Nice article review for 2022 from bluntlyhonestreviews

Nice positive article.


Agreed, a well drafted review.


I like the review but I chuckled when it suggested children should stay away. My youngest is 7 and she plays on our uncensored (but also unmodded) server. To our house, the human body is what it is, no need to hide it if there’s no funny business going on.


“Slavery aside, players having the ability to force male and female exiles to dance naked for their pleasure has its own problem.”

Wuuut? No way! How is that a problem? :smirk: :nerd_face: :face_with_monocle:

Yeah, if anything I think the way nudity is presented in the game serves to educate and demystify in all the right ways! Gore on the other hand… Yeah, maybe not great for little kids, aye?


A fair and even handed review to be sure. But it smacked of political correctness and virtue signalling in one part. The game is an absolute masterpiece; there is my review.


I had a friend that followed us to our server several years ago when he was creating a new character we were in chat for the first time his English not very good then he asked what nudity was I told him to just skip that one found out later he was eight years old had no clue. Couple years later I I’m pretty sure he figured out what nudity is if his parents are comfortable with it then I don’t have a problem they are in not (USA) met another younger fellow when the game first came out much younger than my wife and I thought at the time talking to him a couple weeks ago after a long hiatus we didn’t think it was him until a few questions proved it deep voice and a hairy face from what he told us . Both more knowledgeable about the game than us and seem well adjusted just watching a emergency room show on TV today gore can’t get any worse . I will say I had a gentleman on my server who was playing with his 6 year old grandson and I couldn’t recommend it was a good idea he or. His kiddo didn’t show up any more after a day they were sharing the same character and I didn’t want to get involved. There’s got to be a cut off point somewhere. This was not meant to offend anyone just stating what I have seen. We have always insisted any one chatting with the first 2 youngsters be polite and appropriate.

Well, I thought this “review” was more like a FAQ section of Funcom’s website on Conan Exiles. The context of the review is based on selected questions and therefore guards a controlled narrative with no personal criticism, sitting on the fence is pointless when reviewing something. It was more providing answers to questions than a review. I have a number of issues with this guy’s review as well.
Here are a few quotes from it:

“there is a wide array of DLC available that allows players to craft reskinned variants of base game weaponry, armour and building parts”.
Escept it’s not available. When you get to level 60, you haven’t been able to unlock all the stuff. You haven’t got access to what you paid for. It currently is not worth buying until this is fixed.

“While some of these [DLC] items have slightly different stats to their base game counterparts, they are, for the most part, balanced and provide no competitive advantage”.

“For the most part” is a very vague, loose term to use. Except from the bonus attributes, like extra carry weight, bonus agility, strength, etc. I think they are advantages, and they are in the DLC, so that’s pay to win. But I hazard a guess there are base game variants for PvPers to not get hung up about.
PvP is all about numbers first, cosmetics last.

“I feel that survival games are not worth playing solo or offline”

I feel the exact opposite. Completely opposite opinion to this guy. Survival games are BEST played alone, lights off, 48 hours straight play with coffee on standby. No falling asleep.

Having other randos trashing your game up is completely disgusting and violates the peace and ruins the entire experience and immersion. You sudden;y realise you’re not in a survival game anymore, you’re playing PUBG. No thanks. Keep the PvP Battle Royales in their own genre, not stinking up the survival games too. Co-op is fine, but swarms of griefers? No way man. Single player/co-op or quits.

“While crafting is the bread and butter of the survival genre, Conan Exiles DLC and massive array of craftable furnishings and cultural weapon and armour sets contained within creating opportunities for players to specialise in individual crafting disciplines allowing for the creation of an economy in which players can purchase crafted items from DLC they do not own.”

That last part makes no sense whatsoever. WHERE are they purchassing it from, WHO are they purchassing it from? It’s not really a single player mode then is it? I am forced to have to multiplay with other players just to access the DLC conent and its crafting elements? Why do I need to rely on others it’s supposed to be a survival game. I don’t want to socialise, there’s facebook for that. I just want to play a survival game and get access to what I’ve paid for. This isn’t fun. It isn’t worth the money if you can’t access what you’ve paid for.


What are you talking about? I have all DLC and have access to everything I have paid for.

The base game items also provide attributes.

Very subjective. Everyone has their own preference.

Others can craft DLC items and they can give them to you to use even if you don’t own the DLC. They can also sell it to you for bricks or whatever resource they need. If you choose to play in single-player then you won’t have access to player’s economy and this is something to consider when picking a mode to play and the price to pay for not letting any “randos trash your game up”.


There shouldn’t be a price to pay for playing in Single player mode. I’ve already paid. I have reached level 60 but I haven’t been able to access all the DLC. It is locked and there are no more points available now the levelling has stopped. Which means I don’t have access to all the DLC. This isn’t fair.

There are building blocks I still can’t access and many apparel and weapon items that are locked.

Adding a later update that includes more work to unlock points is not fixing the issue.

This actually says more about you not understanding how the game works than anything to do with fairness. Several people have tried to tell you that in the several other threads where you’ve made this same mistake, myself included.

I’m not sure what questions you’re referring to but this review is typical in regards to it’s “guarded POV”. Typical paid reviewers who write for a publisher tend to highlight what is possible and what the game will play like for the widest audience. Shortcomings are usually only mentioned as being shortcomings if they disrupt the genera itself or prevent a player’s progress in some significant way. Certainly no professional writer would make any of the points you have - mostly because what you have stated is actually incorrect or speaks to an avoidable playstyle.


I can guarantee that this review was not ordered or paid by Funcom considering all the shady links on it.


Not really a review, more like a FAQ that forgot about the building aspect of the game


It requires you to utilise the respec potions which are there for a reason and to play the game to obtain additional feat points by farming fragments of power and unlocking recipes such as tablet of power. It is not really an issue considering the DLCs unlock with 0 points once you have their base game prerequisites. You just need to play the game a bit longer and learn about all those mechanics.


Fragments of power will give you the extra points you need to unlock more feats are. Available in both Sipath and Exiles online or offline. The option to reset your feat points in offline game is simple and I wouldn’t consider it cheating for decorative applications.


Ironically if he played online with others (or generally did a quick google search), he’d have the knowledge of Fragments and wouldn’t have other shortcomings. Every issue he has is self-inflicted.


I think the review was pretty straight forward and correct.
If you knew the game mechanics you would be deleting half of what you just posted.

I have over 2000 Points available of which I have spent 1984. That means I have learned every single feat EXCEPT 14 useless weapon feats I do not need. Yes, I could learn those also, but why bother.

I also own every sing le DLC and IOS.

Please learn the game before tearing apart an excellent review, thank you.


The post is fair, although the game has still a lot of flaws.

  • Like bad AI/response time (2.8 would improve this right?)
  • Useless items, not like the underpowered kind, but just blatantly unusable (not the fun intended weapons they are useful cause they’re fun).
  • Combat, mobs always hump you up close you get stuck a lot of times, the hitbox is for a lot of bosses a way off visually (still a lot of stunlocking), I keep hamering on this issue I know sorry…

I love the game, it is the best survival game out there with a rich community and a lot of support on its community which is rare in this genre.


Yeah its parenting after all, not the games these kids play

I play games like Age of Empires when I was like 6… but my parents teach me that war is bad and there no winners. I saw the difference between games and reality.

It differs with each child, but parenting is the main reason haha


Yeah see, instead of the dongs and tigolbitties that are completely uncensored on my server, my 12 year old is obsessed with physics and “what does what” and how when loaded into a treb that I’ve told him a GAJILLION TIMES NOT TO POINT AT OUR BASE but c’est la vie.

If Funcom adds cows into this game, I’m screwed.


I do tend to agree… well, not with the emotional content on display nor the cheap slights… but a decent review should always cover the customer relations aspect - the user experience and what the company intends vrs that experience (both sides). Unfortunately for Funcom, they get a pretty poor grade in this area and unfortunate for the readers of that article it was not covered at all IIRC. I would have to reread it again but I don’t remember seeing any mention of the crack-down, the lack of communication, the change in the vision (and policy?) for Official Server gameplay, and the over the top too heavy use of the ban-hammer used as enforcement. etc.