Performance issues since last patch

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: PvE
Region: North America

Although I wasn’t notified through Steam; nothing downloading when I started the game; I noticed there was a patch applied from the changes in stamina mechanics. I also noticed a strong decrease in game performance: Game stuttering like if it was loading something, but instead of going away it would stay permanently. The game is now so stuttery it’s almost unplayable.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:


Same here, major stuttering issues, almost like the game freezes.
1.Log in to server.
2. constant lagging.


Same here! Before today, my game ran smooth as silk. Since today, I get major stuttering regardless of what activity I am in. It seems completely random. Sometimes with a 1 second interval, if I’m lucky I get 10 seconds without stuttering. The stutters range from a fraction of a second to about 2 seconds after the game has been running for a while. But shortly after launch, the stutters can take up to 10 seconds.


Myself as well, completely unplayable now(well maybe thats extreme), the stuttering is killing it for me. Ran a smooth 60fps before patch.


Hey there,

We’re aware of performance issues after the update. Our team is looking into the issue that is causing these stuttering problems.

Apologies for the frustration this issue can cause until it’s fixed.


Thank you for your astute reply and looking into it!


It looks like at least on my computer those freezes only occur if im close to a chest, campfire, wokbench or something with an inventory…
I stated a new char end everything was fine till i placed my first campfire, the game freezed immediatly after.

Oh, i run windows 10 on a SSD but the game is located on a HDD, performance wise is have no problems at all on island of siptha, maybe this helps figuring out what went wrong.


for me, after the last update, the game starts to stutter when I ask a thrall or pet to follow me, if I play without thralls or pets following me the game runs smooth

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and i thought it was only happening to me, good to know is a known bug :^)

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For me this does not make a difference. Whether I have a thrall following me or not does not seem to impact the stuttering issue.

Thank you @Ignasi

A lot of people have left our server until this has been fixed, so I hope you find the problem quickly.

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lol you do know that was just a canned answer they give to every bug report, it means nothing trust me, next month the game will still run like crap as we are all kids and can not say the word s.h.i.t. on a adult site
, its been months running like this.

Sounds like xbox for last 5 months, welcome to our problem. Funny they told xbox players same thing. Still no fix or real communication with xbox players. But Im sure they’ll get right on that for pc. Lmao. Yeah, good luck.

Any update on this issue being fixed? I only bought the game a week and a half ago, and was really enjoying it. It is entirely unplayable since this patch. I have a fairly high end system which had 0 trouble running the game on Ultra pre-patch. After the patch, I can use the lowest possible settings and still experience such severe stuttering that at times the game will freeze for 20-30 seconds. It’s especially bad during building, I placed a little over 25 foundations, and it took almost 5 minutes to do so.

At this point I am unable to play a game that I paid almost 100$ for including DLC. This is a major issue, and while I appreciate that the team is looking into it, it would be nice to know a rough estimate of how long I will be unable to play the game.


Today i didn’t had any issues, i don’t really know what is causing it.

I will add to this tale of woe. One note caught my eye though about thralls and crafting stations. From what I can see, this issue starts as soon as I log in. But it gets worse, much worse, when I’m around other things, and seems to build when I’m busy moving around my base.

One other item though, that no one else mentioned. I’m also hearing what sounds like some animal roaring on a sporadic, but constant basis. I originally thought it was a patch quirk because I do have 2 pets crocs guarding my place. Nope, happens even when I’m out in the middle of nowhere on the map, all by my lonesome.

As to playability, very iffy. I play solo and not on any official or otherwise server. What I am seeing (and this is perception w/o any data to back this up) is that the communications between FunCom -> my workstation is working fine, but the communications between my workstation -> FunCom is messed up. My inputs don’t seem to take effect without lag. Almost caused me to be a greasy spot vs an elephant, and why I was checking the forums.

One last item, and this may not be a patch issue (or maybe it is), but the only reason I didn’t die to that elephant was it would suddenly turn around, head right to the place I first attacked it, heal to 100% and act like I had never touched it. And the fighter thrall I had helping me? Froze in place until I re-attacked the elephant, then it would go back to helping me. Why the sudden and 100% drop in aggro by elephant and thrall? Happened twice. And I need the thick leather! :slight_smile:


Sorry I have no help with the rest, but this is expected behavior when you reach the ‘leash limit’ of a spawned NPC. Drawing them too far away from where they spawned and they return, ignoring you, and regain full health. Could that have been the issue?



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Good luck. Xbox has had same problems for 5 months now. Same response as your getting now. But at least it hasn’t been a month since last failed attempt at an update and no response from devs. But you know covid and holidays have made it hard to get things done. How many updates since Isle dropped about 5 months ago, when problem started on xbox? Answer. A lot. Covid and holidays doesn’t seem to be the problem with pc being you just got an update. Which has given you same problem as xbox. Welcome to our game. But dont worry, they won’t make you wait 5 months for a fix. At least you better hope I’m not wrong, or you’ll be finding a new game too.

I have been playing on xbox one x today, its nowhere as bad as pc.
They should pay more attention to testlive bug reports and not release patches with those bugs.

Bump. Want to make sure you guys are still paying attention to this. I play exclusively in single player on a high end PC. Performance with all game setting on ultra before the patch was smooth and perfect. After the patch, it is a mess of jittery nonsense.

Observation: before patch, with all settings on Ultra, my GPU utilization cooked along around 60-65%. Currently it is 95+ all the time. Even turning off anti-alias, shadows, and reducing other settings to normal, GPU utilization is still 90+ and the jittery behavior continues.

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