Game still laggy and stuttering

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[Describe the bug here] Game was running great when the new optimization came out then you all released the steel dlc and a few “Fixes” and no official pvp servers even with low pop are lagging very badly and have stuttering. Almost like your system just went ahead and rolled back to before the optimization accured.

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Hey @Visago

Which are your system specs? Could you update your graphics card driver to its latest version and see if this persists?

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this is not an issue soley for just me. I speak for everyone who ever says the same thing in global but I run gtx 1050ti, 12 gigs ram and hexcore processor 8 core

It’s not my system. Everyone on official is talking about how the lag and stuttering is back

If this is happening in a particular official server, it’s possible that there’s a structure in that server that is bringing performance to a crawl, or a high number of thralls/pets.
What server is the one you’re experiencing this issue at?

Can you elaborate on how many bricks of a building or how many thralls in the server may lead to the performance issue?

On my private server, I can count there are around 5000 thralls, and totally around 200,000 bricks in the database, and we surely have severely performance issue. The server fps is mostly under 10, and high ping occasionally.

Well, to be fair, I run a group of players on a private server and the only time there is any lagging is when (a) the base-builds are really large, and (b) when first appearing in game and in a base that is very large. No other stuttering or slowness.

You didn’t mention whether you do or do not have mods running?

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official #1581. Im also confused wasn’t the building optimization patch etc suppose to increase performance and reduce the lag?

when the opt fix came out servers ran fine. Now its back to the old performance. Im not speaking solely for myself as I have jumped to many servers, all with the same issues. I just seem to be one of few actually posting it since we cannot rely on test live since those are all opinions of the Rpers

actually I did. I hate mods. never use mods. Never have and you cannot use mods on official. No Rp here :slight_smile:

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