Constant stuttering, on any settings, on single player and any type of server

My game keeps stuttering and framerate dipping every few seconds below 60 to 40 fps or lower. It happens every time I cross a specific place on an area, like it’s trying to load new areas or data, except it keeps doing it every single time I do it every few meters anywhere I go. It does this on the lowest settings and the highest settings. It does it on single player mode, and on official or unofficial servers.

I tried opening a ticket but apparently Funcom doesn’t want to do proper support anymore, and I can’t DM the Customer Service users here because I’m new. That is frankly ridiculous, and unacceptable. I’ve seen this issue posted before here without replies or solutions, so I’m not really expecting a proper reply. But because this is such a continuous issue that makes it barely playable, if it’s unresolved I will have to refund my game.

My specs (which are all quite above the recommended):

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1
16384MB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB
1920 x 1080§ (60.000Hz)
Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB ATA Device 30gb free


I have the same, it came after the 500 patch, i got it playable by twaking my machine more but before the patch i didn’t even noticed any stutter loading issues, most worst its in Asagarth or when fighting multible npcs at the same time, hope they go back to settings before 500 patch…
And its all the same in single, dedi or official servers.

This newsletter from September 6th may or may not be relevant to you. Scroll down to the bottom.

For what’ its worth, I have had the same issues since April (long before the 500) but I know dozens of people who don’t (Windows 10, 980 gtx, i7 5820k, 32 GB’s RAM, Samsung SSD Evo 1 TB), and there are countless more who don’t have the issue either. But then there are people like you, me, and Qrizz who do. What’s the connection? I have no idea. I’m building a new PC in November or so, I’m hoping a fresh install of Windows and a much more powerful computer will resolve my issues. Or the up coming performance improvement that is discussed in the link, that may also help.

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