Have you seen the feedback, Funcom?

The feedback on the latest (and not-so-latest) changes has been 90% negative and STILL you keep on pushing this nonsense on us. Everywhere i look players complain about how easy and therefore boring the game is today and yet you do nothing about it. The only thing you have done to make it more “challenging” in your opinion is that even an exile1 fighter cuts through 1000+ armor like butter. How about actually playing the game for yourselves so you’d see how bad and uninteresting you have made it?

Only players who have just started might find the game interesting, but even that’s not always the case. My friend wanted to join us so he bought the game and was very eager to jump in but after only a couple of weeks he noticed how pointless the gameplay is when you get everything handed out to you. In just a few days you have so much stuff on your hands that you actually want to be raided. He asked how we have played a game like this for years and was just astounded of the changes that have been made recently. Needless to say he stopped playing.

So how about doing something about this issue? I know some players want it easy, to get everything instantly so they can just run around naked raiding and killing players and thralls who are equipped with top tier gear but from what i’ve seen majority of players do not. Give us an option, open servers with proper settings, no blood crystal shopping, old attribute system, 1x rates, world bosses that actually feel like bosses, proper thrall breaking times and so on.

I don’t know how doable it would be to have servers with no merchants, the new attributes or other things that aren’t adjustable just from the settings alone but one can dream, right? I haven’t yet lost all hope that Funcom would come to their senses and stop this ridiculousness.


This is true.
Feedback here is mostly negative, comments on Facebook are also mostly negative.
Most youtubers (who are not “paid” by FC) also make rather negative videos about recent changes.

My understanding is that these changes are forced on Funcom by the company that bought them.
I think they think the game is very old now and they are trying to make it as easy as possible (accessible for casual players that do not want to learn to fight, farm etc) to attract some casuals and get them involved in buying Bazaar items (milk the game as much as possible before it dies).

But what’s the point in changing the game to attract new players when at the same time they are losing the old players. I can see what’s going on on my server and I can see other private servers that were established for years - closing because they are empty, people leave and play other games, and there is no fresh blood coming to replace them.

No challenge = boring, not interesting game.

This is why I keep pushing my idea to make these changes attached to difficulty settings, make difficulty settings do more than just move several sliders. This way we can have an easy game for builders, normal mode for players who are looking for average difficulty, and barbaric for those that want to be challenged both by survival aspect of the game and PvE.

Just like the difficulty modes of dungeons in MMOs work, but in Conan it would affect entire game.

Or look at the mods, most of them make the game harder and more complex, so community is actually expecting something else than devs are now providing. And recent mods reverse what was changed in Age of War and 2.0+, restore old AI aggro range, restore mounted combat to what it was before etc… bring back this, bring back that…


It makes it difficult to see the feedback when people hide it under a ton of angry white noise and incoherent ranting.

You actually make some good points and I agree with many of them, but you focus much on the general feeling of negativity on the forums rather than elaborating those points you have. This makes it easy to see that people are upset - I’m sure no-one has missed that general trend. But it makes it difficult to figure out what to do about it when Funcom needs to go through hundreds of lines of text to find an item of actual feedback.

It’s doable. But it’s probably not cost-effective. I’m sure it would be possible to have some old-school servers with the pre-3.0 game, but it would be highly unlikely that those would receive any updates, because any update Funcom would want to make would need to be developed twice, to account for the different environments. And with their current resources they’re kinda stretched thin to make updates to even that one system they have live now.

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Actually, I have a good feeling about this new update.
It doesn’t solve problems we’ve got with the previous one (nor any of the old problems, to be fair) but it doesn’t seem to have negative things per se.

That said, I had a very good feeling about ch1 as well, so I may be wrong.


Aside from the fact one can buy Bombs for 5 gold coins which will ruin PvP even more, as well as the removal of God Bubbles without any other sort of defense mechanics to compensate, then yeah Chapter 2 seems “not absolutely terrible” for now.


How does it make the situation worse than what it was?

I’m sorry but I left PVP not because of stamina changes or any of that but because of the win-at-all-costs toxicity that supported some aspects of exploiting the game but condemned others. It wasn’t FC that made me leave PVP but the players. I don’t see how making it easier to get back on your feet after getting offlined as a problem. I don’t see how the roll&poke is any different than the horse meta or the dagger meta or the pike meta of old. Sorry but the combat was boring before the changes and everyone had the same kit so spare me how these changes made things so much worse. The next update is removing hyper armor so that roll&poke method is getting a significant nerf.


According to whom?


ah yeah, sorry, I was speaking only PVE-side.
Didn’t notice those things.

Aside from the fact one can buy Bombs for 5 gold coins which will ruin PvP even more, as well as the removal of God Bubbles without any other sort of defense mechanics to compensate, then yeah Chapter 2 seems “not absolutely terrible” for now.

I don’t play on officials, but it’s widespread knowledge that the performance sucks due to huge builds.
Maybe it’s just a way to reduce these builds quicker and improve performance.
Seriously when I watch youtube and see entire official server covered with humongous builds belonging to some single clan I think the PvP in this game is seriously wrong. In every other game PvP is dynamic, you keep destroying others and get destroyed too. It’s all about doing more damage to them than they do to you. In Conan… offline raiding (exciting as hell) and humungous builds built for months and years…

Is it more difficult fighting against others who are able to gear up quickly? The things you are talking about that make the game easier for new players, should make fighting those new players more difficult for you. So overall, it should be more difficult because of this. Are you mad that new players can gear up fast and take on established clans? Sorry, just trying to clarify.

Feedback on this forum is largely negative, mainly because those who have an issue, actively seek out this forum.

I have seen many many people in the comments of videos, especially most of @Wak4863 new stuff – which are great by the way – indicating how excited they are for this update.

There is obviously a clear divide here between PVP and PVE. PVP players are very upset, and PVE players (for the most part) seem to be fine – or even excited – by the new chapter.

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Not according to Steam, that’s for sure. Even despite the attempt to review bomb due to FC server issues, its still managing a 72% positive rating.

But something I did notice is the newer player reviews (under 100 hours at time of review) are actually quite positive. This is where I believe the trend on many of the changes are going. It can kind of suck for those of us who have thousands of hours played to suddenly see the challenge we enjoy disappear. But fortunately we do have server settings to readjust things how we wish.

Yeah I get it, some of you play on servers where you have no control over this and if you all do play on such a server you will simply have to deal with playing the tutorial settings. Your server admin has decided to setup the server for newer players and not veterans.

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I do think Conan is a game that leaves a really good impression at first.
The more you play, the more you learn, the more you notice things that are wrong with the game.


What’s lost in this game is what actually win is! No matter if you’re a good fighter you’ll still loose from naked thieves-bombers :man_shrugging:. It’s what @Ethel is trying to point again and @Dzonatas saying it for years now because he plays solo pvp from day one. And yes, they have bats and bridges too :rofl:.
Playing harder or easier, gaining harder or easier is just practice, that’s all. You learn how to move in the map and you become efficient anyway. It demands game hours to learn how to do it ,yes but after this it’s easy anyway. It was easy in the past too, now it’s just easier. But new people coming to this game have ten times more things to learn from the ones we learned when we started the game…
We are still learning!

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In any game if you keep playing on the first level over and over, it will definitely seem that way. You do have to adjust settings to get the right challenge eventually.

Also if you’re just looking to just build a basic base, kill bosses, and obtain loot. The game has less than a few hundred hours of playable content. While a few hundred hours is great compared to contemporaries at similar or even higher price points. It can get dull after you hit the four digit mark. I mean there’s nothing wrong with calling the game complete or beat and moving on at that point.

But for a player looking for more. The only real options are to do unique challenges like you see in the threads for challenges, speedrunning, modded content, role-play, or player versus player. The regular content is quite finite.

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I am not talking about replayability, but about game-design, coherence, how polished the content is, etc.

Do you know a game called Outer Wilds?
It’s an adventure, it’s wonderful, well-polished, with nigh-perfect attention to detail.
But it’s a one time type of game. It is very finite, and yet it’s awesome.
The replayability is very low, but the game is top tier.

Conan has a fair amount of replayability IMO, because a sandbox lets you do many different things, and PvP does add even more.
But Conan is not a game I would call “top tier” nor “well-polished”, unfortunately.


Only the moderators read the forums not the Dev team which is the issue. As long time friend and legend Raph Koster would say a Developer who doesn’t show interest in their community is doomed to fail. That’s why FC had to be sold to a foreign company.


No it’s not. And single player with all these issues push it lower. But multi-player is fantastic, not in the terms you say “what makes a game perfect” , but the people you meet in game. You know, i played the game you are diamond years ago, i was bronze but because i was main support bot lane, i was invited to participate in “higher” lvl games. I always had my square decorated from my opponents, they were giving me honors after the game. And when i stopped playing, Riot send messages asking me why.
I tried a lot of on line games and i was playing all the times with minors. In Conan exiles i finally find a community and a player base that was in my age. This was very important for me, i could finally have a proper conversation in my chats. People suffering problems i suffer or even worst. But at the end of the day we were laughing with our problems, because somehow this game helping us all to forget and move on. Then i broke many of my taboos and i am happy for it.
This game was never perfect in the terms of how a game should perform.
This game was always in a early game access line, i don’t believe it ever crossed the lines of completed.
But it’s the best i ever played whatsoever!

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I’m not playing League of Legends, game feels too slow for my taste in PvP :smirk:
And there is so much toxicity, most games pale in comparison :fire: :thisisfine: :fire:

That’s great to hear :handshake:
I have other games that keep me “happy” to some extent, and many things that aren’t gaming either; as long as Conan participates to your personal happiness, it is a good game for you :+1:

Same for me, I do have fun with some things in Conan, like the recent challenges we’ve done for instance, so while objectively the game is flawed in many ways, the way I play it participates to my personal happiness.
Now, while Conan is a net positive for me personally, doing some other things instead of it might grant me much higher happiness; for instance, if gaming too much prevents me from sleeping enough, or exercising enough, it becomes sub-optimal or even detrimental in the end.

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Very true! I cannot name enough titles that i enjoyed but never crossed a couple hundred hours in them just because i wanted to finish them in the highest difficulty. Yet after these hours i never felt the need to play them again, like there was a switch that turn off my interest for these games.

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There is obviously a clear divide here between PVP and PVE. PVP players are very upset, and PVE players (for the most part) seem to be fine – or even excited – by the new chapter.

I’m an upset PvE player myself.
I want the PvE to be interesting, challenging, entertaining. Blind and deaf NPCs? Optional Purge designed to cancel itself when it’s impossible to reach the chest without damaging the base?
Where is fun in that?
I’d rather prefer things to go the opposite way, smarter NPCs wandering the land and ambushing player (PvE Ambush mod). More complicated fight mechanics actually forcing player to block and dodge etc.

Thralls alone can solo this game since forever and the game is still too hard for someone? Wow…

I’d rather go back to 2.0 if it was possible to play with updates switched off… unfortunately it’s not possible.