My Opinion on the newest update

What funcom fails to realise is that, this game is “Single player”, even in “Multiplayer.” The game is so easy, lacking content and uniqueness that a solo player can easily wrap up the PvE content in matter of hours.

The purge thralls and Unique T4’s actually created a natural economy or bargain between players. I do see the reason behind making lower tiers relevant, but mediocring the T4’s shouldn’t ve been a solution.

This game, needs ZERO player interaction unless you are trying to bust people in PvP, which funcom couldn’t seriously understand.

Also, I fail to realise who will use any bench rather than %50 cost reduction one. The only thing people don’t like is grinding, and %50 cost reduction is what people will go for. Not speed, EVER.

We already needed a giant workshop to create an endgame industry, which we ran from chest/vaults to benches, hauling material from one side to other. Now, we get zero new content or items, but new benches which will almost triple the size of our old workshop, while adding absolutely N O T H I N G.
-Will I lose more time running around workshops? Yes.
-Will I have to spare even more space in my base? Yes
-Will I have to haul resources between benches, which actually have similar recipes, but apart from each other? Yes
-What do I gain from all of this? Nothing.

Everything in game is extremely easy to access;
-Legendary items? You literally find them in random boxes, with easy “strong mobs” Sorry but there are NO BOSS in conan exiles, just strong mobs.
-All material is abundant, not really region specific (except starmetal and obsidian, none ever uses in abundance because they are unnecessary and most of the better tools and stuff can be farmed via easier other means.)
-Now thralls are not that much unique anymore.

What will my players, trade? Coin is only good for smelting into dust. All resource is abundant across map, leveling is easy, gathering is easy, fighting is easy. I mean check Riddle of Steel in actual conan fantasy, Steel was something RARE, precious. Here its a junk.

I will have to get more thralls, more space, more running, for nothing. It’s a joke.

This game is still relevant thanks to hard working modders, whom literally walk in flames to put up content because of total-overhauling patches every 1-2 months.

Funcom crew is very, but very disconnected from its playerbase and the actual needs of the game.

We want, content, we want more customizable servers, we want more uniqueness in wilderness, we want more randomness, the feeling of being rewarded is severely lacking in game. We want things that we will have to trade, I WANT PLAYERS TO BE OBLIGED TO ENGAGE EACH OTHER IN SERVER. (if you don’t like other players, SP is for you, in MP I expect people to be a community. Trading, bargaining, being forced to cooperate.)

There is no endgame goal, the vanilla goal throws you to level one which NONE EVER MAKES. The game is STALE, STATIC. It’s not living unless people mod the hell out of it.

If you rely on modders to keep your game alive, at least throw a proper bone to them.

I know the team works, and I appreciate their effort, I’ve supported funcom via buying all DLC’s on date, but they need to be more relevant with the needs of their game. All they have is 2-3 toy box and they just swap their location and call it a content, we need more boxes, more uniqueness. If you can’t be unique, well just copy some aspects of ARK and actually ADD some BOSSES.


I don’t think I can like this post enough :slight_smile: Well said!

Only thing I have to add is the bosses actually working properly would be nice too. It is just not fun attacking NPC’s that just stare back at you, run back to their tether while you are still attacking them or casually float into the mesh and dissapear into woop woop xD


Exactly. And I think it might very well be a mistake to think the winging on these forums is indicative of the entire player base.

Damn near every change they make, not even in difficulty, just added features, you get people complaining. I have even seen people complain about being able to level thralls. They wanted it to go back to the old system where thralls could not be leveled. Mind blowing to me.

Funcom should just stick to their guns.


i agree 100%

exactly my thoughts. what people want is to cut the grind , even if the bench takes longer,. (shows some form of disconnection to what people is after)

agree , in a multiplayer enviroment , people should be needed to cooperate to accomplish things, either in calns, or several solo players . if someone does not want other players or playing with others, i guess SP could be a great place for them.

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until people has to do it.

try a high level surge in siptah all by yourself and your thrall,… (without cheesing it with water)

Are you sure you are not confusing difficulty with increased grind? From what I see up to now, the game has not become more difficult but grindier. And the decision of moving bonuses and recipes to the benches basically kills the economy, at least from what happened on our server. You traded leg kits, leg weapons and thralls for mats, piurge thralls being the most expensive trade goods. The economy remove dthat part almost completely. Sure you still can sell t4s, but basically 3 and thats it. No gain of getting a purge bs and selling it, no gain in getting grrr legbiter with his special recipe, that’s all gone, same with the insiginficance cooking has if you compare it to before. There is no more incentive in triggering a purge in exiled, i just get some random t4s until i have 1 of each spec.
I remember spending 5 months getting my first Grrr before spawnrates were adjusted, it felt glorious bringing him back to the wheel.
Also, why do certain benches still ahve thrall slots, if there is absolutely nothing to be gained from putting one there…cosmetics?

There was a time when it was. That was when Conan was fun.


Agreed, the game has always been too easy, even for single players like myself. I remember a different game where we had to organize 3 or 4 different groups of 8 people to just go kill a dragon. Now you can just strut in with a single thrall and kill one.

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The bosses aren’t difficult because they have no real mechanics. They’re just big bags of hit points with a fixed set of animations they cycle through.

I actually don’t understand why bosses in this game are the way they are. Is it a conscious design choice?


I am good with boss difficulties. As a single and casual player i dont expect harder :slight_smile: Some world bosses have huge hp and damage. For example that giant spider gives me hard time to beat it. But i understand what you mean. You are talking about npc fighting mechanics. Perhaps you right.


Yeah, I wouldn’t want them to increase boss difficulty to the point where playing solo is entirely impossible. A lot of the people complaining that the game is too easy have been playing for years.


This crafting update was 100% for PvE/Roleplay purposes and nothing more to it.

Scott Junior who is making the changes to the game admitted to only playing on RP servers during the argossean release stream.

There is zero reason to split the Cauldron into two separate benches and now requiring both. Not only is that insane but the new benches are huge and not one of the new benches fit in my base.

Also wasn’t this crafting update supposed to simplify the crafting? I don’t get how?

Right now each new bench got 2 options. 1 makes the craft time faster but costs the full amount to craft anything. The other option crafts slower but cuts the cost in half like a T4 Thrall used too…

How is that simpler for new players? wtf lmao. The only good thing that came from this update was the change to stone consolidant recipe but at the cost to fish traps being changed… so its not really good xd.
As said in the OP all this creates is more time bouncing between different benches and taking up more room in bases and having materials spread across more benches. Tinkering bench really? zzzzz 2 different cauldrons needed? really? zzzzzz

I haven’t even bothered to look into the new thrall changes on benches nor how armour is crafted now because I logged in. Jumped into single player worked out how the new benches work saw how stupid it was. logged into one of my servers i have bases on crafted them and they wouldn’t even fit in my base on that server. (1 Wall high floors in a cave on siphtah) logged out and I continue to just log in across the bases I have on 6 officials to keep the decay on them. Not sure how long I’ll be bothered to do that.

Edit: Get rid of Scott Junior.

About Difficulty:
I mean, behind my idea was never to make single player more difficult. But admins of dedicated servers can be given more sliders, more things to toggle to increase difficulty in their servers. I seriously don’t want one guy going around grinding all content with one berserker and call it a day. This doesn’t incite community, no relationship between players. At this very moment, as admins we don’t even have a special slider that just increases the DAMAGE AND HP of ENEMIES. The ini file increases the said stats of both enemies and the thralls you own, therefore they are always balanced.

So you can’t create an artificial imbalance in your server, unless you make a mod for it that specifically targets player thralls to render them more useless.

Just check Thrall Wars Mod, the mod team made several bosses that actually need multiple players to engage and defeat the boss, with an increased difficulity and special mechanics.

The dragon in UC spits flame, and I barely lose HP, is this logical? The worst thing a giant dragon do to me is undermesh my thrall so it can’t fight anymore, a bug which existed over 3 years or something, and NEVER FIXED.

As content and community:

I’m so SICK of having my server population tank in every major patch, I’m literally sick of it. I’ve played ARK for 3000 ish hours, atleast 2000 of it was as a server owner, and ARK is known to be a game for update mania its players.And see what ARK had become in its years, the amount of content the poured in and conan.
-We can’t even traverse between maps.
-There is no underwater content but the hold your breath challenge dungeon.
-Zero bosses or endgame content.
-Just check the ARK admin sliders, and Conan’s. What you can adjust there and here.
-The world is Static, nothing moves unless its in render range. While in ark, the world is alive even outside the render, one thing you find, will most likely not be there in few minutes.
-What are we surviving from in Conan Exiles? Our own stupidity of not carrying water? Oh wait it has been fixed by new useless survival talent.
-Sandstorms are a joke, unless you mod it. The weather effects are joke, unless you are stupid enough. The mobs attack patters are literally same, from bosses to basic thralls.
-This game has zero immediate threat to player unless you risk to take your server offline every patch for couple of days and mod it. As infact, in ark, just disable flying dinos, and increase difficulty to max and see what survival is.
-(giggle) The best threat to player in game is the teleporting purge mobs, because thats the only way you can get damaged from an exterior threat. AND you can Bypass Purges because there is an offline decrease of purge meter, which players abuse in PvE servers to never have purge. Best part is, IT’S NOT EVEN MODDABLE. You can’t even alter the game to change offline purge meter, and make purges constant to enforce players to fight! I know players who NEVER fought for their entire 200 hours in my server!
-I don’t know why I would call a game good when its only actually playable when you need to mod it heavily. The modders stress their hairs out gray because of late night devkit updates, they are being stressed by the community which wants their servers online. These people are doing a charity work and I can easily say they are more stressed about the game, than funcom crew ever has.
-In Ark in 2k hours, I do not recall a time where I had to take down my server more than 1 day EVER, after a giant update.

Here, in Conan Exiles, every major patch, I have to take down my server at least, ATLEAST 3-4 days.
why? Because they don’t test their patches, they don’t implement the changes from feedbacks from their live servers. They will gloat that they release a devkit 1 week before as if they are actually caring for the mod community, but they will never say that they update the same DevKit at least 2 times before the launch and 2 times after just to make the game OPERATIONAL because of of the major, game breaking bugs.

I love this game, I don’t like to bash it, but:

And in all honesty, I literally have neopatchophobia in this game, being afraid of new game updates and patches.

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Usually when I request more challenge to be added to the game, I get a ton of backlash.

Before Siptah, your thrall could solo everything. You literally get an easy T4 thrall from one of the guaranteed spawns in near noobriver and then you’re golden.

After Siptah, well you can do the same thing if in Exiled Lands, if in Siptah, you have to nab a cub from the NE island.

But after Siptah you don’t even need to do that. Stuff is still incredibly… lets not even call it easy. Lets say simplistic. So they lowered the HP, which was a good thing. It reduced the sponginess of the encounters. They lowered HP of thralls, which was a good thing. But they could go further. Personally I think they should half the HP of thralls and pets as they are now. That would put them with being threatened at the least.

But that doesn’t solve the simplistic problem. Cause you don’t need to even have a follower. Right now you can attack twice, block, and repeat.

Fights on boss creatures need to have some mechanics added to them. And I don’t mean cheese where you die in one shot. Though I wouldn’t be opposed to a stacking debuff that can eventually cause you to be one shot.

Mistakes should have consequences that grow over time. That’d be one way to handle it.

Adds are another. The Thag fight was interesting because of this. Assuming the adds can be killed of course. When our server was on the old map, we had a number of dungeons. The last boss was a demon spider with about 6000hp. It was meant to be a boss encounter for a level 40-45. It by itself is quite easy with someone using ancient weapons and such. But it comes with some tough spider adds, 2 on each side. They had about 400 hp each and hit 2x as hard as normal spiders.

However I also had 4 sets of 3 very small (0.6x size) spiders who can spit crippling poison each, and they have about 50hp each. They go down in one hit, but you have to deal with them otherwise the boss will be able to get ahold of you due to the cripple.

These would respawn every 60s. So they would keep coming throughout the fight.

The encounter was alot of fun from what the players had said (and the 100+ spawn counter indicated that it was engaged… alot). And that is what I was able to do with Pippi tools. Imagine the encounters Funcom could make? Thag and Witch Queen are just the tip of the iceberg.


I dont like to comparison two games but character models in Conan Exiles far more better than Ark. Ark has very good quality of maps but character models very dull. You dont want to go 3rd person and see your weird looking character. Even only this comparison makes me stay away from it. CE has bugs and some things needs to be fixed but definitely worth playing and staying.

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Before I even start talking about the suggestions. BUGS! YEARS OLD BUGS! There is so so so many, I could create a list longer than my characters armpit hairs. Sidenote useless piece of information for anyone who didnt know, womens razors/tweezers have been around since about 3000BC! I had a fascination with ancient history back in highschool =D

Just a note here: I quit when the live services update came out because OOF what a mess! and I dont think anyone in these forums would disagree with that xD

Anywho! Two bugs that join in with Queens post!
I came back fairly recently so it possible that purges have been fixed? If not why not? While not difficult it added a new and exciting and unique idea to the game so even if it has finally been fixed why was it left so long!? It is even a selling point on steam! “Yeah we have this cool purge mechanic, buy our game” Course forgot to mention that it doesn’t actually work properly. This is a full release game now if something is a selling point on steam it SHOULD work otherwise the company is misleading customers.

Secondly the AI! This is a HUGE (isn’t that what she said xD) pet peeve of mine! =D How the hell is Funcom going to add more exciting bosses or npcs when half of them currently derp out. I can walk into the witch queen atm with no armour and stone weapons and “fight” her because they just stare at me as do alot of the normal mobs and this isnt the only problem with the AI.
This doesnt scream Conan or survival or “brutal, bloody combat” which is how it is described on steam. And this specific boss bug has been here for over a month now and dont even get me started on how many times Abyssmal remnant has bugged out and its taken more than a month to fix that too even when the problem was just the aggro range (Yeah this was my last post on the forums so many months ago before I quit, I spawned that slug in and found out the aggro range was too short which is why it wasnt aggroing - added pippi and other mods and fixed it in my own game, came to the forums, explained why it was broken and how I came to that conclusion and it was still broken 2+ weeks later, which was when I quit so it could have been broken for another month after that for all I know).
But the issues with the AI are constant, not just this one boss this one time, No it is there constantly. Imagine a new player buying this game, walking into one of the boss dungeons and seeing that the AI is worse than many early access games. Even early access indie games who do not have the resources to focus on AI specifically. In a non early access game, by a company like Funcom these issues shouldn’t exist like they do.
Should the AI break during updates? Sure, there is always coding issues updates will cause problems.
Should it take over a month to fix bosses? Hell no
Should a large majority of the AI derp out and be worse than indie early access games? Also hell no
Will it turn new players off? Yeah they bought a completed non early access game they expect actual “battles” with npcs like steam describes.
Will it turn off old players? Yeah the heck do I wanna fight a static passive boss for? What is the point of playing? I can go fight my curtain it will be just as exciting xD Maybe even more so because it might make me trip over hehe

Now that thats outta the way, yes! 100% yes! I can agree that new bosses would be amazing! Maybe not ones that solos players cant enjoy but definitely bosses that require different strategies or different weapons types to defeat xD I havn’t had the chance to explore EEWA much but I do believe that they also have some bosses with some interesting mechanics such as immune to ranged weaponry or can only be defeated with weapons with certain buffs :slight_smile:

More sliders for admins I agree with too there is so many options that they could add that would just make customizing so much easier for admins. I havnt had a server for a but I could have sworn there was a increase enemy DMG & HP option, if not though thats pretty bad, I dont think I have ever seen a survival game without that option for server owners >.>

YUSS THRALL WARS! XD All the love to the creator! @Queen_Themisia Did they end up implementing the player dancers that heal corruption? That was such an awesome idea!

I feel for you so much as a server owner, I have seen so many server owners get so stressed when an update drops and servers go down because of database corruption that somehow happened when the update dropped or just not exist anymore because their playerbase just didnt come back. It is so bad and I dont understand how Ark servers are so so much more stable. You can have an Ark server with mods with no wipes since Ark released still running today but Conan OOF.
Storytime! I tried to get back into Conan in Sep? I think it was, I joined a server la la happy happy days had fun that day enjoyed the game then! MY LUCK! An update hit the next day (possibly the Siptah release?) and the corruption in the database was so bad that when it corrupted it overtook the admins entire PC locking everything. And that wasnt the only time I have seen admins say that their database had got corrupted AGAIN after an update xD

For anyone that is like but its because its modded! I had never seen or heard of this happening before until I started playing Conan it is just not a common thing to happen in games when updates come out… modded or not. Not in a full release game, maybe early access when the game is still basically being built, MAYBE then.

Just as a sidenote here I am not bashing the developers or the designers etc., I am sure they work hard and care about Conan as much as the players. But anyone who knows how a company works understands that the developers do have bosses whose actual job is to only look at the statistics and say can we make more money off this, can we push this update early and get away with it, can we push new content into the new DLC so we can make it more exciting on steam so more people will buy it. New “free” content updates and bug fixes are not done out of the goodness of the company’s heart, it is so you will buy the next DLC or Conan 2 should it ever be made or the next game Funcom creates. So I do not believe that alot of issues stem from the developers and I think they do wonderful work with what they have to work with :slight_smile: Just saying that there is alot of stuff that could be better, bug fix wise and new content wise :slight_smile:


Got to agree - I wasn’t too sure either way when the change was initially made (but experimenting with t4 exiles in spots I’d normally have taken a t4 northerner/cimmerian left me fairly sure it wasn’t going to be a negative) - but I definitely felt more like I was doing a higher proportion of the fighting after that change was made (though by then I was also more experienced at the game, so that may also have played into it - a friend who was new to the game did seem to have a much tougher time of it).

I’ll say ‘maybe’ to this point. I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit of a reduction at the top end (like you say - some risk is good) - but at the weaker end some are already so weak that they can be extremely difficult to keep alive in even basic encounters (example I got a feral dog to level 10 (by doing all the fighting myself) - encountered a wild surge and, in the couple of seconds it took for me to kill two of the three t1 npcs, the third had already killed my dog - sure, non-greater version of a fairly weak pet, but I certainly wouldn’t want to see them nerfed any further :wink: )

That dungeon does sound fun (although how was it to run solo? - I’m guessing the intention was more for groups?)

I’ve never understood why encounters in the game are so static. Your example is exactly the kind of content this game needs, but for some reason Funcom doesn’t seem to be able to or want to produce it. It’s very strange.


I think it boils down to cost. They can’t afford for a full overhaul on NPCS, attack animations, AI behavior, and so on.


If true, I’d imagine that the dev team is very very frustrated by that. I know I would be frustrated if it were me.