Tough Love its Conan Exiles not Conan: Global Offensive

So I am here to step on the throat of any screeching spear using buffon.
Lets begin, so far pvp revolved mostly around using Zath or death. Sure you could get some results with sword hammer etc but the win rate was nowhere near even close to using a spear. Now I have tested a 3 zombie + demon build and destroyed a spear**rd rather easily, I was immediately rewarded with being called a “pssy" and "btch” and “come 1v1 bro” . This meant that I have struck a nerve by poking a small hole in obnoxious meta and that means changes are going in a good direction. But there is more to be done.

I have played Age of Conan for a very long time before CE and do feel nostalgic about different classes etc.
I see what you did with corrupted strength the nod to dark templar and I see the possible Demonologist and Necromancer builds as viable. However, to keep this amazing game from falling into the “bro come 1v1 zone” we must do all we can to avoid what happened in the previous patch.

1.) Everyone was wearing legion! it was the armour without which you a s a player were at a massive disadvantage, seeing it on everyone and their dog was pretty discouraging. It made everyone look like their mom and dad were brother and sister. DO NOT allow this to happen to the Abyssal Armor (Abyssals look cannot be altered) if you do I will burst a masculine reproductive part I swear to god.

2.) Avoid 10000000000000000000000 buffs. It is not necessary never was never will be 2 max 3 available buffs are max anyone will ever should be bothered with. This made preparing for pvp feel like a very very long choir.

3.) Back to meta builds, there has to be at least 4-5 viable DIFFERENT options in builds that can hold their own in pvp and pve alike. NO NOT 1. repeat after me NOT 1 OPTION. So minion build needs to be viable not just for PvE, sword and board and spear too etc.

4.) FOR CROMS SAKE limit the number of building pieces!!! People are inconsiderate. Its just true they WILL build TESCO bases (miles of T1 for no reason ever born on our plane of reality), burning down any hope of non laggy performance of the server. Put your foot down dont let 2 block spammers destroy the experience for everyone. How do I know? because every private server i ever went to was successful in part due to building limitations.

4.) PVP building. People HAVE TO build 1000000000 gates causing performance drops when within 10 miles of the base. But this makes 0 sense. Why instead of forcing building pieces spam you dont just give an option to “reinforce” (adding hp) already existing building piece for exact same cost? You would gain less loading of millions of pieces for no apparent reason. And maybe pvp bases wouldn’t have to look like 1 massive foundation, hideous.

Those 4 things will already make a massive difference for the better.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you manage to implement any of the above I will break into your home at night feed you cookies and tuck you in.

I think they added a transmogrification bench for this very purpose… No?

4.) (the first #4…) Totally disagree… From reading here is seems to be about an 80:20 split in favor of no such thing happening… :wink:

Now that’s just scary!