You fixed it...and then you broke it?

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer] Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Here] USA

The patch before the last, you corrected the stuttering. My friends told me about how much smoother it was running ( i.e. not falling off of cliffs due to the stuttering lag, watching animals blink around, etc…) so I returned to a game I swore I would never play, again. I was pleased with the performance and thought to myself, “This is the game I should have been playing at launch!” I forgave everything I experienced for the first 8 months after release.
The most recent patch…re-introduced every issue that existed prior to my leaving, in regards to stutter ( don’t even get me started about the silly bugs that still exist since launch). Server #3651 is once again stuttering and the lag of approaching a loot crate is once again unacceptable. I have to ask… what the hell is going on over there? This team is its own worst enemy. Whoever had been doing the patch work on the time before last was obviously someone of skill. Almost NO stutter or lag was occurring and that is saying a lot considering the state the server was in when I had left in November. But, once again… a mountain of issues ( and non-issues) were addressed in the next patch while ignoring simple bugs that have existed since launch. It is quite obvious that a different party handled the latest patch as all of the previous patch fixes were dismantled and the game has not only returned to its original and horrible state ( incessant stuttering, long loading when approaching loot items, etc…) but also, with a wealth of new issues. You fooled me twice, Funcom… shame on me.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Let your guard down
2. Return to Conan
3.Have high hopes
4. Instantly regret your time and effort


I really want to like this game goddamnit. I dont see many conan games on ps4 much less game that let you kick people in half.

You know, Mortal Kombat 11 releases on 18th April. It might just be right up your alley. I know Im sold. :smiling_imp:

I lost interest when they said they weren’t gonna put shaggy in the game. Not even gonna mention my disappointment for Metro Exodus made me cautious about new stuff coming out.

Hey there,

We have a separate thread for reporting PS4 performance issues.
Please send us your feedback in there, if possible with some useful and constructive information like situations in which those stutters happen most severely for you, or a video showing them in action.