Micro-Stutter / Minor Stuttering when moving

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [All]


The game is fluid if I’m standing still looking around, but as soon as I start running I’ll notice the micro-stutter every few seconds. With “stat fps” and “stat unit” via console running there is a very obvious and immediate drop to at or near 0 fps, then immediately back up to matching vsync. I’ve even dropped the resolution to 720p for giggles, it still happens. It’s ruining my enjoyment of the game quite honestly, and I’m a huge funcom fan, played your games all the way back to Anarchy Online.

This happens in single-player or multiplayer, and there’s no full (or even close) utilization of the GPU or any CPU thread.

Sound doesn’t stutter for me, only frames/rendering.

same issue for me

Did you try windowed full screen and limit FPS in settings to 120 max. Regular full screen and limited to 60 fps doesn’t work that well with my system thus far. In that case, I get a lot of micro stutters.

Also, in Nvidia control panel, make sure power management mode is “prefer maximum performance” or at least “adaptive”.