Every patch makes it more tedeous

Every patch makes the game more tedeous and boring
Make monsters less stagerable so you have to waste 10 minutes killing a little rocknose
Now with the weapon change all weapons are total garbage now.
Game is tedeous and doesnt have any additional reward
game is now a zoo simulator with terribly dtedeous combat


Have you tried not just punching them. 10 minutes is an exaggeration, unless you are on a private server with monster HP turned up. I can 3 shot with strength 2 and a watch blade.

yea it is an exaggeration but my point still is that it takes way longer than before and game is now absolute trash.
EVERY single update just makes the game more tedeous with 0 reward
screw this trash game and the idiots developers

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Ironically, I feel the game has been that since pets were released last October.

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Finally, balance has been achieved.

On a more serious note, you come across as ranty and hostile. A more constructive approach to giving feedback would be better appreciated. “The game is now absolute trash” won’t help the developers make it better.


For what exactly? Funcom doesnt listen anyway and they are making changes no one asked for, but keeping reported bugs still in the game.


Careful mate u might get flagged for speaking the truth. Game does get more tedious with every update like the author said (might get flagged too) n only if they would listen. …maybe things would be better. Im done

How many threads have we had about e.g. spears and how overpowered they are? Or more recently, Bestial Claws? Are you seriously suggesting that these recent nerfs to both are not the result of player feedback?

The unfortunate fact is that with a player base as wide and varied as Conan Exiles has, it’s impossible to please everyone with every update. Every update made to please one group of players may end up hurting another. So even if you and the OP may feel like your requests have been ignored, or that the recent updates have actually reduced your enjoyment, it doesn’t mean Funcom isn’t listening to player feedback. It just means you guys weren’t among those who wanted these particular updates. (I wasn’t, either, but I can understand the perspective of those people who wanted some of these updates. Seeing a reason beyond what I want helps me adapt to these changes and survive.)


Yeah Kap, some remember way, way back before DLCs, Climbing and many weapon types - and how much we all cried out for more, more, more.

Reading some of the many stories from grief/exploit/pvp threads it is not too hard to see why weapons get tweaked and adjusted. I imagine FunCom aim for the generic whole, of the game, not just PvP, PvE, FRP, ABC or XYZ and have to maintain balance - and in regards to weapons, make each marginally different enough to balance against armour, enhancements, etc.

Oh well.

I do recommend that players feeling the game is not as exciting as before maybe have a look at other servers, be they Official Pv??? or even modded, private servers. Check out any servers with high populations (or not) depending on your tastes. From the little I have seen, Every taste is factored in so basically, enjoy!

PS: I remember wanting magic carpets, trapdoor spiders and bolt ballista - and ways of opening drawbridges from the outside. That was about 2,500 gameplay hours ago and am on way to 4k now so… :slight_smile:

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I think you get that feeling because you get to know the map, the camps, the resources and everything. Once you know every corner of the map, there is not much left to explore, you can turn to change difficulty for an extra challenge, or develop rp’ing with others in private servers. For me the game is tedious at times, but there is always something to do and someone to meet!. That keeps the fun going at least for me.

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This items shouldnt be like that in the game in the FIRST PLACE.

This happens, when you dont give a crap about QA or play the game in godmode to test things.

Its a bad practice to add items and then nerf them within 1 patch later!! Add them weak and buff them up, not add them OP and nerf them into oblivion.
And the fact, that its mostly like that with every patch, Funcom doesnt learn.

And me and enough other players will be soon (or enough are already) done with the game, when Funcom doesnt learn anything and repeats it mistakes with one patch after another.

Communication is still bad… Add reasoning for balancing (nerfing) items, so that the player know which way Funcom wants to go.

As I said in another thread: it feels like, there are several people in command and everyone has another perspective of the game and they cannot talk with each other and for sure not with the community.

I want to have FUN playing the game, not feeling frustrated or abusing exploits/bugs to achieve something.
Tell me, what was the problem with moding a damn glowing stick?? What is so bad/gamebreaking/whatever that you cannot have it 50mins anymore, but just only the 20mins (not talking about breath of the red mother)??

Why are the new sword movements so damn slow? Even the 1h sword?

The combat has definitely gotten worse, everything staggers the player but most non humanoid npcs are impossible to stagger, so the player gets thrown around by just about anything and it makes combat feel frustrating especially whenever you encounter a 2v1 or more.

Knockback and stagger should be tied to the armour and weapon class with lighter gear offering little to no resistance to it but heavy armour providing a good few hits worth, you should have a gauge which gets depleted whenever you get hit and only once it reaches 0 then you get knocked down or staggered, much like how poise works in the Darksouls series.

Ever since the update - it does feel that my character is less epic with fighting.

  • Daggers (excellent, but their effect and feel, when fighting, is ‘dead’)
  • Pike - started loving using this after hostile NPCs would farm me in, like, 2 hits! lol!
    Now - the feel, when Im using a Pike - its cool… but, unless its blunted, takes a day and forever to kill someone. (Yet an NPC with a PIke still can take me down in a couple of hits.

The Daggers changed after being able to wield two handed axes came out.
Dont think anyone used them before. (I like them a lot)
(Preference wise, don’t see the draw to two handed axes)
… but in PVP - I guess it was ‘over-kill’, and had to be ‘balanced.’

Problem with this is a lot of things that work for a role-playing, single-player experience, starts to get watered down, and the uniqueness that Conan offered with their weapons… well, it kinda all begins to blend.

And we know of many games where it doesn’t matter, really, what weapon you have.
(I get it - pvp - do what you have to.)
But in an rpg scenario - things are not the ‘same’ - things are not ‘fair’

  • As a point to help illustrate the above consider armor and its cold/heat attributes.
    How many people have scratched their heads at the mismatch of armor to weather protection?
    IT has been stated, that its to keep balance in the game… again, if that is what Funcom feels is needed in multiplayer - so be it.

  • But in single-player, role-playing… fact is, you go up north… there may be only a limited amount of items you can use against cold… same with the desert, etc.

Now I find it funny, that one of the fir outfits to keep you warm (on the ladies) is something you may see in the desert, as too much is exposed to the weather. lol!
Yet, I can farm black-ice, practically naked, (don’t even really need spicy food if its mid-day)

Im not even referring to design choice - but the fact that whatever is assigned to one region has a total affect you would not necessarily expect.

  • I get it - they will not be able to do both (one for single and one for multiplayer)
    The latter is what, I believe, they hope to keep the game going on.
    But - a game like this, with its audience, I believe can handle a world that is not ‘balanced’

If you play D&D 5e tries to be as balanced as possible.
Yet, Runehammer Games (ICRPG - or 'D&D light) has stated a ‘truth’ I take as fact: “Nothing is balanced - there is no such thing as balance”
(Take a look at Monte Cooks Invisible Sun, and magic system - its fun, as its not balanced!)

So - I guess, who is the audience for Conan? If its the peeps of Gen y-z… maybe.
But Gen X and older - give us the raw world of Conan, with all of its glorious imbalance! lol!
(Though,- the latter gen is the revenue ticket… striking the ‘balance’, not gonna be easy)

What’s weird is I don’t even really know who was asking for this change. The only time I ever even heard about 2 handed swords being a problem was when you’re out slaving, but that was still a very rare complaint. Nobody on the forums was like “Please funcom let me get stunlocked and give all the enemies hyperarmor!”, literally nobody.

Can still dupe ingame too, and all the combat exploits from the dawn of time are still hanging around. Weird… ODD… hmmm… gets my noggin joggin… really gets my GEARS spinning lads… HMMM…


I have even more hours now on my PVP official, and as far as combat vs NPC/beasties, it is actually more fun, as i now am using different weapons, and really liking some of the light/heavy techniques i am learning. The lights allow for quick rapid strikes, and enough stamina to roll out of mounds gank-group damage to heal and re set attack. Also, the fixes to the critical hit legionaries is noticeable, as shark bites have one-shotted t3s in the Den randomly. That and thralls now attack if i initiate. before you would have to take hit to insure they would attack. and they seem to focus on the higher threats, like f’n archers lol.

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This is still broken for me… I fight against 2 people, my thrall runs 50m to another thrall of the same type, while this 2 are woopin my ■■■.

Before patch and after patch the same.

To be honest.

And it pains me to say it, but the game is now Tralls and Pets which dominate and conquer.

I have always played an archery character in this game…even before it was cool.

I basically shoot an enemy. Let my thrall engage. I use my bow to fire healing arrows to support the thrall or pet.

They are the heroes. I am just a stack of 200 healing arrows and an aloe harvester. For more arrows.


You do know, that you can also fight with your thrall together?

Outside of a few bossese, thralls kill faster than i can engae once it gets going. The roles are totally reversed. I Agree with @Hexsing on that. I mean, i run into the Mounds or Asagarth, kite all the enemies into a pinch, then let my relic hunter clear it all out as i hit him with healing arrows, or poison arrows for the enemy. The thrall should be the one kiting/supporting and me fighting, but on PVP, efficiency is the name of the game, so faster i be the thralls b…h for the good of the clan.


And who forced you to play like that?

So because you have no self control and you are unable to use no thrall or a weak one or only give him a shield, you want to force your style of gameplay on everyone else and cry for nerfs.

Also about " I have to-do it, because its fast". If thralls get weaker, you will not be faster…