Stuttering especially with a follower

Its very frustrating to keep getting stutter issues. I have a AMD 1600 CPU. 16gb of ram and a 480 GPU. The FPS is all over the place (30-60). No matter what setting I choose nothing helps. Has there been a fix yet?


I see you’re new. Here’s a link for a thread that was posted on this issue in Dec. '18. There might be something that’ll help you, but don’t get your hopes up. The game still stuttered on mine when I took it off my computer a while back. I’ve tried many, many things, but I don’t believe it’s our computers at fault. Mine more than exceeds the sys reqs for this game. I’m still waiting for bug and performance issues to be resolved before I bother reinstalling.

Sadly, it isn’t looking good. Funcom just release a big controversial update with changes to game mechanics that weren’t broken and, of course, more paid DLC, but no bug fixes or performance improvements. Apparently, according to a friend, the new update also puts more strain on GPU usage for some reason. Pretty soon, we’ll probably have to upgrade to get updates.

They did a great job on the horses though.


Tell me about it.

And I can run every other game including Skyrim SE with 300 mods and The Witcher 3 at almost max no stutter ever. Even Ark doesn’t stutter…

This is obviously something they don’t know how to remedy with their current staff considering reports of it go years back. I’ve tried every single little tweak on Google. I would gift 300USD to somebody via paypal if they could get it to stop on my PC that’s how confident I am that it can’t be fixed. Talking about the 1sec frame stops that occur every few seconds when running through the world.

It cannot be fixed by this team.

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That’s pretty much the conclusion I’ve come to. But, for some strange reason unknown to me, I’m remaining hopeful.


It’s unfortunate that they cannot fix this issue. This game has incredible potential if they could iron out all these bugs. I constantly have audio issues where the sound will just stop for no reason and I have to restart the game, but that I can deal with. It’s the stuttering that almost makes this game unplayable…especially when I’m trying to go across the map.

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They are introducing thrall limit to hopefully help those who experience this kind of "stuttering "

Thankfully I have never experienced that yet but I do have a good system and a 1gb line and j do understand it cant be same for everyone so reducing the number of thralls per map might help !

Ark used to stutter and lag like there was no tomorrow , hence they change the amount of turrets you could have and implemented the cryo pots so dinos can be put in storage and not out on the map lagging and making everything slower … so games have to go through I series of trials I believe to try get it right

But as you might know someone will always complain and you cant keep every one happy just a reality of life , and hopefully Op will find a solution to his problem

Sadly it’s my belief that, if this is one of the reasons they’ve implemented the thrall limit, they’re urinating in the breeze. I played on a dedicated server with two other people. We all had one moderately sized building and a handful of thralls each. Also, we all have fast internet, 100/mbps and up. The stuttering still happened.

What’s more is that this stuttering also has occurred in single player right out of the box with zero buildings and thralls.

This is why I’m convinced that the problem doesn’t exist in people’s builds and either Funcom can’t figure it out, or they know exactly what it is but aren’t talking.

You are entitled to your belief, I will just wait and see before i say yes or not to what could possibly fix it !

Although as I mentioned I would hardly ever suffer from that drop in frames 99.9% it runs kinda smooth but I do know my friends complain about it from time to time

I play only single player and my internet is 150mbps. What are your specs out of curiosity? I don’t know if it’s an AMD deal or what?

If you were asking me, it’s an Intel i5 7600K based system with Nvidia Rog Strix GTX 1070 graphics, plenty of RAM 16 GB Corsair Vengence, and a Samsung 850 EVO SSD. I put it together just after the game was released in early access. The processor had just been released a few months before I built it.

That’s a pretty good setup you have. It doesn’t seem to matter what hardware is run and certainly not between AMD or Nvidia systems

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It can be also sound stuttering, whats your soundcard or motherboard chip ?
I also had sound problems back in the day.

i7-7700K CPU @ 4.00GHz,
16gb ram
nvidia GTx 1070
While i have an ssd , i dont install anything on it just windows and conan is on normal HDD

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