About done with funcom

I was having fun on conan with friends but updates break the game unnecessary nerfs to weapons and armor atm the game is unplayable id rather DE own conan so when we say this wont work we get a hotfix that fixes the problem and does not break everything else cuz funcom does not test updates before releasing the patch which is why most people stop playing its getting like destiny where its a disappointment every update there is no reason a company should be so lazy they dont try to keep people playing unless they are trying to kill the game their self its pointless to keep trying to enjoy the game if the dev team dont pay attention to the people playing and do everything that ruins a good game think im gonna redownload dark souls 3 just to have a decent distraction cuz conan no longer does it for me with all these bugs that i cant even begin to get back to playing


@Derynea +1 Internetz to you

@DeathFang666 If you can’t even bother to write in an intelligible manner, then don’t be surprised when others have nothing useful or sympathetic to say in return. Also, I disagree with what [I think] you were trying to say; I’ve been very impressed with Funcom’s dedication and willingness to continue to make improvements this long after launch. The game is much smoother and more full-featured now than when I started playing almost a year ago.


Then why is it every update they add nothing but bugs i would like to play without having to switch my builds just because they cant seem to test the update files before releasing and making it irritating to fight enemies before i played cuz it was a decent distraction now that i cant lock on since last update i have to switch to a bow and i haven’t grinded up enough dragon bones yet to make decent arrows and since undead only ■■■■■■■■ you if you’re not using the katana heavy constantly just to kill them and keep from getting stagger locked when they cant be staggered they only made the game more annoying to play im not about to waste time on a broken game i used to enjoy they had a few good calls and way too many bad calls

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Thats a lot of words. But not a single point at an issue. I have not had many issues since the patch

Me and alot of ppl on my server cant lock on to enemies my main weapons require the lock on just to land a hit same with some heavy combos and i didn’t stay long enough to see wat else bugged out

Actually funcom isnt compared to DE they literally play their game with random ppl on Warframe u can play with the devs themselves and there is no reason a update should bug out a game making it impossible to play

I have heard of the HUD dot being off for some players, so that when you strike with a weapon you need to compensate by striking to the right or elsewhere. This is covered over in the Bugs section. We’re a community here, and you’re a part of it, so perhaps there are solutions. At one point, several of us here felt the way you do now, but during Early Access. We’ve come a long way since then. Give it a shot, maybe there’s a fix.


Also whos idea was it to make enemies not be staggered id rather skeletons do more damage not oh im accidentally agroed 3 now im just gonna get pushed against a wall and not be able to move or attack and take unnecessary damage to my armor until i die then wen i do go farm that area i have to cheese with the katana heavy just to kill them which will get nerfed cuz devs don’t like ppl cheesing enemies even though they nerf weapons and armor then buff enemies

Auto stagger is a soft option. I think it was put in so that we could learn the system, and now that we’re all cool with it we have to learn which weapons do the work we need. Stack the cripple to five, and you’ll actually have the space to perform combos. When you have five stacks of cripple, switch to an axe/throwing axe dual wield to pinwheel some serious damage.

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Everything seems to be working fine on official servers. If you are playing unofficial OFCOURSE everything breaks on every patch. Modders aren’t obligated by a salary to submit to Funcom’s internal QA or patch compliance.

As for fighting undead, to combat staggers, you use a shield and have a thrall DPS the Skelly from behind.

You can tank ANYTHING even with Chitin shield. Have 2 chitin shields on you and a stack of chitin, and you can repair one, while tanking with the other, anywhere on the field. Even repair during combat.

Not even bug fixes can help you if you lack combat acumen or strategy.


Why would a solo player from dark souls want a thrall doing all the work i wanna be able to make up my own build and not have to cheese everything just to progress through the game how is it fun if all im doing is standing there holding up a shield or spamming only heavy attacks i wanna be able to mix up lights and heavies and actually play with skill not press the same button for every enemy

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(adding punctuation to the paraphrase…)
Why would a squad player from Kenshi want to do all the work himself to make up for my own build and not have to cheese everything just to progress through the game, from being so utterly overpowered as an individual.

How fun if all i’m doing is standing there swinging a sword and only spamming light attacks to always win. I want to mix up light and heavies and actually play with skill, not press the same button for every enemy.

Play solo and kill every thing with unplaced yog altar xD