Update 2.3 review

What have you done? Why did you get rid of flawless and exceptional gear? Why did you add like nine million new crafting stations which all do what pretty much all the existing ones already had done before update 2.3? Why did you screw the not only stamina system making it completely trash, but nerf player damage YET AGAIN? And further buff enemy damage? And completely overhauling the armor, quite possibly the DUMBEST thing to change, rendering ever so many different sets completely USELESS in practically every corner of the map, especially volcano or the frozen north. There’s only two sets of armor with both hot and cold with 2 tick. Everything else even epics, 1 and 1 hot and cold, same as basic tier. You didn’t make ANYTHING more balanced, you completely made the game infinitely more challenging, confusing, and laggy. Nevermind what you did to the healing system. Like why? You nerf the best food and screw it out of healing practically at all, to substitute it for aloe potions, which YOU COULD ALREADY MAKE if you beat dagons. But made it entirely RELIANT on both said potions and healing wraps, both of which have animations that if you interrupt, YOU LOSE THE HEAL AND WASTE THE ITEM. So not only have they made food irrelevant, they made combat completely unbalanced in favor of the computer. Made certain stats far more ridiculously over powered like survival, and or agility. While completely nerfing players strength, vitality, ESPECIALLY by nerfing the passive regeneration as well. I can tell you this update has pretty much made me lose interest in even playing conan anymore. That’s over 3 years support wasted and money I’ll never get back. And something I may never touch again BECAUSE of THIS update. 2.3. The death of the Exiled Lands.


Sigh… I haven’t tried the new update but all of these things you mentioned worried me when I read the patch notes… Once the update arrives to PS4 ill see for myself and pass judgement but these were my fears. Especially the healing.

Ill guess ill just wait until they realize the mistake and fix it… Pretty much my routine after a new patch anyway…

@Taemien lol are you clairvoyant or what :joy::joy: I’m sure it was you that said these posts would be coming :joy:


Spot on. I started the game (on PC) just before patch 2.1 came out. 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 have steadily made the game worse, to the point it is unplayable with 2.3 thanks to the dumpster fire they call “improved AI”. It’s been incredibly irresponsible of them to release these pre-alpha quality patches on PC, it’s just mind-numbing to see that they decided “yeah this is good to release to consoles and stick them with this for another year until we can get around to patching consoles again.”

Nah now exiles healing is more like isles. Which makes zero sense given they aren’t making the maps interchangeable. Why would players ever want to actually carry on their exiles legacy in a new map? Maybe give you an actual reason TO pull off your bracelet? Ya know, this way you don’t technically recreate your character, so much as propel yourself into isles via the portal you’d create removing your bracelet and therefore removing your shackles binding you to the cursed wasteland. I’ll take my royalties in cash thanks. Lol

Didn’t this happen like 6 months ago? You’re a little late to the party.

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the post is tagged “xbox”… Looks like the patch finally dropped yesterday. Still waiting for PS4 :cry: :cry:


You’re right. My bad.


Well, you (the console community) have cried for it. Funcom initially wanted to patch consoles once Siptah is done (out of early access).


There’s only two sets of armor with both hot and cold with 2 tick.

Which two? Seriously?
Too many threads on what’s the best hot/cold armor that may now be null and void.
It was epic/flawless Vanin Fur or Dafari or Godbreaker. :confused:

Yo i don’t see what the problem is what your not happy because you have to play the game different I’m sorry but playing a game the same way for 3 years with nothing changing would make me lose interest you got to adjust and over come the new changes this is just my opinion please don’t kill me over it just give it a chance.


Right. No reason to ever run warmakers again once you learn all the tablets inside, which are pretty much useless 2nd rate gear now. Champions Leggings maybe the only real useable piece outta there just for the corruption cleansing. Used to use all that stuff in there. Now only reason to go in there would maybe be for the scroll buffs but fk that. Not grinding that dungeon just for god buckets when a bubble stops poison arrows.

Are you sure? Because a lot of those areas behind the green wall that could be build on are now no building area. If you know a location that is still buildable, feel free to report it via a private message to the community team.

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As I said, I play on PC, so I’ve been suffering the effects of Funcrom’s incompetence for months. At least on PC I can cling to some vain hope that 2.4 or 2.5 will make the game not garbage again, but I don’t think anyone asked for the game-breaking bugs and poor “balance” decisions Funcrom has made over the past 6 months. I’m just amazed that they released 2.3 to consoles when it is such a bad patch. 2.3 is the patch that made me stop playing - it’s pointless bringing thralls to a fight and watching them swing once every few seconds, or getting a purge that kills all your idiot thralls. At least on PC it’s easier to deliver patches (and potentially fixes), I’m just sad for the console players who will be stuck with the god-awful 2.3 patch for who knows how long since the update frequency on consoles is very slow.

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Not on console. Not everyone is part of the pc master race.

iiii dont know.

My guess on next stream they announce the official release date of IoS. Not much space left for a 2.5 patch.

What do you mean? Your body doesnt disappear anymore in the new patch?

I did catch a vid about the gear changing and last week made 10 sets of the flawless I like. How long they will last me who knows but I did see that coming. Sadly.
Yes little pissed about healing aspect.
The stamina thing takes getting used to for sure.
Table issue. Agree not sure why they changed so much and people who hate large bases are not going to like the new tables at all. I will say did try the speedier furnace and it does kick ■■■ in turnaround time.

Would you like some cheese with your whine?

Seriously, you’re a drama queen.

You want a game that he er changes or evolves?

That sounds boring.

Oh, and learn how to use punctuation. Your post is 1 big paragraph.

I love the changes. Maybe, I’m a more flexible gamer.

I’m with you green i love the changes to some peoples kids just can’t be happy.