Was a better game a year ago

In oh so many ways.

I have to wonder if funcom is trying to put down exiles. Exiles looks like they have added a gray overlay, but siptah is crisp and vibrant.

Used to be able to defeat world bosses, now they heal at Xman rates and I am just fighting them to a stand still.

Hell even placing a thall can turn in to frustrating minutes of “must be placed on” errors. “I’m trying to place him on the center of a foundation block, how much more walk able of a surface do you want”?

I’ve been playing since this dropped and it seems like for everything funcom does that makes the game better, they do 2 things that make it worse.

The real kicker is how often funcom has done a crap change to something because of troll players. Defines “this is why we can’t have nice things” meme. Change to the harden steal recipe, and world boss rubberberberber banding, to name 2.

A year ago I played all the way through this game. Since it dropped I have played through 3 times. Haven’t made it a third of the way through with out quitting for a month, since siptah dropped.


A year and a half ago, before the december 2019 patch.

Why doing this? …

I would like to give my honest opinion, I think that the developers have very good ideas about the direction the game is taking, the only bad thing about the game is that errors are not corrected in a more effective way, which leads to the fan of the game get tired of it and it’s a shame because it’s a great game.


Of course. Every successful business strategy includes continued spending of resources to make their products worse, in order to intentionally alienate their customer base, so as to minimize profits.

Or maybe, if their intention was to pull the plug on Exiles, they could just pull the plug and be done with it.


Care to guess how many developers I have watched develop their games in to oblivion?
It’s nether a new thing, nor a new thing to funcom.

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Intentionally, or out of ignorance, or because of a poorly planned marketing/funding strategy?

Out of those three, the last one is the most common in my experience, because smaller indie developers in particular are often not competent businessmen.

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Am I the only one thinking the game is getting better?

A lot of things have improved over the last years, some things got worse but a lot of the things that are bad are outweigh by the improved things.

You have to play with the changes, you can’t play the game like you used to years ago.

The only problems I have with the game are the server crashes, very buggy thralls (my thralls keeps falling halfway through the floor and cant fight or move, it took 1 hour once before the thrall tp back to me…), and the combat gets me too much in a stunlock combo.

If things work the way they should the game has become a lot better than years ago, I still think to this very day its better than it was.

I have over 1800 hours, I took a break but was here from the start till now.


Name some of those improvements.

Notice you didn’t have to try to come up with issues. :wink:

Go in to your thralls menu select “i”. Quite often this will raise them from the floor.

Are you sure you want to know how many hours I have in Conan? 4180.

I don’t play games I hate, I gripe about issue with games I like. “No problem ever got solved by ignoring it”.

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Lol. These posts grow stale. You have 4180 hrs into Conan but you reckon you now can’t defeat a world boss? :joy::joy: either you have spent a lot of time not doing much other than building or your just bad. The bosses are not much harder at all you just need to think a bit instead of charging in and chopping away like a lumberjack.

Lol what??? You think funcom introduced boss rubber banding because troll players asked them to?? Ok :flushed:

If you are judging this game by “a year ago” you are totally wrong. If we want to play the “I have x amount of hours” game, I have over 6000 hours playing CE. Does that make me right and you wrong? No.
But this game has come a very long ways since EA day 1 and there are too many improvements to list. Are there still irritating bugs that have not been fixed? Yes.
I do not think troll players have anything to do with CE decision making. Also blaming developers for management decisions is just silly.
If you cannot defeat a world boss because he heals faster than your DPS takes his health, you should just quit and play the Sims or something, because you are totally doing it wrong.


This is getting old. Can we have one discussion about the direction of this game without tinfoil-hattery? No, Funcom is not “trying to put down Exiles”. As @Kapoteeni already pointed out, it makes no sense to intentionally make things worse in order to obsolete a game (or a map or whatever you were referring to).

But okay, let’s set that aside and talk about the game.

We all have our opinions about the changes and gripes about things that we don’t like. For example:

You don’t like that change. You’re entitled to that opinion. Funny enough, I would take those exact changes and use them to answer your question from a later post:

See, I’m going through a fresh playthrough of my own. Yesterday, I was level thirty-something, forget which exactly, but let’s say 36 or 38. Running around in non-epic vanilla light armor, with some Yamatai sai and an iron war-axe, 30 vitality, 5 enc, 20 survival. I killed two world bosses running around like that, just yesterday.

And yet, less than an hour later, I ran into Sinner’s Refuge and started hacking and slashing like I own the place, and got my ass handed to me. A bunch of ragtag exiles almost killed me.

So what’s the point of this story? The world bosses are not really too hard to kill, if you learn their patterns and adjust how you fight them; but you can’t just go in knives flashing and mash buttons anymore. For me, that is one of the improvements in the game.

There are things that I dislike, massively. I’ve written about them often, so I won’t bore everyone by repeating them here. But overall, I can’t honestly say that the game is being run into the ground or that Funcom is trying to put it down.


Better a year ago? Haha!

In my opinion the game has improved a lot, especially with the last couple updates. There are changes that almost nobody talks about but make a great difference in my opinion. Also the combat changes made a hugh difference. Private servers live longer now and people are way more active and engage more often in open field battles.

If I think back how we started when Conan went into Beta, its a whole different game now. Everytime I hear someone complain about how grindy this game is, I just shake my head and think: its good this guy/girl didn´t play 4 years ago, when there wasn´t black blood or starmetall tools. When we where running around with iron tools way past level 40 because nobody on the server had yet found out how to craft steel. Or the times, we got raided up to 6 hours every day and had to almost rebuild the whole base every day. We had to farm nonestopp to survive on a server and we didn´t complain half as much as people do now or quit after the first raid. Maybe people like me, that play this game that long are more forgiving because we know how far we have come. That doesn´t mean I am happy with every decission Funcom made in the past and now. And I am definitly not satisfied about some stuff like server performance and bugfixing. But overall I still love and support this game and I hopefully will for a long time.


Yh, I’m so utterly confused by the way this game plays even in single player offline, My frustration doesn’t even know where to begin. Most everything that was great a year ago (or at least when Riders of Hyboria dropped), is gone or at best unpleasantly broken to a degree. Used to be “One step forward, Two steps back”, now idk, maybe 1/2 steps forward & as many steps back as possible? So hyped for next console patch (Sarcasm).

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Darkzombie, you need to work on that reading comprehension.

When world bosses insta heal what am I going to do about that? Bosses; and just world bosses not dungeon bosses, completely heal up between my attack rounds. So if my thrall and I can’t drop it in the first attack we never will because they heal fast as I can damage them. I fought the first queen croc for half an hour, 0 damage, gave up.

I’m 60th level, my thrall is 20th, max damage hardened steal, the croc heals between attack rounds.

You do know why they put a leash on world bosses, right?

JJDancer, several changes have been made to the game to address troll players. Leashed bosses and the recipe for hardened steal are the two that come to mind right off.
Yes the game has come a long way, then they made a bunch of big changes to the game, vary few of which improved game play; IMO, and several that made just made it more convoluted; fact.
If I’m dong it wrong how do I do it right, because I’m sure you can tell me.

CodeMage, I have yet to die to a world boss. That isn’t the issue, I know how to fight them, what I don’t know is how to do 1500 points of damage in one attack. Because if I can’t drop them in my first attack they heal before I can start the next one.

Has no one noticed world bosses heal at phenomenal rates standing on their spawn point? If you draw them off their spawn point they don’t heal, but leashed so will leave a fight to run back to spawn in and be healed immediately. Once again I have no issues with dungeon bosses; hell I’ve been farming the Dreges for a while now. I’ve killed the gator at the bottom of that brimstone cave with ease. But I just can not do enough damage to a world boss now for it not to be healed up by my next attack.

A year ago is an off the head time, but before the big update that turned crafting in to some Rub Goldberg affair and back when low end world bosses could be farmed at 60th with a thrall.

Let me tell you a story or two.
At one time there was this racing game, had a world wide following, was with out a doubt the most popular racing game online. Then the developers decided to change the game. And even though there was an out cry from long time players, and the game started losing players. They continued down that path to oblivion. Can you name the game?
There was once a real good zombie survival sandbox game. Loved it, was real popular. Was a top game for a while. Then the developers got side tracked by the free mini game that came with it. Once again the developer made a bunch of bad decisions, ignored the out cry from long time players, stuck their heads in to developing the mini game and with in a year or so went poof. Can you name the game?

I like Conan, it’s my game. I play survival sandboxes of a sort. Got SCUM, got Raft, Got RUST, got the Forest, got ARK, got Life is feudal, got Grounded, and a dozen more of the same sort. Still playing Conan. I just wish the devs would spend more time fixing legacy bugs; which funcom is famous for not doing, and spend less time making the game more convoluted.

Right now one of the top 5 things I wish they would change is stop world bosses healing, or at least not heal at Xman rates.

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My comprehension is obviously much better than yours. Read the garbled mess of a post you started with and if it still makes sense to you than come back to me.

Now does that make sense to you??
I fully understand why leashing was requested and why it was implemented, so that they could not be kited to people’s bases and used as weapons. It was necessary. I don’t agree with the Insta heal at all and have made my own post about it previously but it’s not difficult to overcome. If you would stop moving so far away from the bosses they won’t unleash and Insta heal :man_shrugging: It’s really pretty simple. I’ve been killing them almost daily for years with absolutely no issue whatsoever so the game is obviously not the problem.

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You not understanding that, just proves my point.
Do I need to break it down and explain it to you?

YES!! Get 3 NPCs attacking you at once (very difficult to avoid in the larger camps) and you can’t do a thing. Meanwhile if even 1 of them has daggers, you get 7 stacks or more of bleed…dead.

That being said, I still absolutely LOVE the game and I really like a lot of the recent changes. As far as world bosses rubberbanding, I’m assuming OP is talking about when they reset because you’re up on something so they can’t hit you. I like this change. Keeps you from cheesing them.


Is this certain world bosses in particular? Because I fight most world bosses at their spawn points with no insta-heal issues. Specifically I fight the ones in and around UC. But I play SP, not sure how you play.

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Report a bug. Because bosses are not supposed to insta-heal. And they don’t on any of the servers I’ve visited lately.

I certainly haven’t. These last two days, I’ve fought the giant croc northwest of the Sentinels, and the giant spider by the Spinebreaker’s flank. Multiple times. They behaved as expected.

And it has honestly never occurred to you to report a bug?! You’re telling me that you’ve witnessed an enemy in the game heal completely between one press on the attack button and the next one, and you thought that was intentional? No wonder you hate this game :laughing: