New dlc content , but cant buy dlc ..well done ..well done

What is the point of showing us DLC content, and then we cant even buy the dlc ?
Heck it doesn even show up as “on its way”

It has not been released yet.

And they want to do a simultaneous release across platforms. So the content is included in the PC patch so we don’t get multiple patches in rapid succession.


That’s marketing man. How many people are going to sit there and look at these materials on their Feats list and NOT buy it? I mean a lot of people are talking about boycotting the DLC because of various reasons, but when you see it there, just being awesome and so close, all you have to do is drop a little cash and it is yours! Brilliant move imo.


I dont plan on boycutting em at all, im not one of those sillyheads, i was just finding it extremely anoying i couldn buy the dlc now since they are showing it ingame . I like this game, played since day one of early access. And has only improved over time in my oppinion.


is there a release date for the DLC? and prize range known for it? i was looking at the icons looks great… really hope its fair and not some extortion prize.

Kind of annoyed that the DLC is not cosmetic only. The stats on the weapons for the new DLC is higher than the other epic items of the same type. That is not Cosmetic only.


I dont care about cosmetic, honestly tired of people crying over they only want cosmetic dlc’s. A dlc is NOT a lootbox … lootbox makes sence to be cosmetic only. Dlc’s doesn make sence.

I need new content. im 60. this seems like 60+ dlc . Fairly logic it beats older items, and 60 epic items. if its 60+


errm suggest you take another look at the damage on them then because dragon bone is still better besides be greatfull they are even bringing anything out so soon

It has to be balanced. If its useless, purely cosmetic, aka only for RP or for trying once and then to the chest, DLC won’t be much attractive for most.

It needs to be not top tier, but high enough as its worth of using it. But of course not stronger than what others can get without buying it

Boshek hit the nail on the head. It’s marketing 101. Place the items in our feats section so we can see them and get anticipation for buying them. A teaser.

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So, go play games with this proposal ?

Theres a lot of them, i think you would love wow.

What proposal ? are you replying to my original comment ? or one futher down, and if are replying to me replying to the dlc guy.
Then how on earth does that sounds like wow …first of all wow is a complete other category of game. its a mmorpg , not a survival game. Secoundly is has lootboxes (and big expantion packs), not dlc’s … and since i want dlc’s you comment makes no sence.

True if its just a small dlc i agree … if its a complete new area getting opened up and its more like a mini expantion dlc then i dont agree. Then it should be better.

Cant wait for it… What will it cost? :smiley:
Oh, but please make sure the (flawless) weapons arent better than the currently best ones, because that would render this dlc to be pay to win…

You know some DLC’s are expantion right ? and if its like an expantion then its not pay to win …then its an expantion.

or would you call basicly any online game adding expantions , huge or dlc wise for pay to win ? :stuck_out_tongue:

If lvl cap goes up…it HAS to be better for sure. But lets see what it is :slight_smile:

My reply was to this post of yours, if you click on the name up right ---------------------> it will show from what post that reply is.


Although I may sounded kinda rude, I wanted to say to you that, CE is a survival game, even having RPG features, it is mainly (at least said by Devs at earlier streams) a survival game themed on Hyboria.

So, you said that you wanted content 60+, nothing wrong with this, but since CE is a survival, we really don’t need any progression at all, because this will brings more coding, balancing, and we know how time consuming and hard work this require for, and what we need now is FC focusing on bugfixing and finishing the game before asking for more content.

Don’t get me wrong, I like new stuff, and I think they should release more dlc’s along the road, but adding “cosmetic weapons” that does the same dmg as Legendaries??? really? you really want a game that offers you end game gear just buying this “instant progression” ??? You know what this means??? it means Pay to Win!

If you want more content, let it be by actually having to go thro progression, by a dungeon, dangerous mobs, not just buying than BAM! got it! its yours!

But in my opinion, a survival sandbox pvp game should have more content but not weapons and armor with higher values than the ones existant, because the more and more numbers, the game becomes boring, low tiers get obsolete.

This is Conan, and should stay as it meant to be, let the high numbers for the games that fit for it, the MMOs, Conan must be simple to be fun, if they add too much dmg numbers, it starts to be Drabon Ball Z.

Typo: expantion → expansion/addon (= new zone, more levels…)

Maybe. Maybe not.
Nevertheless. Like all the comments I read about the dlc were speaking of a cosmetic dlc.
A cosmetic dlc may grant equipment which is just as strong as the (almost) best equipment, but with the khitan weapons having normal damage at a very high value and allowing flawless versions…
Well. That clearly goes beyond “as strong as best weapon” and instead creates a new list of bis items…

Btw… Somehow I got in my mind, that they are almost ready to sell the dlc. I think nothing is missing from the admin panel, so basically everything is there. Even the check for the dlc being bought is there. (Failed to spawn… The same behaviour like preorder items had.)
So maybe they wanted to announce the release of the dlc live in the stream and something happened so it wouldnt be possible? I know, my mind goes crazy here…

But delivering “cosmetic” dlcs is hard without a way to use “cosmetic” armor.
There are mods which allow to use the skin of some armor while wearing something else.
If that was added to this game, delivering cosmetics would be way easier.

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