Thanks Funcom for the last update/Hotfix

I wanted to personally thank funcom for completely breaking the game and allowing me to finally go outside and touch grass.

I also found a rock, now it’s my rock


Can you please throw that rock at Funcom for their patch that broke the game? I swear, I feel that Funcom releases things with a Spray and Pray mentality.


It’s some kind of “Rocky Horror Conan Show”…

Did you name it yet? XD

I’m getting the freaking pak file corrupt or whatever. Currently verifying integrity of files after a huge download. I have ZERO mods installed or every installed. I’m sick of downloading 600mbs for Conan every time I start up Steam. The incompetence is utterly ridiculous.

I’m about ready to never play another funcom game again. Never in my life have I seen such a buggy game as this, and I’ve plsyed fallout 76 from the start! Pretty sad when Bethesda can beat you on sheer game stability and less bugs.

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