Stuttering? Micro-Stutter issue?

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [America]

The game suffers from bad stuttering issues, even when playing single player. Combat stutters badly & general exploration is a stuttery mess.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I have an i73930k 4ghz, GTX 1070 & 32GB RAM running on a Samsung 850 EVO. So it is definately not a hardware issue.

Is it this issue?

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yep exactly this

Run Steam>View>Servers find your server and see how ping is jumping (refresh). This is responsible for stuttering issue I think.

does it in single player

Try setting your Max Prerendered Frames to 1 in your nVidia Control Panel. That helped me a lot.

This also happens to me on a R7 1700, 16GB, 1080 Ti, 850 Pro 1TB SSD, W10. It’s fluid if I’m standing still looking around, but as soon as I start running I’ll notice the micro-stutter every now and again. With “stat fps” and “stat unit” via console running there is a very obvious and immediate drop to at or near 0 fps, then immediately back up to matching vsync. It’s ruining my enjoyment of the game quite honestly, and I’m a huge funcom fan, played their games back to Anarchy Online.

This happens in single-player as well, it’s not network related, and there’s no full utilization of the GPU or any CPU thread. I do not experience a sound stutter, it is purely frame rendering.

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Same, single player, server, doesn’t matter. I have had constant stuttering for a month now. Latest drivers, video settings don’t make a lick of difference if they are set to max or lowest settings. I’ve noticed that when analyzing the frame rate that when it stutters it goes from 50-60 frames a second to 10-20 for a split second, every time. In my new build location on a tiny ping server (in my latest attempt to get rid of the stuttering after dealing with it constantly in single player), I can’t move an inch without stuttering constantly and all I have is a
medium sized wall built. It’s worse then it’s ever been.

i7 5820k
32GB’s RAM
980 GTX

I have the same problem and the more i play the worse it gets, tried everything i could find on the subject with no luck what so ever. Anyone found a fix for this yet?

I also have a stutter issue, mostly fps stutter, which is worse in some areas and during rain. The game runs well, but occasionally there is a frame drop, then the fps skyrocket again.

AMD FX-8350 8-Core 4.00 GHz
GTX 980

Edit: CPU and GPU temps are normal. CPU temperature/ load seems to go up during a stutter, while the GPU load goes down briefly (GPU temperature barely changes). Don’t know what it means.