Still a laggy nightmare

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug/Performance
Region: [Here]

Now It’s been almost a month since the game was released and no improvement what so ever. Search for Conan PS4 lag on YouTube and you will see what I’m talking about. I don’t play online and I probably won’t because the offline doesn’t even work properly. Can someone at Funcom respond to this please, what is going on? Is it reasonable to pay for something you can’t use? And do you feel that you are talking your responsibility when people write to you about this and you don’t even address it?

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Literally, the only thing that will get their attention and force them to remedy issues is a boycott of the game by most players. Sadly, we gamers can’t agree on squat so I doubt anything will happen. They already have our money and as long as they have some players, they’ll fib numbers to investors and claim the product is a great success.

Truth be told, they did what soft launch/early access titles do SO well: they abandoned testing for bugs by using players as beta testers. We shouldn’t be surprised at all that this process is still taking place. We are performing a SERVICE and PAYING them for it and if that doesn’t drive you bonkers, idk what will.

Plenty of people say “oh, the patch is coming.”
Oh, cuz the last one worked so well right? Lmao. It’s evidence that these guys are incompetant. Which seems harsh, but is actually right on point.

Def: not having or showing the necessary skills to do something successfully.

Posts patch notes
Patch doesn’t fix half the noted issues

Seems pretty cut and dry to me.

“Conan did not care anymore, bugs, no bugs. It was the same.”

hits blunt

We’re all on the wheel, man.

They won’t respond. I made mention of the fact that they have fuсk all of a presence over here in the PS4 section of forums over in general, I got hit with “There’s only three of us.”

That’s our problem because…?

Should bought it on PC, seems thats the only group Funcom really cares about appeasing/communicating with.

Supposedly they’re also attempting to optimize and makes adjustments on the servers. Been a month, have seen ZERO improvement on that front.

Think we all got taken for a ride ladies and gents.

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Really wish there was a law to fine developers retroactively that are blatantly providing unplayable games or are misleading in their advertising.

You got a drastic change of mind eh? What happened to your schadenfreude about people complaining? You said you’ve been expecting all this bugs and are fine with it :joy:

If you are going to “boycott” this …
Do it before buying anything and that will send the message.
But make certain the general population knows and agrees to it or your efforts will be in vain.

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I’m one mercurial mfer man!

I have seen on every patch that it’s address lag and performance issues and get all happy inside, log in wait less then an hour and bam, lag O death. It’s to the point that we can’t do anything hard because lagg couses our deaths and you spend more time trying to get your body back if you can find it.

I wish they would stop making changes to bosses and trying to fix things like the running stamina bug and fix the lagg before making the game harder. Getting killed by a thrall I or running off a cliff with valuables in hand sucks. Hell the stamina bug was nice to have. Made those runs back to my dead body not so bad due to server lag death.

So I tested both our ps4 and ps4 pro after patch 1.11. No change In lag. Area loading of objects very slow. Combat sound and animation lag and are not in sync.

Ps4 pro load a bit faster than the ps4. I have fios and have tried coop mode also. Official server 3509.

I just started the ESO summerset chapter and it loads and plays great. Video combat and sound all high quality. Sooo why is Conan Exiles so laggy?

Because of bad unperformant code. Just look at the server browser they released. It tells everything about the philosophy.
There are examples like 20 years old of how to do it beside simply thinking logically… but well… it’s a so called asset flipper

After the last patch I still get lots of lag if I keep running around, game is stuttering more often than not. So that is still an issue; interesting thing is the fight lag is not that bad anymore. But running around Sepermeru city, looking for my slaves, that’s quite bad. If that could make it on the list of future fixes, this would be so much better.

Yep patch 1.11 did not make the lag better for me. Still alot of studdering and graphical lag after only 15 minutes of play. All I really can do is farm iron/stone/wood/coal because trying to fight anything just gets me killed due to lag.

Please fix this now

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Still better than Ark on ps4 that garbage isn’t playable at all,at least this is somewhat playable. Not defending Funcom at all,they should have fixed this before launching it half baked. It isn’t graphically demanding and only 40 slot servers “mostly” and it runs like this? Then again,anyone remember playing Age of Conan the first half a year it came out? :flushed: maybe Funcom has a habit of halfa$$ing stuff.

I dunno, but I know they like to act like they’re surprised people are pissed. Seriously? How long they been doing this? Uh fuсkin decades. They should know by now, if you launch a half finished game as a full release people are gonna shìt bricks.

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