New DLC * cosmetic only *



So not sure if you guys looked at it but this cosmetic only DLC pack will come with the WORST epic armor set imaginable… at least as far as the heavy armor goes… its armor level is about the same as most medium epic armor sets… ouch… super ouch… but hey… I guess that the fact the weapons will be the STRONGEST in the game…

yeah i know if you looked at it its like 5 points lower then obsidian and dragonbone… but neither of those have a flawless version… which in the Dev Stream it was stated that we will get a flawless version of these items.

now… having the best weapons in the game in a DLC is that pay to win??? by NO means is it… simply put 1 person in a clan of 10 could get the DLC and make all of the clan weapons that DONT have the DLC… or someone can raid someone with the DLC and loot all the nice DLC items… that they CANT make…

its only pay to win if they made it so the NON dlc peeps couldn’t use/equip the gear… or make it no drop… other then that… seriously WHO cares if the weapons are INSANELY SICK… I personally wish the armor was just as sick… but I do have a plan on buying the DLC>> even though i feel the game will be dead until the major updates get released… in like… i dont know the next 3 months…


Are you looking at the armor ratings in the feats? I think there is an error here because when I looked at the epic variant Khitan heavy it had the same values as the non-epic. Surely it is not intended.


If you can make then best armor on game and the one who don’t buy DLC can’t…It’s pay to win. no owner dlc can’t repair armor, you can. Can’t creat the armor, you can. Can’t make armor for all his pnj, you can. Even if you are in clan with someone who have dlc, you are disavantaged. And if the whole clan have no dlc ? No, it’s a better way to not make best stuff as paid content… and game is not very hard in pve, if better stuff out in dlc, the game will be badder. If you are not intersted by content who is not pay to win, don’t buy, good news for you.


nope not kidding… maybe there is a 2nd epic version.


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