Micro Stutter Issue

Anyone ever figure out a fix for the micro stutters (losing a couple frames every few seconds while moving)? Thats been my biggest issue with this game and I feel like I’ve tried everything; changing Nvidia settings, .ini garbage setting, PC optimization settings, game settings, turning off battle eye. Nothing seems to work. Thanks for the help.

have you check to see if your GPU or CPU is overheating?

kinda happened to me till i found out just a few weeks ago my GPU was overheating. just got a new one in… don’t happen anymore

Try a different server. You don’t need to move or anything. But just sort the server listing by ping and select the lowest ping. Log on and play for 30min or whatever. If there’s still stutter then maybe you can rule out that aspect of net connection. If on the other hand there is no stuttering then you have your culprit.

Had problems with cpu and gpu overheating, better you install a monitor software, i use hwinfo. A simple cleaning solved my problem. Blow up the dust on heat pipes and dissipators. If it not help check gpu driver, depending on you actual gpu may be you should consider a new one. I has a 1060 with an olde i7 it runs 30-60fps, with some drop on crowded areas but still playable.

I have everything on Ultra, save Shadows and antializing (which I turned down…)

After 5+ hours, I’ll get micro skips. I tend to just log out and let my PC rest like I do my Ps4. =3
Thou, I turned draw distance back from Ultra. Been doing pretty good past 5hour mark.

I think bonus of coming form ps4 to PC, I can turn some of setting down… I can’t even tell differnce since so use to what was “average” setting. XD

here is a link to one that can check your GPU and CPU and other stuff to see if its over heating

Thanks for all the comments guys, I really do appreciate them. It’s not a major issue, and it never spikes hard or bogs down, usually run anywhere from 70-100 fps on ultra except in heavy pop areas. I’m running a 2080ti - i7 8700k w/ 32gb ram. All are normal heat levels. Its the same on all servers, and it’s literally just a baby fps jitter every few seconds, but I’ve been PC gaming for so long that I’m very attuned to FPS hiccups so its just an annoyance.

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check the memory usage too, it tend to increase with the time the application is running.

How is the in game ping?

If it was a memory issue (I don’t think it is) how would I fix that? Not much I can do about the ping. It’s usually between 40-70 and I’m connected to a gportal server in Dallas. I live in Fort Worth so it’s not gonna get much better than that.

The ping is fine, for the memory i only thing that i could was not running the game with other apps, specially chrome that drinks memory like a sponge. Did you use the toggledebughud comand? in the left bottom of the screen it will show the free memory. Check if its decreasing as long as you play.

Thanks I’ll check that out!

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