Dear Funcom,allow me to give you a critique

Dear Funcom, I’m at 1,600 hours and more of playing Conan, I’m noticing how for every patch or update you put in there are new bugs, or conflicts with other things, as if you don’t test the things you put in.
Like in the last one where all Siptah’s corsairs can no longer be stunned (70% of Siptah’s NPCs, especially useful for new novice players).
You don’t make complete DLC packs anymore, you bet a lot on the bazaar trying to sell a couple of skins at exorbitant prices.
You control the official servers little or nothing, so much so that there are heavy and invasive structures of players that lower the server’s performance.
It seems to me that you don’t care much about this game…and it’s a shame because games like this are unique, but if your intent is to scare players away, you’re succeeding. Funcom, I’m sorry but you lose.


That means you’re already burned my fellow exile, welcome to the exile pit :laughing:.

The new dev “strategy” seems to eliminate this phenomenon, it seems that they didn’t have the time to follow up, so they changed strategy. Let’s hope we will see better updates in the future.

Allow me to “break” this exaggeration here my friend.
In Siptah we have exiles, corsairs, Accursed, stygians and invaders. So corsairs cannot be 70% of the population. Then Siptah has surges as well that brings all the population of exile lands and more. I say more because through surges you gain crafters and warriors you’ll never see on exile lands. Then again Siptah does not lack of the tavern system as well.
So corsairs can be a literary 10% maximum of the population you can have in Siptah or even less.
Do i agree with the bug?
Hell no!
Corsairs are vital population for a “beginner”, their difficulty lvl is balanced to give a good difficulty lvl for new players, so each existed problem must be fixed “yesterday” if possible. But for a player that has 1600 hours in this game, this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re getting me, you just can simply change your farming methods which i assure you it won’t disappoint you at all :wink:.

I believe dlcs were very cheap and bazzar pretty expensive, something in the middle would be best.

Wrong! A company that doesn’t care about a game stop updating.

Here’s the huge dichotomy this forum gets feedback.
A huge number of people says what you say, and the other half says that the rules are very excessive and people should be able to build more.
Personally, i believe that it’s correct to have rules since players seemed unworthy to understand where they “stop” and what dominance means.

A pvp player that builded a lot shows “fear”. This game has all the mechanics not to allow you to feel safe ever.
The reason “Funcom” bans however is to ensure the server performance stability and not because these actions are invincible from the existed game mechanisms.

A pve and pve-c player that builds a lot, is doing it probably because he-she plays too much time in the same server with the same character. There’s nothing new to do so let’s build. The bad part here is that players get really attached from their digital “sand castles” and ego prevails than logic. They forget that this ain’t their server and that they only owner of their s…t is Funcom.
Funcom didn’t fix these servers for a small number of players but for all.

Here you have a good point. Lots of people felt scared for multiple reasons in this game and that’s a fact. It’s something that Funcom must be aware of and do the best so this will go away.

Thank you for your feedback fellow exile.

The problem they have is, the game was originally made ~seven years ago on a heavily customized Unreal 4 engine. Mostly by people who are no longer working on Conan Exiles.

The game has been expanded, updated and modified on a regular pace for seven years. Each new update brings more complexity to the code. And it all has been built on a foundation that may be a bit shaky but which cannot be properly renovated because of the weight of all those updates built upon it.

As a result, all new updates are sort of patch jobs that have unintended consequences because the deepest layers have become inaccessible, figuratively speaking.

I’m not saying we should be happy about it, just that at this point, any changes to the game code are almost inevitably going to affect something unforeseen. And the whole package is simply so massive that no testing team of a realistic size can hope to find out all problems before release. (It’s kinda like Microsoft Windows. Install new update and cross your fingers.)


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following a sudden decision. battle passes will be removed. and the remaining content of the future battle pass would be free

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