Stuttering bug possibly related to human NPCs

Game mode: Any
Problem: Bug

I have frequent stuttering almost anywhere, but it seems to be much worse in areas with many humanoid NPCs. This bug happens for many people but the common hardware connection seems to be Geforce cards, especially higher end cards like 1080, 1080ti, 1070 and 970s. Most of the people who have reported this issue lately (based on extensive google searches) seem to have these geforce cards.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Run around, especially sprinting
  2. Be near humanoid npcs
  3. Stuttering is worse when many human npc’s are nearby.

I’ve been getting the annoying stuttering too. However, it occurs regardless of whether I’m near NPCs or not. Can confirm that sprinting seems to trigger it more frequently than other actions. But basic movement seems to cause it too.

My specs: - Intel Core i7-8700k
- 16gb DDR4 RAM
- GeForce GTX 1080ti
- 500gb SSD

Edit: Forgot to mention I play on singleplayer

Same issue, completely smooth if I’m standing still but as soon as I walk, and worse if I run, the micro-stutter happens. I can even find specific spots in the world I can run over to cause the stutter consistently (they’re everywhere it seems), which when running “stat fps” and “stat unit” via console, I can see a very obvious drop to near or at 0 fps, then immediately back to vsync frame lock.

  • R7 1700@3.75GHz
  • 16GB@2933
  • Samsung 850 Pro 1TB x 2 (raid 0)
  • 1080 Ti

It’s really killing my enjoyment sadly.

I have been looking every where I could think of for a solution. Tried almost every thing suggested. Nothing seems to help. Have not seen a single response from FunCom to the many threads about this issue.

I noticed stuttering today when I started playing. The game has been glassy smooth for me on 1920x1080 resolution and ultra graphics. So I’m guessing it has something to do with the latest patch.

I adjusted the resolution and graphics way down. It does not make a difference.

Are any of you using controllers, like Steam Controller?

When I was messing around with the settings I switched to mouse/keyboard for a minute and noticed it was significantly smoother for me.

I’m not sure it’s the same issue you all are having but it definitely seems to be controller related for me.

I only get stuttering when I’m using the Steam Controller with the virtual trackball setting enabled.

The game runs very smoothly when I use mouse/keyboard or if I disable the trackball setting on my controller. Unfortunately, I really like the trackball setting so it’s not a great solution.

EDIT: Switching the right trackpad on my controller to Mouse seems to eliminate almost all the stuttering but I can still use the trackball setting. It was set to Mouse-Like Joystick.

MORE EDIT: The stuttering issue I was seeing was being cause by Steam Controller and appears to have been fixed with a firmware update. But now I’m seeing the same stuttering issue others are describing. Lame.

I have the same movement stuttering that increases significantly while sprinting. It seems to have started around the start of the week.

In my case, it seems to be correlated to server load. I use a mouse and keyboard.

  • Singleplayer: no stuttering
  • Small private server: no stuttering
  • Official server (PVP or PVE-C) with 40 players: bad stuttering
  • Official server with mid-20s players: minimal stuttering, but still a bit
  • Official server with 10ish players: no noticable stuttering
    In all cases my ping is 40 to 70ish.

I’ve tried using low end laptop mode and disabling sound, but it hasn’t worked.