I want the old Version back

I want my Money back. This isnt the game anymore That i have bought years ago. The Game at the beginning was already Great, they just should have fixed the stupid game bugs. For a game change like this one should have made a second part of Conan Exiles. Every update they said all game bugs were fixed, instead nothing was fixed and we just had More and More game bugs in the game . but the main thing is new content… it doesnt matter if there are More Bugs in the Game After it, But hey „new content“. Not even the community was listened to. Forget PvP completely now. Thank you Funcom


What was changed that’s so detrimental, in your opinion?

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Lol. Tell that to the people who’s been here since Early access. The game changes. And 3.0 is by far the best updates in 2 years


new building system sucks tho

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I dont. This version is better. The previous one was too easy and a snore fest.

I wouldnt actually be here if this patch wasnt applied.


Ps4 is a mess… soooo ya.

Love a roll back til its sorted out.

No point in trying get past some of issues and make progress.

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The pvp isn’t as fun anymore in my opinion. Everyone now is a health sponge bouncing off the walls.

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Speak for yourself. I’ve been having a ball the last couple of days.

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new building system is great


Yes games are changing. I like the new direction conan moves. For me its improving and finally some significant changes are happening. Thx funcom!

xbox version is bad, nothing loads, the new menus are all about mooching more money, and it won’t pay off now for them or for us, I rather they had try to “woke” the game then what they gave us.

You do more damage to players. You dont need to be 5 when enemies are 5. Skillgap got higher because of the higher paced speed, and the movement is helping with it aswell.

No kidding! I miss those days where follower thralls didn’t exist and you pulled the entire Sepermeru which was completely hostile and ran circles around them swinging your “ultimate high end” unmodded Anciend Khopesh “Skyrim style”, but you were still safe since the enemies couldn’t rotate fast enough to keep up with you so they always missed…
Oh… :open_mouth: wait… you mean… we’re not talking about the same “good ol’ days?”

Also, meanwhile… somewhere in the galaxy in another thread

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Interesting split. I wonder what the common denominators are - looks like some of it at least, is the PlayStation.

Likes the old version better:

Unclear (but probably pro old version):

Likes the new version better:

Unclear (but maybe pro new version):

Yea, I’m usually “sitting on the fence” in a lot of matters cuz there’s always pros and cons to most things. But yea I think I prefer the new version, the added mobility in combat was much needed (and I’m not talking about the move speed here, but rather the freedom to initiate a dodge etc, it seems much more responsive than before.
I also like the building system, the crafting times for building pieces always felt like a pointless nuisance.

The attributes and perks also make much more sense now, although some combinations might be a bit too OP as well…
Like the fact that you can have a full harversting / encumbrance build AND max out either str or agi and still keep like 400 hp and be a competent fighter, that seems insane to me cuz up to now I had to pick one or the other… I either went farming with endless carry weight plus harvesting and needed protection from my thralls… or went with a fighter build and always kept fiddling with inventory weight… now when it comes to “bearer” builds it seems like you get to have your cake AND eat it at the same time :cake:

Still haven’t tried sorcery yet myself, but from what I’ve seen it’s okay

So yea, overall I have to say I kinda like it! I’m not a fan of the microtransactions and having to “learn” yet another silly battle pass system and definitely not a fan of the bazaar prices… so on that front I was much happier with the old model of the themed DLC packs, like I said in another thread I would’ve gladly bought another 12 of those instead of this new system :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m kind of similar… there are a few things which are a bit irking but in general I like 3.0 better - some positive directions are being shown!

Heh, I made a poll for this too BTW (I think if you click that little grey arrow “V”, you can even take it from here. :stuck_out_tongue: ):

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