Too many stuttering!

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: PvP
Region: Latin America 1985

I remember playing CE an year ago with a less powerfull PC and it didn’t have so much stuttering at base. I was even building a HUGE castle with no problem! it did freeze while traveling the world, for sure, but at least when i was at base, there were almost no freeze. Now i can’t even walk on my base that i get a constant stutter!

I was beginning to think the problem was with my PC, but i did play ark with geforce experience recomended settings and the game was just fine! The same geforce experience says i can play conan with everything on ultra settings, but the game keeps stuttering! And even if i put the settings on LAPTOP MODE, the game keeps having these. I really don’t know what did make the game so bad optimized, it used to be fine!

Actual system:

Video Card: GTX 1060
8GB Ram that are new
Intel i7-3770
Windows 10

Old system:

Video card: GTX 960
8GB Ram that was broken
Intel i7-3770
Windows 7

The game ran pretty fine with the old system and bad ram…

I did ask my brother and another player, they both have the same kind of issue.

My brother even used to praise the past optimization of the game.

You really need to find what is causing this. For some time a sound driver removal worked fine, but now i see that it isn’t the only thing.

There is a performance patch that is supposed to be coming :soon:

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The stuttering you are experiencing is from latest update and will be fixed, hopefully along the week. Check this thread. Massive FPS drops

It is not. It was happening even before the last update.

Hey @thesimon2

Please be aware that performance can wildly vary depending on which server you’re playing on. If the server is populated with many player-made structures, it’s possible performance will be impacted to a degree.

The stuttering is there since a year ago or so. There was a supposed fix which slightly improved the FPS, but the stuttering is still there. It’s especially bad in combat or when characters start to ragdoll.

I have an underpowered CPU, but it ran much much better a year ago. Now it’s stuttering if you start a new game in single-player and spawn in the desert, completely independent of the graphics settings.

Additionally introduced some updates ago: When in combat or harversting, if you “attack” with your weapon/tool and the game stutters in the exact moment you supposedly have hit your target/resource, the game ignores your action. You have the animation and sound of your character swinging, but you get zero hit-detection, no staggering enemy, no harverst, zero. And it can’t be hyperarmor or something like that, because NPCs can stand still/idle, but you still just swing through them. (EDIT: If I’m not mistaken this issue might have started with the DDOS prevention when spamming attacks).

I had constant audio pausing/crackling/popping whenever it stuttered/froze. I could atleast fix that by setting UseAudioThread=false in BaseEngine.ini. Whenever I feel like I shall try MaxChannels=0 to forcibly disable audio completely, because I have the feeling that something in that direction is really unnecessarily hogging the CPU. Setting the sliders to 0 doesn’t help, the game still tries to play audio.

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