I challenge you! About the DLC

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For all of you that are planning to buy the DLC… hold off on your purchase UNTIL they give us the large patch that they are promising…

A guy once told me never pay your employees on a Friday, instead pay them on a monday… or they will party all weekend and might come in late monday or maybe call in “sick”

same goes for this… why give them more money when they haven’t fixed the game yet… YES I too want to buy the DLC… but I will wait until the game is actually fixed before i give more money to funcom.

So I challenge you to do the same… make them actually push fixes faster then getting another big paid day off of all of us… then dragging their a$$es more before they fix the real problems with the game.


Nah, have you seen those armors?

I’m buying right away.

I’m excited about the price point, i was ready to shell out $20 for it considering how many items are in the pack. I can’t wait to see what culture they do up next! :slight_smile:



those building pieces is what got me though… and the weapons look pretty tight… …

NO NO NO just wait man… comon

and hell no $20?? that would be way over priced… lol… dont say that… next one will be $20 now


Value is one of those “In the eye of the beholder” things. For my Khitai RP character these items are really cool and a very welcome addition, they’ll make Dragonspire Keep amazing!

I’ve shelled out $10 easy for OW lootboxes that netted me a single event skin, or bought costume armors in MMO’s at $7-20 a pop… I even bought most of the FO4 DLC :sob: this is probably one of the easiest DLC purchases ever.

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yes yes… i have shelled out over $200 in a month on some loot box type items… if i enjoy the game and it is working as intended why not …

If you are against DLC buyers, you can simply go out and KOS every character wearing new armors and pillage every building built in new style. :sunglasses:

… are you against reading a posts entirety before writing your comment? because if you would have taken the 20 seconds to read the entire post you would have seen… that I intend to buy the DLC…

this isn’t OMG people are stupid don’t buy it…

this is make them wait for the pay day after they have fixed the problems they promised to fix…

Well, Sunscream, normally I would totally agree with you as I can be a self-righteous pain in the ■■■■ when it comes to topics such as this. For example, I haven’t purchased a single Ubisoft game ever since how they treated legitimate customers who purchased Assassin’s Creed II. I also will continue to never give them a dime until they finally make it so I don’t have to have uplay installed to play their games. Steam should be good enough.

I’m still on the fence in regards to the DLC, but I know I’m leaning towards a purchase for two main reasons:

  1. I have money burning a hole in my steam wallet that I want to spend on something, and at this moment none of the games I’m willing to spend it on are on sale. It’s always my luck, when I have the funds, nothing I want is a good price. lol

  2. I’m bored. That’s the biggest factor at play here. I played CE for a while when it first came out, then took a long break until the mountain regions came out. I played for a bit more, then stopped until the combat update was put on test-live. I’ve been playing it ever since then. As annoyed as I am at their band-aid fixes, lack of certain content(sorcery), stability issues, and downright money-grabs(atlantean sword and khitan dlc), it’s the only game I actually enjoy playing lately.

That’s why many people, myself and I assume you as well, get so angry at this game because it’s a lot of fun, we’re just not happy with how it’s being handled.

If you wait for that, there’s a very good chance you’ll be waiting for forever. I haven’t played many Funcom games, my first foray was Age of Conan. I was very active on the forums a few months before open beta, and I read all the things people said about Funcom. I didn’t believe any of it, why should I, I’m pumped to play AoC. After playing it for 2 months, though, I understood what people were saying. It’s no different here.

They’re going to “fix” the problems with the game, as for when and how, no clue. You can either choose to have fun with what’s given to you at this time, or choose to avoid certain things until you get your way. If you choose that path, you could end up like I am with Ubisoft, and end up waiting forever. lol

Nope, will just buy it.
On top of it I strongly believe in the devs being hard at work. Also, they are not our employees who are paid if we buy something. That kind of attitude only makes things worse actually.

So I’ll buy it right away and perhaps I’ll even upgrade to Barbarian edition since I want the RPG books and the Atlantean Sword. Hm. Decisions decisions. :smiley:

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The problem is, you are reaching such a small portion of the game audience that such protests are just a drop in the bucket. There are too msmy people Who want the content.

Also, by your logic Funcom won’t get paid till the bigger patch is out. What will that accomplish? Investors Will be angry that Funcom is not making the expected profit. They put pressure on Funcom to fix this profit issue. The company will have a few choices including: fix the game and hope the money will come in, lay off people to reduce expenses to meet forecasts, or start on a new project and focus on that as the next big money maker.

Of those, none will help us. Fixing will just be a rush job which sucks. Patches should not be rushed to ensure fixes work and don’t work.

Layoff would suck and we would have fewer people doing the same work leading to stress and a crap job done.

Moving on won’t help us either as this game will die without fixes being released.

So sorry, i just don’t agree with your logic. As for tying it back into your payday example… Yes delaying till Monday may work. However you also lose talent from those people who realize what you are doing and fine work else where and tjose tend to be the people you want to keep.

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Buying it as soon as its available!

well funcom doesn’t have many games… I played AoC and AO…

and well this post was half joking at best…

I doubt ill wait to buy it as well since… I really want to build an asiany themed base and … just having a new T3 option to me is worth it… i hate how Black ice looks… the sparkly diamond look on everything just… is bleh…

The one thing I just DISLIKE about their development process is…

hey guys we have a huge patch we are working on with over 500 fixes… couple weeks later… we will be putting it on test live soon… ( no eta? where is the eta??? not even for TEST LIVE!!! )… ok then we will have to wait ANOTHER month before it even gets to us… if we are lucky…

so yea… the fact they took it out of “early access” about a yr to early just to get a influx of cash says alot … anyways… i wouldn’t be annoyed so much with the game if i didn’t enjoy it so much… … got that love hate thing going on…

They may not have many games, but from what I’ve already read on many of their forums, they have a reputation, and they seem to be keeping it. XD

That’s one of the biggest reasons why I’m leaning towards purchase. I’ve already been looking up temples to use as inspiration on things to try building. Here’s two I’m really looking forward to trying.

Now I know I won’t be able to get them to look exactly like that, but if I can come close, I’ll be happy. XD

“Them’s fightin’ words…” D:<

I completely agree. This game was not ready for release, not in any way, shape, or form. Every time I hear someone defend the game claiming it’s barely been out, I want to smack them because they seem to ignore the entire time it was on EA. I understand they need to make investors happy, I just wish investors actually cared about the product they were investing in. I mean, would you just want to make some quick profit, or would you rather your investment be good enough to still sell copies 10+ years later??

On the investment front, I agree. There are issues with the concept of investing then having to please those investors, especially when the goal of the investor may differ from the company goal.

For example, my 401k invests money in the video game industry along with several others. The investment mamager doesn’t care about the individual company goals, games, or products, they only want profit. This is the kind of investor that can hinder a company by putting short term profits over long term company growth and sustainability. That can hurt a company.

But if i invest in Funcom on my own, i may more believe in the company, understand the product, and get that though a delay may limit my profit this quarter, it will be better as a whole.

The problem is, i can only invest so much but the compamy investing my 401k has so much more money to play with. This has to make life tough for a group like Funcom.

Buying the dlc with out a doubt.

Funcom delivers fixes that many other gamestudio`s spend years to do, and they actually care.

Most big studios swim in cash, but they couldnt give it a second thought.

Now, heres a reason why its so hard for minor studion like Funcom, the customer matters, and many small studioes dont have the capacity or will to perform even a small portion of the work Funcom have done in Conan Exiles.
The work is second to none, and no matter what some people try to make you think, have you tryed any other survival game in/out of EA?

I mean, the EA developement in Conan Exiles was massive, and it all happened during 1 year!
1 year guys, how long did it take the competitors to fix their crap?

Most are not even fixed as we speak.

And why is it that some games have the guts to deliver DLC while they still are in EA, with a most of bugs that they dont fix 4 years after release?

I for one appriciate the hard work put in to this game, and i will buy the DLC as soon as i can, i allready have over 500 hours of fun in the game, why the hell should i wait to support these guys?

Also, someone said Funcom dont have many games out, well, that may be true, but the share work they put in to every one of them are massive!
Here are some:

Anarchy online, still one of the wery best sci-fi mmo out there, near 20 years after release, still uppdated and followed bu Funcom.
Age of conan, wery strong game, lost at start, wery costly but fantastic game, but to late sadly, still followed and uppdated by Funcom
The secret world, massive workload and wery costly, still depeloped and played/loved by the fans.
The longest Journey, appriased by all in the gamepress, not to bad?
Dreamfall, same as above, a work of art.
Hide & Shriek, a small fun/fast mooving multiplayer, made to test UE¤
The Park, made to test UE4, but still got many fine words in the press.

And still players seem to think Funcom will drop any of their games and stop developing them?
I don`t understand the logic, they still support 20 years old games!
If this do not qualify for stability and progress then i dont know what will.

This all goes to prove why it is wery important to be supportive as a customer, the market is not easy street, there are multi billion dollar companies that work as sharks in the water and would totally ruin the work of outsnanding studios like Funcom if they could, you think it`s easy?

Just look at some of the statements from accounts on steam, i for one do not believe all of these actually are gamers that want something positive to happen, it is wery suspicius in my mind.

I can say this because i have like 500 hours in Conan Exiles, many thralls, lots of rain/weather, and the minor bugs i tend to find are not even that important to me as i tend to find such bugs in near all of my online games.
If i had lost a thrall on my way back to base, would i go to steam and scream my loungs out?
NO, i would think to pull my thrall in a different maner next time, after all, it`s no ones fault that the thrall drouned while i swim with him passed out in deep water, or he got eaten by wolfes on my way back to base.

By the way, i havent lost 1 thrall yet.

Looking forward to the DLC, and hope Funcom keep up the great work of punching out patches and fixes in this blistering fashian.



And why is it that some games have the guts to deliver DLC while they still are in EA, with a most of bugs that they dont fix 4 years after release?

… They might have said the game was officially released… but by far is this game out of EA… so yes why is it they have the GUTS to release a DLC before fixing major problems with the game…

and why would they be adding in NEW features… when they haven’t finished the freaking content that they already started…

so sure… they will keep milking their money train… like they doe with there other games… no doubt… but by the time they get their sh@t together… most of the player base will have gotten bored, annoyed, and found something better… (76) …

which I don’t really want… because this is the best looking survival game I have played, it has a rather nice building system… though at times it can be super annoying… and really they need to add some other % angles in the game for wedges… and such… but hey… 5 DLCs and a year later this game might actually be a bit more ready for that “official release”

“Gamma” really should be a thing for games.

“Released” should be what a game is when it lands in the bargain bin… Or acquired by Microsoft.

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LOL bargain bin… main… those were the best lol… and being able to buy games… like off shelves those were the days…

Depending on price, I’ll just buy it.

4.99 or less and I’m in.

Well, this may be true to you and maybe 100 other gamers that will call every glitch they may find a gamebreaker…

For me, no, this game runs fine, looks good and i enjoy it.

So, then why wouldnt i pay for a DLC?

Thats the topic here, and so i expressed my thoughts on the matter, and they are subjective of course, but still true for me.
The different issues some players have are beeing fixed by a dedicated team, and i am sure you know that the programmers that bug hunt are not the same that produce content at this time.

Also there is something called a business plan, thats what companies make beforehand, and not something you do on the fly, its planned way ahead, and the group working on the dlc have been at it a long time before release.

So why do it matter at all, why not just be happy with new content while someone waits to be able to build on that exact spot/slope?
Important im sure…

This game have a large playerbase allready, and much of the reason players move on to other games for a while is that they have played out the given content, and for conan exiles that may vary from 1 week, to gamers like me who will spend 2-3 months, up to a year playing before im tired of it.

So, its only smart, and i mean for all types of players to add more content, wether it be via dlc or by patching content.

After following the game it is clear that everything Funcom has stated will be included is either in-game allready, or beeing worked on for a later date to be implemented, i have no problem with that because the game allready have a lot and/or more included then any other survival vanilla game out there, looks better too.
Did you try Ark or Rust after 1 year in EA?
H1Z1, 7 days, reign of kings etc?
Man, it really cant compare at all and most players know, as they have tryed them.

So, people can keep on messing with what was said or not, but i just feel they miss the point, and make a to big a fuzz regarding it.
The game is one of the wery best survivalgames out there, and more then enough for vanilla release.
Allthough there are work still beeing done, that doesent mean the game isnt good for gold, thats bull, and just your opinion.

It doesent make it right to scream in caps on every forum you find just because your thrall died, or you cant build exactly how and where you want, i mean, what game do?
Its physichs behind the game engine too, and it have some restictions witch may or may not be altered to the dev`s liking, we will see, im just playing the game as it is, and as i dont work for the company i just play and leave all the work to them.
Its a big map, im sure there are enough space to build, no need to cry that your perfect spot did not work

Thrall died in the water, take another route next time, as you have now learned that a passed out guy, dragged through deep vater, with hands and legs tied up actually may die.
I mean, if a game doesent function just the way you thought, so its ok to spend time screaming about it instead of working the game as-is?
I dont get it.
This isnt a game issue, it`s an iq issue.

Ohh, and did i sat that the dlc do not include any new features or functions, just building blocks and armor/clothes that fit the allready made mesh/models.
I call it art.

Programming and implementing new functions are a totally different team again.