Nice article review for 2022 from bluntlyhonestreviews

Nice positive article.


Agreed, a well drafted review.


I like the review but I chuckled when it suggested children should stay away. My youngest is 7 and she plays on our uncensored (but also unmodded) server. To our house, the human body is what it is, no need to hide it if there’s no funny business going on.


“Slavery aside, players having the ability to force male and female exiles to dance naked for their pleasure has its own problem.”

Wuuut? No way! How is that a problem? :smirk: :nerd_face: :face_with_monocle:

Yeah, if anything I think the way nudity is presented in the game serves to educate and demystify in all the right ways! Gore on the other hand… Yeah, maybe not great for little kids, aye?


A fair and even handed review to be sure. But it smacked of political correctness and virtue signalling in one part. The game is an absolute masterpiece; there is my review.


I had a friend that followed us to our server several years ago when he was creating a new character we were in chat for the first time his English not very good then he asked what nudity was I told him to just skip that one found out later he was eight years old had no clue. Couple years later I I’m pretty sure he figured out what nudity is if his parents are comfortable with it then I don’t have a problem they are in not (USA) met another younger fellow when the game first came out much younger than my wife and I thought at the time talking to him a couple weeks ago after a long hiatus we didn’t think it was him until a few questions proved it deep voice and a hairy face from what he told us . Both more knowledgeable about the game than us and seem well adjusted just watching a emergency room show on TV today gore can’t get any worse . I will say I had a gentleman on my server who was playing with his 6 year old grandson and I couldn’t recommend it was a good idea he or. His kiddo didn’t show up any more after a day they were sharing the same character and I didn’t want to get involved. There’s got to be a cut off point somewhere. This was not meant to offend anyone just stating what I have seen. We have always insisted any one chatting with the first 2 youngsters be polite and appropriate.