After 2 Year playing Conan here come the conclusion

I spend a lot of time in this game. But now i have concerns about Siptha and all what comes now.

  1. Update 2.3 was a massive Change in the Game. But it was only good for PvE Players. The new healing system is a Joke. No better word can suscribe this Sorry. Pvp want fun in their fights and not this realistic s.h.t like bandage with Animations. Or a Animation for drink a potion. When a PvP Player drink a heal he dies!! Wow awesome. Best Change ever. Sarcasm over!

  2. Undermeshing is no longer a option. Thats Good nur what about Spamming? Why is it not possible spots of Ressource to make a no build zone??

  3. The Support of Conan Exiles on Console is the biggest Joke that i ever see in the Story of Gaming. Sorry. 20 Players send Report for a Server where every Place is a tempel Spamming. Tue Support do nothing. The Server is Dead 1 Year ago and the tempel spam is already there.

  4. Thralls vs Player. You guys of Funcom ever Play PvP? I dont think so. A Teimos can 1 shot every Player with a Perfect Armor? Really? Better fix the Thrall vs Player System before you so something at the heal system.

  5. You want Money for the Siptha Map ? Fix point 1-4. Than you can take Money from ppl. Thx!


I agree with you, I look forward to this latest update and it did not meet my expectations. I liked conan more when it was released, now I don’t want to play it anymore and I’m done with conan. It was good while it lasted, everything must end at some point.

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  1. Good update, now you cant heal spam anymore. Pvp is finally turning to pvp instead of who heals first.

  2. The map is full with resources, do you wanna make the full map no building?

  3. 20 players send the same report? Is it really 20 players or did you make it abit worse? So 20 players spamming a support about spamming. :sweat_smile:

  4. Thralls are fixed since this update, maybe add some vitality to your build. Because none of the thralls 1 shotted me while being naked. :man_shrugging:

  5. Ill buy it, they finally actively making the game better.
    Soon those cowboys are nerfed, pvp will be better again.
    No tryhards that claim to be the best, while all they did do better was spamming heals 24/7.


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