Funcom you are joking me?

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Bugs and more bugs… Little patch with minor fixes bla bla bla and you not solution anything, the stamina bug fixed, yeahh but the corpse disaparing no, the freezing screen no, the enemies hit me at 5metres no, disaparing buildings no, the 9999 ping and 10 min to enter server no, the rain effects and snow no, lost chests and lost objects no, what are you doing funcom? I pay for a game in early acces, one month and game still broken, wtf is this? You are joking me? I prefer wait tree months more and have game in conditions but this? Jajwkdndkhhsshwkwbejekdndhsjqjsbdk

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Dont forget the missing fightingsounds. At least on my Ps4. To release i have some kind of delayed Fightingsounds. And now? Many patches later? I have absolutely no figjtingsounds anymore. I am so angry…i really want to play conan, because its great. But under these conditions i cant play any longer

The sad part is… thats not even 5% of the current issues with the game and all theyve done up till now is make the game suck with nerfs.