Stutter while moving through the world


Game mode: [ Single-player]
Type of issue: [Performance]

World streaming is choppy, there is a lot of stuttering / 1 sec hitching when running around the map, it happens in the same exact spots during LOD transitions (when things pop in in the distance ). Changing video options does not help.

I’m running game on SSD, GTX1060 6gb, i5, 16GB ram.

Stuttering happens more in the desert area and less in the frozen forests area and always in the same spots when moving.This is very annoying.


I have the same while playing online. As an added feature the GPU is suddenly at max capacity regardless of settings, even though this used to run without issue at high settings.
For me this began today after windows update KB4457128 installed.
SSD, RX 480, R5 1600, 16GB RAM.

Because all the enemies are warping around, this currently makes combat in game unplayable. Impossible to dodge anything.


Online on not it stutters like hell when certain things get loaded in the distance, nobody cares about this? Unreal engine 4 streaming bug? game is soo god yet I can’t stand this!


This has been happening since the 500 bug fix but people seem to have their head in the sand saying no it dosent happen it must be you and funcom has not addressed this at all this happend on the 5 JULY!! and still no fix for it.
Currently ive just removed the game from my ssd antill this crap gets fixed funcom is just more interested in releasing overpriced reskin DLC’s with more bugs and copy n pasteing allready broken thrall code on to pets than fixing the base game.
Maybe i will be back one day maybe i whont all the servers i was playing on have ether died or have no playes on them anymore lets hope NOfuncom actually start listening to us and fix things instead of nerfing things and adding more grind to the game.


Try capping your FPS or enabling VSync to stop the GPU going full ham. (@gjeger)

For everyone else:

  • Also try enabling VSync, it can smooth out frametime dips
  • Run in exclusive fullscreen, this game can be iffy with CPU usage
  • Lower your textures & shadows
  • Dissable AA if you haven’t already
  • If your GPU drivers aren’t upto date then you’re a fool :+1:

AMD CPUs have issues with UE4, see the pinned workaround thread. Go complain to Unreal for being shills.

Online enemy lag will absolutely be latency/desync, also the game can decide you died to an enemy before you actually see yourself die. This may cause a freeze and a death, even though on your screen you where far from the enemy. This isn’t even limited to online play.

If you have any bull§hit game overlays then dissable them, this isn’t 2013.



I tried what you suggested and what was suggested in the workaround thread. I did not see any changes in performance.
This is still an issue. Kremuwkarz has the same problem and he is running intel+NVIDIA, so it’s not likely AMD related issue.
I’m running the game completely vanilla, without any overlays.
I find this issue to be a bit strange, because the game ran without issue until Thursday and the latest windows patch. Maybe this is an issue with Win10 compatibility?


Come on Funcom! you can fix this!! (UT4 engine is capable of streaming world LOD objects smoothly) the issue is real and its not hardware related, some people just does not care about this. I can make a video to show the annoying stutter when world geometry pops in and it happens always in the same spots on map.

I’ve tried many things like: low, high, solo, online, -NOTEXTURESTREAMING, -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -PREFERREDPROCESSOR 4, SSD, enormous pagefile sizes, disabling page file, FPS cap, vsync, no battle eye and so on.

All drives are up to date and other UT4 engine based games work flawlessly on my rig.


I don’t use Win10 personally, makes me shudder. That’s definatly a possibilty that the rollout you installed causes issues with this game. I’m not actually sure if it’s possible to rollback on windows 10, not without some deep tinkering.
Almost every major Win10 update causes serious issues with a large portion of users, just be thankful you have a working computer after every rollout :wink:

I get stuttering on my HEDT Win 7 rig but it’s only when running through fairly heavily decorated interiors or large building complexes. Sometimes it freezes during a transition but it’s very breif and doesn’t affect gameplay much.

Afraid I’m out of suggestions apart from the usual ‘varify your cache’ hah.


The best way to enable VSync on a nVidia card is to do it using the nVidia Control Panel.
Set the VSync there for YOUR GAME, add it if necessary, and let the game run thinking it is not VSynced. Unreal 4 is not optimized to do this because of the huge variety of GPU’s out there.
The Steam FPS overlay will cost you about 5 FPS.
I have found that shadows is a big FPS hog, run them on LOW.

If on WindBlows 10 use Spybot Anti-Beacon, or similar, and let it block everything windblows 10 uses to spy on you. A better internet latency is to be had without all the ‘calling home to mother.’


I’ve played this game since last year when it was still in early release. This has been an ongoing issue since the big update two weeks prior to full release. The game ran beautifully until that update and has gotten progressively worse with later updates and (lack of) fixes. Many people have complained about it until they were blue in the face with no suggestions or word from Funcom. This is a large reason why thousands of players have fallen out, according to Steam Charts, ever single month since full release.
Ergo, if anyone is holding their breath until Funcom does something to help this issue, they’ll wind up as dead as this game will soon be.
I play other games built on this engine with zero issues. In my opinion, I don’t think the devs know what they’re doing with this game engine. If they did, obviously there would have been substantial fixes in the 4 months since the game was officially released; and/or they just really don’t give a crap. They have our money. What do they care who’s playing the game and who isn’t?
I’ll consider all this before ever purchasing a game from this developer again and I will never buy another game in early release again. Lesson learned.


On the off chance that any of you have an AMD CPU with onboard audio. As your issue sounds an awful lot like one I had. Try adding




Funny how an error in a Microsoft dll can cause so much trouble later on…


So all the performance updates that they have talked about over the last few weeks that they are working on is because they don’t care? Got it.

Finally, we’ve been making some headway with optimizing and improving building replication, fixing a couple of bugs in the process. This is to help building pieces render faster, lowers CPU usage, lowering the amount of network data to transfer, and a host of other things that makes the game experience better for players. We’ll go through a more detailed explanation in a separate blog post.


Win10 is a memory hog; you reported that you have only 16G of RAM, so this could be a client problem. Does the stuttering continue when playing Solo/co-op mode?

Steam charts do not prove why players are not online or in game. It only shows the peak number of players for a set period of time.

The reason this has not be “fixed” 100% might be because it is often a client issue rather than a server issue. Funcom can fix sluggish servers and is working on improving performance.

Funcom cannot fix a PC system than is underpowered, low in RAM, or has OS issues. Players that report using AMD, Win10, or low RAM seem to have the issue most often. It might also help to check the ping on the server selected.

I have seen a freeze and have identified the issue as being caused by my security system (client side). Each time a certain amount of time passes without user input, the system runs a security test. The test taxes my system enough to cause a hitch in movement, it lasts about 3 seconds…I barely notice it.

I have not seen stuttering. I do not use AMD or Win10.


I also feel stuttering in the world. I think the problem is when we draw camps and NPCs so the game gets stuck. The assembly is AMD Ryzen 5 1600X, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070 setting to ultra setting. My friend has Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070 and also has stuttering. I do not think this is AMD’s, but rather a poor developer optimization. What do you have for comparison? Thank you


??? No current year games application should be using over 16GB of RAM, that’s an exceptional amount and should be enough for any commercial application.

@AliG: Is the stuttering really bad? Your computer is good, maybe I’m underestimating the amount of stuttering required to be a problem for y’all.

  • I7-E 5820K @ 4.6GHz
  • GTX 1080Ti SC2
  • 16GB DDR4 (Samsung IC)
  • Game on SATA SSD, OS (Win7 B) is on M.2

No stuttering, unless in a heavily decorated room or large building complex. It’s brief and once everythings loaded fully it’s all G.
My comp can’t play this at UHD without turning down setting to a point where maxed WQHD looks better, so optimisation isn’t the best… but stuttering is a different issue, there are many games a HEDT still can’t play at UDH.

I don’t been to be a dick but is the stuttering actually that bad for y’all or is this a bandwagon thing :hear_no_evil:?


I have occasional stutter/freeze as well. Usually in the 0.5-2 sec range. It’s intermittent through a play session. My rig is mid-range (good but not new anymore), though I generally have NO framerate issues with this game at all so I doubt it’s a straight-up resource issue.

It’s usually not a big deal, though it will occasionally see me fall to my death down some cliff or other because my character continues moving in whatever direction I was going for some time during the “freeze”.

Most certainly not a band-wagon thing, and I don’t think it’s very constructive to insinuate as much.


I got the stutter/freeze issues after the 500 patch, maybe they changed something related loading in that patch, hope they can find and fix it.


The likelihood of this being a client side issue is small at best considering the sheer number of people having the issue on differing hardware/software; especially when so many people report that this is the only game they have that isn’t running correctly. This issue has been reported on everything from economical to very high end PC’s. Furthermore, we’ve all been playing since early access and the issue didn’t exist before the huge update two weeks prior to full release. I don’t see why you’re speaking on the issue if you haven’t experienced it. That’s just shootin’ from the hip. Half my gaming community has years of experience building and maintaining PC’s and everyone is having the same issue. We’ve put the game on everything from our old rigs to our new one’s all with different hardware and across two or three operating systems. We all also have extremely fast and stable internet connections. I’ve even heard that the problem exists on some consoles. Believe me when I say, we’ve tested everything to rule out whether or not the problem is on our end…it isn’t. And like so many other people, this is the only game we have issues with.
Your’re right, the Steam Charts alone don’t prove causality, but it shows the results of the cause. Reading both general and bug reporting forums written by gamers explaining why they’re not playing and removing the game from their PC’s does. Put the two together and, ta daa…there ya have it.


It’s bad enough to annoy us to the point of not wanting to play the game until it’s fixed.


They’ve been making comments like this all along and it always ends with some version of, "We’ll go through a more detailed explanation in a separate blog post/later date/another stream…etc. etc. So far, I’ve not seen that “more detailed explanation” of anything except their DLC, and I’ve been playing since early access.