Funcom, we have a problem .... Conan Exiles is such a good game

Conan Exiles is probably the best survival game out there. And I think a lot of gamers are addicted to this game (I am). And we want more, a lot more:

  • new content for the Lands of Exiles (Siptah must not kill the first map)
  • new islands for Siptah
  • new Thrall (new professions: musician, farmer, fisherman, cultivator, etc.)
  • new professions for players: magical runes maker, beff farmer (with smaller enclosures),
  • new World Bosses (even harder to kill),
  • new NPC’s camps for the Exile Lands
  • new game mechanics such as the addition of caravans that move on the maps and that it is possible to attack to loot them,
  • new dungeons,
  • the upgrading of the old dungeons of the Lands of Exile (Dreggs and Black Keep),
  • revamp of the jungle (it’s pretty empty actually),
  • more recipes hidden everywhere on the maps (Exiles Land and siptah) to encourage players to explore the map,
  • new religions,
  • etc.

Unfortunately, it feels like production on Conan Exiles is slowing down. Siptah update 2.3 is great but it’s not huge either (we are waiting for new islands to explore). And worse, no new content or revamping of the old map ; yet the potential of the Lands of Exiles is enormous (I’m not talking about map expansion, I know it’s technically impossible, but content like camps, monsters, etc.).

We also have the impression that the production rate of the DLC is decreasing. And finally, players on consoles (xbox and ps) who still do not have Siptah.

In summary, Funcom, if you do not want a horde of players arriving on your office and taking you hostage to speed up content development on Conan Exiles (Siptah AND Land of Exiles) you better recruit ;-p

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this sounds demanding to the point of threatening

Excluding the threat I agree with 90% of those points. Specificly the religions. Zath is cool but i was hoping for Dagon, or perhaps Ishtar. Or a god relating to one of the DLCs like Yun for Khitan, or Erlik for Turan.
Or there is Kali, Nebethet, Wiccana, and Astoreth seeing as currently the male gods outnumber the female one 5 to 1. Will be 6 to 1 once update 2.4 goes live. Im a guy and even I think thats sexist as hell.