Whats happened to this game?

I have this game since Early Access day 1, when I bought this game it felt different, thats why I was immediately attracted by it. The exiles land felt like it should, a brutal, decandent place. There was mistery behind some locations and lore, there was violence and sexuality that fits the Conan universe, giant monsters and the promisse of a even more brutal land, with sorcery and even human sacrifices.

But for sometime now Funcom has diverged from the concept actually made this an “Conan” game. The exiles land doesnt feel like a decadent place anymore, after each DLC the game feels more “civilized” and more distant from Conan universe. Players build limitless bases covered in luxury and rich details, weapons feel like they have been forged by master craftsman, armors are extremely rich and doesnt reflect the reality of a universe where metal forging was not advanced, furnitures are beautiful designed and crafted, not fitting tools and knowledge available in the Conan universe… the game feels completely wrong and far away from what I imagine it would be at this point.

In Conan lore not even the Aquilonian soldiers worn metal, but now we even have Rinos and Elephants covered in golden metal plates. The turanian turban doesnt have a slight worn mark, and is so rich in details it fits more an Assassins Creed main character armor than a desert nomad exile, etc… Each DLC the game feels more like any other ordinary medieval fantasy game, I think soon enough we will see massive shoulder armors and sparky weapons in this game.

Im not sure if Im the only one who sees it this way, but basically the game is too “shiny” and “rich in details” for a survival Conan game.


The game needs to evolve if it wants to remain relevant over time. You can only have so many shades of clay walls. There was a lot of culture in Conan, most of it never got fleshed out and was just a quick mention here and there. The game world is fortunate enough to work as a sandbox for fleshing those cultures out and that’s what the Dev’s are doing. It’s a logical course of action.


No, you’re not the only one. As far as the plethora of Conan lore that Howard alone provided, this game took a left turn at Albuquerque a while back and disappeared into the sunset. Like the movies, it has little to do with Robert E. Howard’s character other than the name. They didn’t even get his height right. My character is taller than Conan in the tavern.


Zerog, you cant offer somebody an iPhone and deliver the person a Samsung in a iPhone case. Its exactly what Funcom is doing here, this game has diverged from its original course and became a ordinary medieval fantasy sandbox that doesnt feel like and doesnt look like a Conan universe. Seriously, if they remove Conan NPC and rename the cultures nobody would even suspect this is a Conan hyborian age game…

This is not artistic license, its doing things wrong.

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This… So much this, I 100% agree and think that the game does a great job at giving us a diversity of ways to play while still staying within the Conan universe :slight_smile:


If you had read at least one Conan comics, you would realize its not Conan universe. Yes, the game is pretty, the art is awesome, the weapons and armor amazing designed. Too bad it has nothing to do with the original idea.

So basically, you assume only Conan fans would play the game if it was accurate. You also just wanna have fun and dont care if its not accurate to its original idea. You also dont care if others dont approve Funcom idea but says you wouldnt play the game if it was any different…

No, you are not part of the problem. You are just a player that cares about fun with no depth, playing a game from a company only cares about numbers, not quality, an ideal match.

Then if it is not Conan enough for you, why do you play? Seriously, you are entitled to your opinion. But it sounds like the game is not fun for you because you do not enjoy the direction. Funcom is not changing the name or thematic elements they have in it, others will enjoy what Conan parts are in it and continue to play. And i personally have read a few of the books, been awhile, but not the “comics” you called one person out for not reading. And there are a lot of features that are very Conan-esque. Enough to let me enjoy some time in the alternate Exiles lands, swinging a sword, and drinking ale.


Actually… they do. Many armies in the stories are described as wearing mail or scale armor, even some of the less civilized people, e.g. Vanir and Aesir.

I do agree though, that a lot of the DLC stuff and recent or upcoming base game additions look too shiny and flashy. This is particularly true of weapons.

One of the main reasons that brought me to CE was the moto “build, SURVIVE, dominate”. To me it has evolved into “build, dominate”, the survive part is long gone. My playstyle has evolved into little fights and lots of rp. Perhaps you need to… adapt to the direction the community is seemingly heading. Just a thought.


It took me a while to getting rich. It really was surviving the first few months. It depends what server you are in. Im happy that i came so far

Technically that is surviving by evolving :slight_smile: But i agree, it is build and dominate on PVP servers. Surviving is relatively easy, as long as you are thick skinned.

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You should talk to the Ymir religion trainer. It has already been accounted for.
He basically tells you that the exiled lands isn’t real. Basically postulating a simulation hypothesis.


Yes, you are right and I agree. Afterall open games like this are evolved by the players within, isn’t that what a sandbox game is?, here is the playground, use it as you see fit! :grinning:

EDIT: to the Conan’s world idea, it’s true that CE world is not Hyboria, but I don’t think there is an easy way to… adapt? Howards lore to a game, I have the feeling it’s more complex than it seems, and I have no idea how to solve that.

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That probably explains why the Turanian gear has cold resistance. Very accurate. Also why the primitive pict culture buildings are T3 and require hardenes bricks and steek to make.

Also explains why Lemurian Robes and Zamorian Thief outfits are cold resist, and also how you can keep 50 thralls in a storage chest without them dying of oxygen deprivation, let alone rupturing of internal organs under crushing pressure.

Every game should learn from this and implement their own logic backdoor with a simulation hypothesis NPC. The games woudl be better for it, because this gives them a license to be games, as opposed to being Star Citizen.


Not true. Aquilonian knights were described as wearing steel armor, Gunderland pikemen and even Bossonian archers wore heavy mail (ref: Scarlet Citadel, Hour of the Dragon). Aquilonian soldiers were among the most heavily armored in the world, but even Shemite archers were described as wearing mail armor. (Which makes sense, considering that mail in its various forms was used in most parts of the world for over 2000 years. It’s pretty good armor for being so low-tech.)

You’re right that the game feels less like a gritty survival game, but you’re wrong saying that the aesthetics don’t fit the Hyborian lore. It’s just that the wealthy nations are being brought into the Exiled Lands, which doesn’t make much sense. We should have straw huts and crude wooden palisades, not Turanian palaces or Aquilonian temples.

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As I said in another thread, the Frontier buildings are not of Pictish construction, but representative of Aquilonian frontiersmen construction during their attempt to colonize the Pictish Wilderness (see Beyond the Black River).


Ad more survial stuff in the endgame to, its werry good the first levels but it become werry safe Quick.

Thralls in a storage chest? I dont think you understand what Im saying. This particular mechanics has nothing to do with the fact Funcom is choosing not to follow the lore of a reference novel. These are two very different topics, like you said games dont need to stick with reality otherwise they might become massive and actually not enjoyable, we are playing games, not having a virtual life experience.

In the novel Conan goes to freezing lands with a loincloth and a fur cape, in this game the Vanir gear is not much different from that, that pretty absurd in Real Life standards. Yes, but its just like in the comics universe, Im not complaining about that, the problem is when they choose to create things from their heads that are not lore accurate. Rinos and Elephants covered in master crafted golden plate armor? Did you ever expect to seen this in Conan universe? Picts structures being T3 when they are one of the less advanced tribes in the Hyborian age? Turanian gear is so shiny and rich in adornments it feels like they came direct from a Korean fantasy MMO, not from the barbaric Hyborian age, not from a survival game. This is what Im complaining, the game is clearly following a different theme and direction it was designed to be.

Compare the latest released DLC gear with what we had before. Compare the Turanian light armor with the normal light armor, the Turanian light armor feels like an Assassins Creed game while the light armor feels absolute crude and hand crafted. Mitra religion clothing is all torn in the edges, even the Zamorian dancer silk is dirt and torn. Its paradoxical compare the game we had a year ago with the shiny civilized “exiles” land we now have.