First no flawless Atlantean Sword.. then no Flawless Khitan. DLC - NEVER AGAIN

I specifically asked if there was flawless Khitan sword and armor… The answer was “Yes”.

Funnily enough they weren’t lying… the jokes on me, because what I SHOULD have asked was if Flawless Khitan Sword and Armor was OBTAINABLE ON OFFICIAL SERVERS!

I am INFURIATED by the fact that I’ve been had.

This question was asked on the Dev stream OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Conveniently it was overlooked… OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Yup. They can shove future DLC’s somewhere where the sun don’t shine.

I am more than dissappointed. I feel betrayed.

I better find a Khitan Blacksmith or Armorer in the Admin Panel now… or I am going nuclear.


is really a joke with the weapons and armor :frowning:


I don’t understand why people keep defending them when something as simple as this happens. They hype up the big DLC, only to not let people have the better versions of it.

Then again, there’s still cimmerian armorers you can’t get properly in the game as well, so what did people expect??


roflmao wow for real…yep…funcom barrel bending ram down tactics.

Right boys… I checked the admin panel. No khitan armorers or blacksmiths.

tries to keep some composure takes glasses off with trembling hands and puts them on the PC table

So things are bugged. That’s the nature of PC games. I get that.

But when you sell an unfinished product… then sell a DLC for that product…


tosses the earphones against the wall

All i wanted was a greater jian that was E-Q-U-A-L to a Flawless Star Metal Sword. Not more powerful. Not weaker. --==(( E_Q_U_A_L ))==-- IS THAT REALLY TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR!!!

And here I am… not even able TO MAKE WHAT I PAID FOR!

Tosses the ■■■■■■■■ microphone at the wall

I HAVE BEEN HAD reallly REALLLY freakin good this time.

I’ll not forget this.


Putting aside the rage fest. Apparently it’s part of console gaming as well. I play on Xbox and we’re getting a ton of crashes and all sorts of “fun” bugs to play with. I get all the anger but for the sake of your expensive gaming equipment please put the computer down, it’s not worth it!


Yeah, I just did that, and now I’m seriously contemplating requesting a refund for it. Funcom needs to stop half-assing this sort of thing.

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not only that…they changed the damage after the patch…good ole bait and switch. Get skeeted in yall.


Excuse me. I need to blow off some “Steam”, then visit Reddit.

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Can you get refunds for DLC on Steam??

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For those that feel gypped regarding the DLC, since everything was nerfed and no NPC’s are even in the game, here’s something to take note of.

"Refunds on Downloadable Content
(Steam store content usable within another game or software application, “DLC”)

DLC purchased from the Steam store is refundable within fourteen days of purchase, and if the underlying title has been played for less than two hours since the DLC was purchased, so long as the DLC has not been consumed, modified or transferred. Please note that in some cases, Steam will be unable to give refunds for some third party DLC (for example, if the DLC irreversibly levels up a game character). These exceptions will be clearly marked as nonrefundable on the Store page prior to purchase."


Add in game flawless version armor and weapons!
You take money for product, but your product defected!

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Oh, they’re there, but seriously nerfed. I used admin controls and summoned in a flawless khitan 2h sword, and it does 47 dmg.

I never refunded a product, so I had to watch a tutorial on this:

At least leaving a review lessened my fury.

Thanks for the heads up Necrobile.


LOL with all the bugs and glitches we have to deal daily, this DLC should’ve been a free gift.


I would’ve been satisfied with a finished product that wasn’t nerfed so hard. I understand if they don’t want the weapons to be on part with legendaries, but we’re paying money for it, they should at least be on par with dragonbone.

The flawless khitan 2h sword does 47 dmg. 47 dmg on a flawless weapon!!! 57 dmg on a flawless 2h sounds more balanced, especially since a dragonbone 2h is 62, and an acheronian 2h is 52 for basic. Yet, the flawless is 47.

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I do not care what kind of damage or armor, I paid money.
and I want to get the content, not just its part!

Don’t get snippy with me, I was just letting you know that they are there, and they’re nerfed pretty bad. Even if the npc’s were available to craft them, they’re worthless.

So I get the sense people are feeling ripped off on this DLC. Should I give it pass based on your experiences with it?

Not surprised though under performance on product is standard it seems. - lots of hype and no follow through.

maybe they just should have sold the t3 construction bits instead of adding the fake tinsel.

Someone, do a “Hitler reacts to Funcom not putting flawless Khitan in the DLC” video and post the link. Make sure to mention every other issue from day one… No sarc, that video would be epic.