An interesting video (Edit: Title changed, cuz poeple don't read beyond the first post)

Edit: Sentiment redacted due to inaccurate observation. I’d delete this post, but there are alot of good points made in this post worth archiving.

I doubt it was just him tbh. There were several people on these forums who said much the same thing he did. Albeit he is the only content creator I’ve seen personally that has said the Khitai dlc was pay to win. But I doubt he is the only one. And while I would love to sharpen my pitchfork with you I think instead the majority of us, or at least any who think the dlc weapons and armors should be better than what they are, need to band together and let funcom know that it’s the vocal minority that thinks it’s pay to win. If that could be done without flaming and swearing at funcom like angry madmen the. We m Get be able to get this whole debacle fixed and taken care of.


Well. Thanks for being my voice of reason. Your right.
I’ll wait and see what Funcom has to say about this on the next Community Newsletter or Devstream.

Only then will things become abundantly clear on what the frak is goin’ on.

My mind will not rest until one single question is answered in a way that my mind can reconcile this dissonance of logic: Why wasn’t the weapons brought to be exact star metal equivalents?

This is haunting me to no end.

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I think the answer lies with a sad trend that has became prevalent in this day and age. When a vocal minority’s arises within a community and bands together to speak louder than than the silent majority things like this happen. And funcom responded like they did because they do not want to be p2w, they overreacted because they don’t want to lose more players and it gives the impression that it is the majority who is speaking when in reality it is a sad few who think that when a developer wants to put out more content it’s a p2w money grab. If the silent majority would band together and show funcom that making the content equivalent to star metal or just a hair better is ok then we might get that change. All it takes is one post with everyone voicing their opinion in a positive or neutral manner that this is how most of us feel then funcom would respond to us.


I have a hard time seeing people come together for a peaceful protest though.
Think i’ll set up a petition on Thursday depending on the newsletter.

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It. Would be a great undertaking that is true but it isn’t impossible. I’ll be adding my voice in as well and hope for the best


The funny thing about this is that those who cry P2W the loudest are people who would not buy those DLC anyway, and the people who buy them get shafted!
I posted this in another topic…

As the saying goes “Fool me once…”, way to loose paying customer (probably won’t buy any future DLC for this game).

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indeed. The people crying p2w won’t buy this dlc. And it will be hard to buy dlc if it is to the current set up of their first one and I would not fault anyone for thinking the same. But if people like you halcyon and myself put our voices out there and draw likeminded ppl to also put their voice in we could have future dlc be up to par with normal gear. Don’t get me wrong though I’m not going to tell you to speak or not speak, but I will ask that you will consider joining us after the next community newsletter or live stream and let funcom devs know how we feel and hope others will follow suit.


count me in for a last attempt at providing positive feedback. I still believe they can and will change it again if they realize about all we saying.


Ok, there’s a video in which the creator “asks” to bring the “overtuned” DLC stuff on-par with what’s in the base game, as it was advertised, to make it a true cosmetic DLC, as advertised.
Funcom then proceeds to nerf the items to below the stats of the tier it was advertised/meant for.

How exactly do you want to put part of the blame on this guy again?

Thanks for getting them straight :slight_smile:

here is the my discussion for feedback if yall want to add your voice to mine,if you can spread the word to your server mates to throw their voices,the more the merrier :slight_smile:

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I see this going one of two ways, and depending which route they take will determine which one of two ways I go:

  1. They adjust the stats to what everyone has been requesting. They put it on par with star metal, so everyone can enjoy the dlc they really want to, all the while nobody can claim it’s OP.

  2. They adjust the material requirements of the armor/weapons so they are now the equivalent of hardened steel, which would show they listen but do not care.

If they go option one then I may reinstall and purchase the dlc again. It was really hard to refund it, I REALLY wanted to play around with it, but I also do not want to support such shoddy business practices, which is why I refunded it.

If they go option two, then this will truly be the final Funcom product I ever buy, and I hope others follow suit. I understand it’s a pvp-centric game, but I do grow tired of things being ruined because of pvp’ers. >:(


Since they are set straight, you may want to think about editing your OP (and your other post where you accuse him of being responsible for the “lost encumbrance” of the Khitan Heavy, despite this not being the case) or ask a mod to take it down.
It serves no purpose and only generates possible unnecessary animosity towards the guy.

before the DLC dropped when we could see the items they were OP, and while I wouldn’t say p2w since there were found recipes at similar levels, it was walking a fine edge.

That said though now they are undertuned. Star metal should be taken out of the feats menu and be made into found recipes like Dragonbone and Obsidian and superior to those two, while the material costs and stats for Khitan should be at exactly the Acheronian level.


It’s just like Bungie and Destiny 2. Funcom has fallen into the trap of listening to the minority of content creators (streamers) instead of the majority of the player base. This is only my opinion, but I suspect it could be true.


I don’t agree with that. I’ve never once even had to craft acheronian gear, I’ve always been able to jump from hardened steel to dragonbone very quickly. I believe khitan gear should be the equivalent of star metal weapons. If I’m to pay $10 for it, I want it to be something I can actually use at 60 without gimping myself badly.

If they were star metal, then they’d be strong enough to wield, but not stronger than dragonbone/obsidian/legendaries. At the moment, and I know it’s just my opinion, but star metal is worthless. I don’t farm for it anymore. I use obsidian tools and just repair them a lot, because obsidian is easy to get. I use dragonbone weapons because that’s easy to get. Star metal has no real purpose, but if these weapons were on par with it, I could find purpose in farming it again.

I just don’t see any reason to spend $10 for weapons that are only worth role-playing with. Even if they were acheronian in strength, I don’t feel they’d be worth it.

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maybe read and quote the whole paragraph, yes?

Nah, because the main point I disagreed with was in the quotes.

I did you one better, and marked your observation as the solution. Non shall say I do double standards :wink:

As for him being responsible for the encumberance nerf? Not gonna redact that. He very specifically homed in on that one. We all face the consequences of our choices.