Conan Exiles is about to die

Someone posted the following comment on steam:

"Not cosmetic and P2W DLC
To take a few examples:
Roapmaker -> Level 60 bow 14 vs 17 dam (21% increase)
Shaftmaker -> Level 60 dagger 30 vs 37 dam (23% increase)
Hastmaker -> Level 60 Watclub 42 vs 51 dam (21% increase)
Hastmaker -> Level 60 Two-handed 53 vs 57 dam (9% increase)
Hastmaker -> Level 60 Pike 41 vs 45 dam (9% increase) "

Not entirely true, since the Dragon Set is better and accessible to all.

But let’s think about it: FunCom is slowly killing the game, and now that it has the money in hand, it costs nothing to put better items to sell and make the items accessible worse and, over time, the game will become ‘‘Pay to Win’’ and will be abandoned by everyone.

FunCom has proven to be a terrible company in many ways, but this DLC is by far the most abject thing ever produced for anyone who has been suffering from endless bugs since early access.



Beren, it’s people like you who helped create a new Pay model:

Pay to lose (P2L) ; Funcom’s industry first contribution.


Pay to support crap.
Broken game , continues to break further , and they sit back and enjoy reading our complaints. No intentions to even follow through with content that they themselves said would be in game. FAIL
Don’t support future products if this is any example they will be broken forever.


How come it’s pay to win when we get even worse value for the armor/weapon.

Even if they accept criticism and buff the weapon/armor, I bet they would make it on par with the default content’s counterparts.

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the pay to win crowd need to learn to keep there mouths shut, funcom should realize that people in that group are not going to buy the dlc. We are and we should feel like we are being rewarded for doing so not spat on

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Mmh, maybe this “someone” is just a troll?
Check the stats yourself, before you repost such fake numbers.

no they where the old stats before the update and release mikelei…if it was going to be that then if they costed more mats and didnt have a enhanced and flawless versions then i wouldn’t care as there is no khitan blacksmith, armorer or carpenter in the game anyway and by the time your level 60 your going to have a tier 4 of them anyway to make that in starmetal or hardern steel so not really much of a buff there

It’s more like pay to feel like idiot/sucker!


That’s the mindset of people though, they pay for cosmetic DLC and expect to be super heroes. I’m glad that’s not the case.

As for the game dying, maybe, maybe not. The past week and a half is the first time since I started playing I couldn’t log on in the evening due to the server being at capacity every night, for hours

it’s not about being a super hero… it’s about getting what was advertised… on multiple occasions prior to DLC release they said items will be comparable to Iron and Star Metal tier weapons… they are not comparable (they are worse than Iron tier for level 10 and worse than Hardened Steel for level 60 weapons) yet require same amount of resources!

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It seems like a trade-off, no? You’re trading some damage and penetration for a good bit more durability. I don’t think it is so much a rip if you’re trading one stat for another.

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And all that OH SO GREAT DURABILITY goes to waste because you have to clobber everything much longer (every encounter is dragged out… you are running the risk getting hit more and loose durability on other items shields/armor… yeah great trade-off)!

If you run the risk of your weapon breaking, then 240 durability is probably much more important than 5 damage at the most. I haven’t had the problem of swinging just one more time to kill an enemy, they rarely reach the last hit from my combos (and those who do make it to the last hit barely make it there). I don’t see an extra 5 damage doing too much. That’s me though, idk how much damage you end up pumping out.

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Great go kill some world bosses or Dragons solo with these weapons… these are level 60 weapons after all… you will require an extra hit for every 10 hits on average to dish out same damage as with Star Metal or Hardened Steel tier weapons.

So are you saying that the 10% more is a deal breaker for you, on an example as specific as a boss?

For the added endurance usable everywhere, I’d say it is a fair trade given the limited example of what the trade off is.


Ok few questions…

If durability is so important why most players prefer Black Ice, Dragonbone or Obsidian tier weapons to Star Metal or Hardened Steel tier weapons?
Also do any of you who are defending this trade-off have bought the DLC or plan to buy the DLC, have used the weapons from DLC or plan to use them in actual combat (be it PvE or PvP)?

And let’s be honest please when answering these!

What do those questions have to do with your point on needing to attack an additional 10% times against a boss? Is that really your issue with the DLC? That they do 10% less damage, and you do not find the additional durability they have worth it compared to their alternatives?


I can not speak for the mass of players, but there is no official consensus that more people use those specific weapon types. But, I personally think they look much nicer than the DLC weapons.
Whilst if we have the dlc or not does not make our point invalid that it is a legitimate trade-off and in eye of the beholder, a better trade-off than most. I personally have not gotten the DLC I don’t have the money for them. But I do know I prefer my weapons to last longer than do slightly more damage. And I do both PvE and PvP

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Yes that’s the issue with the DLC… for me and some other people who bought the DLC believing the pre-release talk about weapons being on par with Star Metal tier… for many people myself included this durability trade-off makes them inferior not on par with Star Metal tier!

p.s. GG avoiding the questions by the way (speaks volumes)!!!

Speaks volumes toward what?

But glad we clarified. You expected one thing from the DLC, got another. I can understand how that is a disappointment. Sorry you did not have your expectations met with what Funcom had presented the DLC being.