Funcom needs to stop half assing stuff

I am here now making this post because funcom are unfortunately ruining there own game, i have played this game for years now and I loved it more than any other, but now I’m leaving this game again due to the fact that funcom is just not making it any better, this game has had exploits like under mesh, ob camp, hackers and a whole bunch of other bull shiz that needs fixing, but what do they go and do? Make a whole new map, completely revamp healing system and work benches plus thralls? This game really needs some polishing and like all other funcom games it follows the same pattern, just a buggy mess, all funcom cares about is the money, there just milking the player base that’s left and that’s no way to treat loyal players, so please funcom don’t ruin this masterpiece.


“don’t ruin this masterpiece”

yep, it really saddens me to see how severe bugs go unaddressed month after month, year after year. It’s making me hold off on dumping money into DLC. If you want people to buy DLC, first build a solid foundation!

The only way they will go from half donkey, is Full donkey.

Be thankful for what they give us.

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The focus for the next patch was changed from combat balancing to bug fixing. Undermeshing tech has been deployed, is working (at least some of the time), and they’re working to improve it.

As far as problems caused by people acting like jerks go, there’s little Funcom can do about it.

I see there loopholes in game play as a losing propitiation.
There are a hand full of Devs working on the fixes…
and 100s of cheating players trying to ruin it for everyone else.

unfortunately, as always, it doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it. people complain…

that’s a MASSIVE list of fixes… and still people complain

and no it doesn’t make sense that the cleaning lady puts her bucket in the corner and works on the bugfixes, just as it doesn’t make sense to involve the 3d artist in most of the bugfixes. so what do you do with them? fire them because there are only bugfixes to do? very reasonable… not

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Damn, and here I was considering making our leaning lady do all the annoying teaching work for me so I could focus on strategy and development.

Hello Funcom. I currently own all dlcs and they are nice, but i like to see update where armor temperature values shows right in crafting menu. I think all players agree on this. Conan exiles is great game but there is some basic stuff that need work. Thank you.

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Making the server with mods to be shown as default would take them literally 5 minutes of work and would be an invaluable help for dedicated servers to be popular but they don’t care.

Making the server browser to remember last choices? They don’t care too.

Undermeshing? They don’t care.

Giving more tools to admins and possibilities of tweaking dedicated servers? They don’t care.

On devstream they are so impressed how lovely the mods are, but players lost literally thousands of hours (in total) watching the cinematic just to join the servers with Pippi and guess and you probably know what’s a funcom’s attitude toward it? They d, , .

If funcom is so much into selling DLCs then maybe they should release a DLC patches for those issues :joy: Just shut up and take my money ! (it may sound funny but i am totally serious :joy:)

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