Performance issues since last patch

No need to bump. We’re well aware this is one of the major pain points after update 2.2. We’re doing all we can to get this issue addressed for the next hotfix.
We’re currently following a couple of leads on what could be causing this problem, one tied to AI and another to the building system. It is currently one of our priorities to get this ironed out.

Apologies once again for the frustration.


I would like to add my feedback after the last patch, I am also hit hard by performance issues (whereas before, I had none), since the Jan 6 patch.

To me, it feels like the game is constantly “looking up” something, maybe in a query format and it is not receiving the right info it needs, so it keeps dialing it up, in a constant loop. Something is broken internally, I think. There is an endless ‘stop and load’ action that is happening behind the scenes and it has nothing to do with the activity or the surroundings your character is in.

No effect when fiddling with outside settings like graphic card settings, launch settings to use all cpu cores, set app priority to high, etc… Nothing works or alleviates this problem.

Before the “fix all the bugs” patch, everything ran smooth as silk. No complaints. I guess it’s true what they say, you fix something and you inadvertently break something else. :expressionless:

It’s persistent, it’s very noticeable, and like others have set the game is almost unplayable due to the sheer volume of hitching or constant world querying that is going on.

By the way, I noticed that despite all the bug fixes, the ‘music still keeps playing even when you turn it off’ bug is still going strong. Few years now. Still no priority for the unstoppable orchestra that just keeps playing no matter what? (Just very quietly - which is still very audible when using headphones.)

Guys, it’s a major issue!

Also, please look at roofing costs. Roof corners now cost 25 stability? I can cover the same area with a square ceiling tile. Was it always 25? I thought all costs were capped at 20. Roofing is now more expensive than putting in another level of floor tiles. Shouldn’t it be cheaper, to encourage people to actually use roofing because it ends additional layering, as opposed to making endless towers?

(Wedge pieces are still too expensive. When building round towers, the inverted wedge piece will take you from a wall with 100 to a wall with 60 durability even though you have only moved one tile space inward, not two.

Because my roofing goes like this: Wall 100 > wedge (80), wedge (80), inverted wedge (60). You cannot connect to the wedge pieces, you connect instead to the inverted wedge because it has the only flat connection, going up. Bam, 40 durability drop just because you’re not using squares. That’s not right.

If you use squares, you never break the 100 > 80 > 60 > 40 > 20 (end of connection) pattern. AKA, you never skip stability tiers.

Please add stability costs to server settings? You can do whatever you want for pvp servers and official servers but let builders set their own wedge costs to what they think is fair. (For me, I really believe wedge pieces should cost half the durability, so I would set their cost to 10 there, but there is no option for me to so.)

I can, however, set the timer to which food decays. Give me something useful. Let me set stability values in server settings or let me disable the feature all together. There was a time, believe it or not, when CE didn’t have this feature and nobody was complaining. Why is it so hard to mod or turn off? Hardcoded outside of server settings?)

You can adjust the maelstrom, but you can’t adjust anything about the structural integrity system. I think that’s both an oversight from you guys (devs) and a limitation to the players.


Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug | Performance
Server type: PvE
Region: USA?

I saw the post about FPS drop and lag after the most recent patch (what a mess) but wanted to ask this: After the patch I am only seeing the bad lag/FPS drop on Exile lands, not Siptah. Is the problem only in EL or is it happening for others in Siptah too? And is there an ETA on fixing it or should I just quit Conan Exiles until the next patch (assuming the next patch will fix it)? The game, for me, is unplayable unless I want to just stand and look at my thralls and buildings. Which I don’t.
Thanks in advance love the game and just want to play it-

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Start Game on MSI GE75 Laptop (Nvidia GEForce 2060)
  2. Start moving around to do stuff
  3. FPS is at 45-60+ then drops dramatically to 1-12 for about 2-3 seconds then goes back up then back down
  4. Worse when having a thrall in tow BUT not present in Siptah (I have no thralls there yet)
  5. Really bad when crafting at multiple crafting benches or engaging npcs
  6. Removing mods/changing video settings makes no difference.

Thank you Ignasis

Started a clean world no buildings spanwed a thrall and it lagged to hell so Ai more so than buildings IMOP.

hi guys, can help me? the game crash when started. need solution

Hi digenova,

Not sure this is the thread to look for help for game crashes. This thread is about possible performance issues that are widespread after the 2.2 patch rather than actual crashes.

You might want to try the Players Helping Players sub-forum.

That said: do you have any mods loaded? You might want to disable them. Otherwise if you’re say using the Steam or other platforms, you may want to re-validate your game files.

Asset loading related to inventory icons is something I’ve noticed for quite some time. I’m willing to bet your hdd is being hit pretty hard when that happens, too.

Any ETA on that hotfix? Also dont forget that the voice files changed and npcs sound like rocknoses.


Hey there,

Quick update: this issue has been fixed internally and verified by QA. The fix is coming with the upcoming 2.2.1 hotfix.


If it’s fixed internally and u know what’s wrong, why not just push it out asap.

We are making sure that the rest of the hotfix works as well before finishing the build. :slight_smile:


So will this be addressing the first performance drop from the 2.2 update, or the added massive performance hit from the patch 8hrs ago, or both (Hope it’s both)?

There’s been no patch today or this week. This addresses the performance issues introduced in 2.2.

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Thanks, hopefully I havent had any issues so far smile7

Yes I understand, but I mean that u could push out the performance fix first and not together with the hotfix. Since performance is pretty important. And has been for a while.

Thank you for working on this and keeping us updated. Could you please clarify your last message? Do you mean that there is no patch today or this week that addresses the performance issues introduced in 2.2, but it will be coming later? Or do you mean that the issues have been somehow addressed, therefore no patch is coming? Thanks

@Dvaidp According to the heads-up given to the mod authors, there is a hotfix scheduled for next week, all going well.

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Thanks for making this a priority! I know we all appreciate your hard work on this matter!

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Awesome, appreciate the work you guys do.

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