Feedback about dlc for funcom devs (everyone please read)

TL;DR: we are not happy about the DLC and we want to let Funcom know about it through constructive feedback. @Jens_Erik

Hello, fellow exiles, like many of you I am disappointed in the current state of Funcom’s first DLC. In my personal opinion, I think Funcom listened to a vocal minority and nerfed the contents of the DLC in the hopes that a majority would be happy. obviously, this is not the case otherwise I wouldn’t be here now typing this post out. we need to come together as a community and let Funcom know that we want the items in this DLC and future DLC to be on par with star metal or other end-game quality gear. but I think to do this and actually get the devs to listen we need to come together not as screaming, ranting, and a swearing mob. but instead as a calm, collected, and firm group of like-minded individuals. the old saying is true that you catch more flies with sugar rather than vinegar and I think it will hold true in this scenario. and don’t get me wrong I am just as angry and upset as the rest of you about the status of the DLC but I find its easier for someone to respond to a statement that is firm and neutral than one that is laced with spite and fury. I guess at the end of the day all I’m saying is that we all love this game, whether it’s for the pvp or the roleplay we are all passionate about it and want to see it remain something we enjoy spending time and money on. but to do that we need to come together as one and constructively let Funcom know how we feel.


also forgot to mention about the need for thralls to craft exceptional and flawless versions of the gear.

everyone feel free to post here. add your voice to this post so the devs will read it and know how we feel.


The individuals who are against dlc being on par with existing end game gear don’t really have a valid argument. I’ve seen a few bullet points raised by players who believe that dlc should be inferior to gear in game. The most common concern I’ve read is that it will be “pay to win”.

This doesn’t really make sense. Pay to win would mean that to get the best gear you have to buy it. But if dlc has the same stats as existing gear in game then this is not the case. It would only be pay to win if dlc gear was better than the current end game gear we have.

In addition, when you buy the dlc you aren’t getting free gear in your inventory. You are in fact just buying the recipe. Meaning you still have to go out and collect the mats just like if you obtained a recipe in game. Its not any different. Furthermore you can obtain the dlc gear from someone else who has access to it, its not account bound or anything.

As far I’m concerned, those against buffing dlc have no valid argument. The only time the argument would be valid is IF dlc items became better than current game gear. Forcing you to buy it in order to compete.


If it’s ok… i’ll add my voice with this!?

Whats the point of beautiful armors and weapons if they don’t have practical use in-game?
If you are arguing that they are for hanging on the wall there’s the Iron tier for that why add another tier then, so i can hang Star Metal on the wall (there are no armor stands by the way)?


loosens shoulders and relaxes
Let me start by saying the DLC looks great. Much thx to the team for bringing out quality 3D assets.

I’d like to start by adding a bit of a primer on what I think would be fair cosmetics, then go into details about the pitfalls that some of the armor’s bonus stats could lead to, and advise on how to bring good balance to that.

Origin of cosmetic
1595–1605; < Greek kosmētikós relating to adornment, equivalent to kosmēt(ós) adorned, arranged (verbid of kosmeîn, derivative of kósmos order, arrangement) + -ikos -ic


relating to treatment intended to restore or improve a person’s appearance.
“cosmetic surgery”
synonyms: beautifying, improving, non-medical; More

affecting only the appearance of something rather than its substance.
“the reform package was merely a cosmetic exercise”
synonyms: superficial, surface, skin-deep, outward, exterior, external
“alterations to the original building have been largely cosmetic”

Cosmetics in the context of video games are mostly skins or “wardrobe” overlays ala adornments without affecting the stats.

In the context of Conan Exiles; considering it has an item based stat system without skins or appearance slots, a base item for every cosmetic needs to be established in order to prevent the cosmetic itself turning into an item in it’s own right.

An example of this would be the Khitan heavy armor, which is the only cold resist gear with encumbrance.
If Khitan heavy armor is to be cosmetic, it needs to have an established base-game counterpart to be based off of.

When advertising something to be equal to star metal (even when using the word “comparable”), all Khitan weaponry needs to be the exact carbon copy of each and every star metal weapon, with the exception being it’s appearance. Only then, can it pass as a “cosmetic”. Cosmetics aren’t compatible with the word “comparable”, because any divergence spawns a new item in it’s own right.

In order to avoid future controversy, I suggest using different phrasing when describing these:
Correct phrasing would be: “These are star metal tier cosmetics.” “These are tier 3 building cosmetics”.
“DLC Armor are star metal tier cosmetics.”

Now for the little details:

The paper lanterns and Khitai style lanterns require less/easier mats than their luminosity counterparts. A base needs to be established if these are to be true cosmetics.

The fine line of balancing a cosmetic DLC boils down to: No double standards.

Thank you for your time and effort. Please feel free to add to or correct any statement I’ve made. I welcome feedback. Together we can forge a perfect solution :slight_smile:


I like the need for thralls for craft exceptional + versions of gear. It coincides with the lore of the game. Us exiles are not talented artisans or master warriors, we are in fact petty criminals and slaves. That is why we start on the bottom of the food-chain. We have to learn ALL these fields to survive. The problem with being a jack-of-all-trades is that you are a master of none. However, getting these specialists allow you to have access to better everything is the key to surviving these harsh lands in comfort.


I agree. I didn’t include it in my initial post because I ran out of room. but yes we need t3 and t4 khitan armorers and blacksmiths.


We still didn’t get Derketo priests… just saying - don’t expect much from this company.

After some research people are claiming they do exist though, you apparently just have to search the right areas. (I followed up through wiki and various other sites and people have been claiming to see these priests.

they have said they will be coming along with a balance to thrall placements on the map. but that’s not why we are here. this post is for us to stand as a singular voice about the DLC and future DLC. however, I do agree with you that there are things that need to be done but I have faith that Funcom will come through.

Ok, then enlighten us. Where did you find this archpriest?? Also, are you playing on an official server, or a dedicated one?? Does that server use mods?? Is your server on test-live??

I ask this because I’m a slaver, I enslave thralls from every part of the map, and I have never once seen a Derketo priest. Now, I do know if you’re on a server that uses the Pippi mod, your admins can set spawn points and have a priest spawned, hence why I asked if you’re on a modded server.

If you’re not, then I’d be very curious to find out where this priest spawns. I’m not going to call shenanigans yet, but I am hesitant to believe you found this priest properly in the world.


Derketo priest spawn rarely in during in purge event, I should have noted in my previous post that, that picture isn’t mine but belongs to a redditer by the name of reddit_imp who says “Derketo Archpriest spawns at Pagoda of Boundless Lusts, behind Yakira, Priestess of Derketo. On PC at least.” he then later says he uses no mods. Following up on the wiki even named Derketo priestess Shala the Lust-slaker spawns during the purge in the jungle. Looking around a few other places, people have been mentioning either accidentally killing these priests or nabbing them for their own.

reddit_imp also provided another picture

Ok, you guys answered my first question about the DLC, that the items aren’t available the moment you bought them (crap), but you have to collect the items to “make” them (double crap). Oh well.

Then I hear they’re just cosmetic, what!? Nowhere did I read or hear prior to me plunking down my $10 that the items were purely cosmetic. So yes, I’m pissed as well. Since the DLC drop day I’m now reading the word “cosmetic” in Funcom’s description of the DLC. Little bit of trickery there I see.

This all wouldn’t be so bad, but I made my voice known prior to the DLC coming out that they should delay it based on the problems the base game has that HAVE NOT been addressed yet. I play on Xbox and its a constant battle to keep my gear. I constantly lose item wheel items and my armor. I now put my crap in boxes prior to logging off and that’s helped a bit, until, I started losing items in boxes!!!

The other huge issue I have is the last 3 times I died I could not find my dead body at the death location. It’s there but its just a shadow with no option to collect my gear. After the 3rd time dying and losing my stuff I’ve been on a serious mission TO NOT DIE. This has affected my gameplay to the point where I don’t want to play anymore. Sad Funcom, really sad.

Lastly, right after I bought the DLC items I logged on to actually “see” them. What I noticed first is that my attributes and feats were both reset to zero. Why? Does anybody have any idea?

This was really a fun game when I played it at launch, until the issues cropped up. I’m left wondering if Funcom has a viable test environment, or, are they simply using us. The things I really want to say about Funcom and their lame assed responses on Twitter will just get me banned so I’ll keep my mouth shut.

Ok, this line I’m going to call 100% shenanigans on. Ever since the jungle was released I’ve had a wheel located very close to that area. Like I said earlier, I’m a slaver, and I would literally return to that place every single time they would respawn so I could gather all the named thralls from there. I have searched that area thick and through and have NEVER seen a derketo priest there. The trainer doesn’t count.

The only thing I can think of is that either the priest spawn is so extremely, ridiculously rare that out of all of the times I’ve farmed there(easily 100+) they’ve just never spawned, or that reddit_imp could be in a different region. I know there are certain things that seem to work properly on versions that are not US region, such as the derketo blade Lusttaker. Someone from AU confirmed last night they could craft it properly, yet last time I checked, my game still wants it crafted on a blacksmiths bench.

As for finding them during purges, I can believe that. Too bad purges don’t work for everyone. The only time I ever got purged was when my server installed the Age of Calamitous mod, and all the purges I got were from the new npc’s, not old.


it is planned in the future for a redistribution of thrall spawns. I would bet it will happen during or after the new religion is added. however we are not here to talk about thralls. we are here about the DLC and let people like @Tascha know how we feel so they can relay it to the people who decide the stats of items. also good one necrobile but unnecessary.

it was made known since its first announcement that it would be a cosmetic DLC and that the items in it were for looks rather than power. and as for why this DLC came out before bug fixes is a simple answer that no one seems to grasp. when a game finishes its development the majority of the people who make character models and cool visual stuff are moved on to other projects or if they were merely contracted they move on to looking for their next contract. but by putting out small DLC like this over large game-changing stuff they can keep their visual staff and modelers employed making stuff separate from the team that handles fixing things. think of it like a grocery store. you have people that work in the meat market section and the produce section. then you have people that are cashiers and stockers. and then you have management. normally you don’t see someone from the cashiering department go and work the meat market because they are not trained for that department. much is the same for a game developing company. the people that made this DLC are not in the same department as the guys that fix the bugs so one does not affect the other. and while it might look bad that a DLC came out over bug fixes said DLC did not affect the department that is handling fixing the games bugs.


‘+’ if they choose this then it’s pay to win (Being higher than the base game equipments)
‘-’ if they choose this then it’s pay to lose (Being lower than the base game equipments)
‘=’ WHY CAN’T THEY CHOOSE THIS ? (Being EQUAL with the base game equipments)

W H Y - ?

@Shadoza, was meant to reply to topic, sorry.


as are we all @shadoza. please feel free to elaborate why you are sore and unhappy, just please be constructive channel it into something the devs will want to read and react to so we can all pul together for the better

I must not have read carefully enough then. So, if I get the mats to make the armor and weapons in the DLC you’re saying they’ll be no more powerful than the stone weapons and fiber armor I have now at level 22???

no, the normal set is iron tier. the higher end is supposed to be star metal tier but is weaker. we on this post are here to push for the stats to be made as good as star metal so the gear is at least viable.