Game is broken!

Is this game going to fixed for god sakes? Rubber banding, lag, invisible enemys, its totally unplayable a lot of times on my ps4 pro Im getting sick of it. If i was the CEO of funcom id be firing this entire development team do they really think we will touch another funcom game after this debacle???


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Not really experiancing any of these issues. Well, no more lag than before anyway.

Neither am i Haven’t had those problems in ages bro.

Another day, another thread like this one. At least its not another is thia game dead thread.

Since I cant dind the thread about the Jhebbal Sag dungeon not working on single player I will throw it here: just tested and can buy the midnight potion alright and enter the dungeon in single player.

Hey there,

We are aware of the performance issues experienced on the PS4 version of Conan Exiles. As @Multigun kindly pointed out, we started a thread to collect as many details as we can to try to determine the cause for this.
Thanks to the feedback provided to this date, we have found ways to optimize performance and reduce these lag spikes and will be rolled out in an upcoming hotfix.
Until then, we appreciate any constructive feedback you can provide and we apologize for the frustrating situations these issues may have caused during your time on the barbaric wastelands :slight_smile:


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