Funcom mentions first "DLC pack" to be released in June

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Conan Exiles will receive the following types of updates during the following months:

  • Bug fixes and “Quality of Life” updates
  • New features and functionality
  • DLC packs

New features and functionality will be free, with additional optional content to be packaged as DLC

First DLC pack will be released during June

Source (Funcom 1st Quarter 2018 Investors Presentation):

We also now have some more info on the contents of the upcoming stuff!

Looks like we’re getting:

Refinements to the game:

  • Upcoming 500 changes patch
  • New creature attacks
  • Animations for potions, bandages
  • Auto-download mods for modded servers!

Plus the new content:

  • Upcoming Taming system & Jhebbal Sag religion
  • Khitan style armors, weapons, decorations and T3 building material

I must admit that I am a little let down that the first ‘DLC’ is coming so soon while there are so many bugs to fix. I don’t mean to act entitled, but items like beard, hair, and face styles should be given to everyone who has put up with the games problems thus far and not put behind such an early pay wall (especially since they had been begged to be added in over the last year) until after they fix the base game.

QOL updates and new features seem promising at least. Thanks for the link!


What will be on the DLC???

Most likely cosmetic items. They have not said yet, so anything so far is just speculation. In Early Access they said that nothing OP would be added to DLC’s, and the map was not going to expand further. This would leave me to believe things like new character creation options, armors, decor, and possibly alternate t1/t2/t3 building materials.


Being able to re costumize your character without having to start all over would be great


There are 2 mods for that. Pippi allows this, and most private servers with any mods has it. CharEditLite has a magic mirror that you spawn in and use to this effect, though not many servers use it. Unfortunately you can’t edit characters on vanilla servers though…

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Im on ps4 so… I dont think its possible


I would be more than pleased if the DLC pack was recipes for a T1 wooden structure. Well worth paying for the art assets.


Hopefully Content updates to the story/lore that gives us more hours to play and not only cosmetic stuff. The content nowadays is short and done in 120hours playtime.

I am getting the DLC from June yes or yes. And I am the one who is, in this very forums, strongly demanding fixes for a good couple or 3 of big issues.

But they fixed so many issues, I just have faith in them, and I want more content, so its easy for me!

I have a feeling we will get this

as part of DLC :roll_eyes:

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I agree, since so much more than just your characters appeareance is bound to your character. I mean, all we build is bound, as well as appearance.

I think it’s magic feature but preview with actual available weapon…I think theses will not available with archery but with sorcery…


Be nice if the crashing could get fixed before any dlc was announced. It’s not just going to magically fix itself overnight. My entire clans already gone to play a different game and no amount of dlc will bring them back if the crashing still happens.
I’m also on the fence on this. It’s unbearable and rip-your-hair-out frustrating.


My wallet is ready. Well done with launch funcom, I cant wait to see where Conan goes from here!


I concur with this. Over the past couple of days I’ve had more fatal errors than I’ve had in the entire time I’ve played the game. Add to that the fact that I lost a lot of stations/chests/materials thanks to their lovely triangular foundation upgrade bug, and no matter how fun the game is, the bugs make it too frustrating to enjoy.


I hope they don’t sell a dlc with stuff that should have been in the game to start with ,it’s obvious there is unfinished work in the journey and quests ,there is a lot more to flesh out in terms of settlement building and thrall behaviour,so I hope the dlc will be something sensible ,please don’t add fat bodies and different bodies just for people who buy the dlcs


Looking forward to it.

And T1 GRAY stone for northern building! I would cheerfully pay for both those things.