time :slight_smile:


Valor is making videos? Nice! Never knew that!
Great guy he is!
And the issues talked about are worthy to be fixed ASAP.
Make PvP fun again! Change a few parts around or attempt to mix things up.


Your video didnt show last stand and cant take more damage then 50 pct. Naked plus daggers and player traps lol

You got the FatC*ck approval.
Perk are strong, which i like, but you shouldn’t be able to get all of them in a single build as you said.
Good argue there.


â– â– â– â– â– â–  wake up ! Chop chop, do better.

IMHO attributes should be antagonistic pairs. Your pick strength or agility. As go up in one, you lessen your max in the other. same with Vitality and grit (health pool vs soaking damage) and same with Authority and Expertise (able to do it yourself vs needing help).


it should not matter to show it or not… people who play this pvp know…


i do make videos :slight_smile: PvP should be fun… not just ERP :slight_smile:

okey :slight_smile: but i hope you do agree with this video… and i hope you’ll help to spread the love :slight_smile:

I beg to differ on this one. Expertise still can make you pretty weak if you don’t compensate in strength or something. Those that prefer to run with a thrall should do so. I will often make a farming character build with max authority and max expertise. Farming for me, while my thrall dispatches the enemies. Honestly, thralls aren’t that strong against other players usually, so this shouldn’t matter.

Fully agree with this, Something needs to change because currently the game is in a sad state for PvP. With the double jump alone being pretty much forced into everyone’s utility it makes raiding 1000 times easier if you just want to run it down and bomb pretty much untouched. This also means in PvP with the lag people can become a teleporting mess spam bombing or just an annoyance jumping around near impossible to predict.

I would also like to mention a perk that some may have forgotten about that was removed with the rework. The old perk in question is Sure-footed - Crippling effects are less severe., meaning that if you were crippled by a harpy spear or harpy daggers it was still very much a playable situation rather than the current death sentence. The current movement speed reduction when hit with those weapons mentioned above seems to be from 80%-90% movement speed reduction.

^As mentioned in the video if perks get altered or removed then I think it would be wise to work back in one of the old faithful perks Sure-footed back into the mix.


Forced to use it is the best way to put it, i agree :slight_smile: sure-footed how i miss that thing when i get crippled by an archer

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100% Agree. Especially about quickfooted perk. It’s must have for a pvp build and basically forces players into 15 agility. It should be either removed/replaced or moved to grit 5 perk to introduce at least some new agility only/str only builds beyond 20 str 20 agi 20 vit.

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Well put, agree very much.

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About that… How is putting fleet footed into the lower level of a much needed attribute for strength weapons (ie grit) going to add diversity of builds and not just replace one meta kit with another? I don’t see how this is going to add any variety…and IMHO I don’t see the pvp community, as it is now, even entertaining this concept. The servers that I see active are all cookie cutter bases and kit builds to where obnoxious color choices are needed to determine friend from foe. Same bases, same armors, same builds, same weapons. This isn’t just because of vastly meta statistics…some of the choices only give an extra 2% damage reduction. I don’t see how this is going to change the meta mentality and is just going to do the exact same thing as all other pvp requests throughout the years of the game…just changes the meta and we will have this conversation again in 3 months after the change.

yes one meta kit for another. but not the same meta for everything. i explained it in the video. and metas will always exist in every game in every situation… we’re build to find the best solution to the problem. talking about solutions, what would be a good solution to the problem we have now?

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Provide actual choices that will affect the pvp game. For instance, fleet footed actually has two effects that should be split. The stamina reduction of movement which should fall under grit and the speed aspect which should remain under agility. Adjust strength weapons to higher stamina costs, more damage but less AP and agility weapons to lower stamina costs, lower strength but higher ap. The stagger ignoring should also fall in grit. Most games get the idea of tanks wrong by not giving them the option to ignore the effects of getting pummeled which is why everyone goes for speed builds. Give tanks the option to ignore those effects and actually able to counter attack. If you keep it separate and stay in the scope of the attributes purpose, you can creat more balance. Strength is raw damage (the smash it hard aspect of combat), agility is quick and precision (the dance and skill of combat) and grit is tanking and persistence (the tenacity of combat). Vitality is health that is just generally needed. The reason things are slanted is because the design of the perks in each didn’t stay in their lanes and so you have the ability to do 3 and get by due to the perks. There is no reason agility should give stamina or strength carry capacity and the perks were all designed with overlapping that is unnecessary. Just keep it simple and let the player decide what needs to be sacrificed.

But also the mentality that pvp is always cheesing out the mechanics of the game needs to go as this is the most critical aspect that kills pvp games for casual players. I don’t see the difference between using errors in building hp of new pieces as a means to secure your base any differently than under meshing yet we treat them differently on a player level, why? What’s the difference between offlining a base and coming in with a group of 10 level 60s as against a clan of 2? There isn’t IMHO. Until this embracing of selective toxicity is addressed pvp is always going to be an effort of managing diminishing returns