DLC - In case your thinking of buying it

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So, if you ONLY want this dlc for the building pieces this is for sure for you…

BUT if your thinking of how cool the armor or weapons look… they are useless for anyone already at lvl 60… so basically this for early to mid game… and when people are leveling up to 60 in a few days… well that is not very useful…

here you go as they say in the dev stream… its NOT for end game… they nerfed the items… the DLC in incomplete as well… there is NO WAY to make flawless without using the admin panel… there is NO armorers or Blacksmiths in game …

so yeah if you just want to build an asian themed base … with Hardened Brick… ( which comon ouch… ) then well buy it… but do not expect anything else… everything except the building aspect is useless.


and in case you want to see all the nice armor and weapons you wouldn’t bother using at lvl 60


So this is how you sell an incomplete DLC?

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I hope Funcom fixes all T4 armorers and blacksmiths. Currently there are several Flawless Armors that CANT be crafted by any legit means (not even with Thrall Purge farm). Of course this is even worse for those who bought the DLC that promised Flawless variants in it.

Funcom please fix and add all T4 armorers/blacksmith spawns and add the DLC recipes with them.

Guess we’ll just keep living in our super cheap and easy to get Silent Legion armor and using Kingslayer spears forever. Be really cool if we could use other good looking comparable gear. Should have been a skin you could plaster over other gear or something.

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Keep in mind that we mentioned that it’s Nothing like “end game” armor.
We’ve seen people from both sides. One group reports that the items are P2W, while others say they don’t do anything. Unfortunately, it’s a fine line that needs to be balanced on.


The trouble is that the armor and weapons aren’t even as good as the supposed equivalent, in some cases damage is 6 lower than the equivalent weapon. And the armor is ‘roughly’ as good as equivalent armor, if you don’t mind loosing armor rating and damage mitigation.

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I think the “fine line” would’ve been to give the weapons equivalent stats to star metal weapons, not make them not nearly as good as hardened steel. The epic flawless khitan 2h sword does 47 dmg. How is that walking the “fine line”??


How is that Pay2Win? Are you high? Star-metal grade weapons with 33-35 damage? Who thought this a good idea?

And cosmetic-only, oh, sorry I thought that was CONAN not Hello Kitty Online Adventure - if you make stuff at least make it on the same level as things AT THE SAME GRADE.

If base star-metal spear does 47 damage then i see no reason why star metal grade Khitan one should do… hold tight THIRTY, F*CKING, THREE.


Na its not a fine line at all… you make the weapons usable for players at lvl 60… your game levels way to fast to give us weapons in a DLC that isn’t usable at lvl 60… its fine even if it were 1-2 points lower then obisian weapons… but to make it SOOO low just tanked your sales… and to nerf it after basically hyping it up by having the preview in game for a week… ( us being able to see the dmg ) and not telling us about the nerf… well that is just shady business practices…


Keep in mind you released an incomplete DLC which makes this look like a cash grab as well.


I’ve only seen the flawless epic khitan 2h sword, which does 47 points of dmg. Is the khitan spear really that low??? Daaaaaamn, I’m glad I requested a refund. >_<

this is not a cosmetic dlc in the least. tell me what other level 10 armor in the game needs gold dust?.. there is none but you require it for both the medium and heavy armors of this cosmetic dlc… that a joke right? think funcom needs to look up what cosmetic means as they have released a falsely advertised product

There is no such thing as Flawless Khitan anything on regular servers keep that in mind.

For example regular (non-flawless) STAR METAL sword which costs roughly 5 thick leather more (but honestly… who cares bout thick leather at lvl 60) has 38 DMG and 8% armor penetration. Same grade Star Metal sword has 33 dmg and 6% armor penetration. 5 dmg and 3% AP difference on BASE item quality.

The dlc is not avialble yet for psn asia players.
So asia players arent getting that on the same date as everyone else?

honestly comparing it to star metal weapons… i understand because it uses star metal… but the much easier to get hardened metal weapons… that are STRONGER should be the comparison… .or better yet… obsidian which is by FAR the easiest to get!!! yet… we are given… these items… that fall WAY behind obsidian tier…

— and no idea why star metal would be sooooo far lower then the rest since its the hardest material in game to farm for…


Devs just need to create cosmetic slots for the ‘cosmetic’ DLC items and job done.

Cosmetic looks are now useful for everyone…no need for stats or numbers or broken smiths etc just use it to look good!!


that would 100% fix it… OR give items a scale-able dmg and armor value depending on the characters level that is crafting it…

but then again both is asking for ‘new’ coding and I think the dev team is a little busy making the main menu look pretty

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Imo the weapon/armor DLC should act as a “SKIN” , so we can disguise the actual appearance of whatever armor/weapon we choose to use and make it look like a khitan with the same type be it dagger/sword/2hsword/heavyarmor/lightarmor etc.

Or I prefer it to be endgame weapon/armor than noob version.

There should be no such thing as disguising yourself in PVP servers