Mr Suport,may i have your attention please

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [CrashSSS | BugSSS | Performance:yes sir | ]
Region: [pacific close Australia ]

Hi, i m a bit upset cuz nobody answer yet.

I play solo offline,i m back in conan since one month.
I m under 3g n i upload latest patchs with this 3g,it spend at least 2 weeks for 110 giga.

I got my updates then i can start to play because “before” the update the game was unplayable (Jungle and volcano empty,no donjons,sepermeru on aggressive mode) i d bougth probably the pre alpha version of the game.

Well,my patchs done,i d finaly can start to play conan,n as i cant played it since august 2018 i was a bit excited to try all stuff i saw on firespark,wak,horse,smskcntr or flyhacks,i follow your streams tooyes i m fan of this game for sure

BUT,today it s the 4th time i d lost all my game because of corrupted saves,1st one lvl 60 heaps of stuff,freeze n while i d restart game i had to create a new avatar n restart,no probs i m a farmer.

2nd one,lvl40,cimmerian berserker got me before i got him,i had bed bedroll desert screen n it stay like this until i had to use your game option to go back to main menu…While i restart game i only got a bleuscreen with psn error.And i d creat a new avatar,the third…

3rd,after a long farm n level up again,i shut off the game,i d use the game menu to go back main menu,not the ps4 one,and when i restart the game i was on the avatar creation page (at the begening AGAIN),n obviously i was a bit disgusting…

N today,my 4th character,level 22,i died n when i respawn i d lost all my journey steps,plus i d got only one point in my perks (a remainig one),all other ones has disappear,i tried a lotus potion to reset but i got only one point at lvl 22…RIP again

Plus,my female slave became a male,plus my ps4 seems overwarm a lot!

I was on going to buy dlcs,but if i cant play the game or if i always have to restart i wont for sure…

And the worst,i d report my issues in “similar” threads but nobody of ur staff answer me,not very fair guys!

Hi @Kastoomi, we could use additional details regarding the save issues you’ve been having:

  • PS4 Model
  • Game installed to an Internal/External HDD or SSD
  • Is it stable playing other demanding games?
  • Does it exhibit any signs of overheating with other games?
  • Have you tried to perform a clean reinstall of the game or to rebuild the PS4 database?

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