Poor server performance

I have over 3k hours played between Conan Exiles and Siptah.I have been noticing a gradual degradation of the servers I play on,these past two months.The servers performance has been poor even with low population on them.I have all the Dlc’s and have really enjoyed this game.The passion is slowly being drained from me with all the bugs I have been dealing with between both games.

I realize there will be more Dlc’s forthcoming but I am not going to purchase anymore because of these compounding issues. It saddens me that a game I have been playing for over 3 years has come to this state it is in. With the resources a company like Funcom has you would think server performance would be top priority.

I mean I have been playing and dealing with all the bugs in the games for awhile now ,but having the servers gradually degrade as they are I think my time is coming to a end.With all the new games coming I think Funcom"s #1 priority should be server performance. Playing with the bugs was bad enough but now I cant log in at times,thralls don"t react to commands , losing loot because of the mesh issue.

I will be looking for a new game and alot people I play with are going to be doing the same . I will keep a eye on the forums for any signs of progress on these issues.For now I will be taking my money else where.

You need to report server issues through zendesk
Good Luck!

I have noticed this ever since the new building calculation feature with checking integrity of builds during upgrading, and such. It’s not talked about enough, because I guess it isn’t popular. Oh well.

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