Conan exiles critic

I didnt play the game for a couple of years and with the new age that had arived
I decided to see how things are. here’s some critic based on what I had experianced in my own gameplay for the last 2 months(pve exclusively) and from watching others gameplay on YT(specifically pvp).
I’ll start by noting some of the good changes:
-treasure coffer-
the treasure coffer is a good adition to the game, Im all up for adding new mechanics to the game rather than new cosmetics. more mechanics lets us have more purpose in our gameplay keep adding them!

  • purge changes-
    the purge changes are interesting, obviously they require more tweaking, on the exiled lands its easier to summon than in isles of siptah. where I built on siptah the land was pretty much flat but a bit tilted so the purge wasnt able to be summoned. make it so that it can be summoned on slightly tilted land please.
    now for the bad stuff:
    combat/ character movement- as of myself I dont do pvp it feels pointless to me for reasons that are irelevant. I watched pvp on YT and it just looks so rediculous, players just rolling all over the place its like- hit, roll, hit, roll for about an hour until one players fingers betray him. in general the player movement resembles more that of a cockroach than a human in terms of velocity and maneuverability. if there was an acceleration animation at the start of running that would add alot to the immersiveness of the movement, you did that with horses.
    combat in general is dull. bows work like shit for me(Idk if thats just me), thralls die like flies not because they need more hp but because they are straight up stupid, they hit twice and they just stop the combo, WHY, why not just finish the combo and kill the mother ****er in front of you god damnit! you have 3 more guys jumping on you. I should note that I dont have a problem with the fact that thralls die easily, but the fact that these thralls are lvl 20 rethrous the burdened which I spent alot of time lvling. if the lvling was faster maybe it wouldnt feel like I lost a family member when he dies. the worst part was going back to base over encumbered with all the stuff he carried for me…I see why he’s called rethrous the burdened now…:pensive:
    -the grind-
    golems are great solution for the grind, I wish you could have regular thralls gather resources.
    Idk what you did to the game but building is a hot mess rn. I play mostly official servers with no mods.
    hope you guys take notice and add those things to the pile of stuff you need to fix in the game, I believe in you funcom!

Immersiveness, yes. Playability, terrible. The in-game characters don’t follow real-world physics, so adding one feature from realism would break the consistency of moving like a game toon.

Yes, they’re stupid, but you still need to get them into a very poor position and then leave them to their own devices if you lose many of them. I haven’t lose any thralls in recent months, and I’ve taken them to fight everything the game has, except the new Purge. Yes, even in the middle of a Siptah Maelstrom. It’s great fun, and good training for the thralls.

You do need to help them fight, though. Otherwise yes, two skeletons can stunlock the thrall so he won’t ever have a chance to fight back because even when he’s not being hit, he still takes several seconds before he decides to start attacking back. This is apparently especially bad on crowded servers, because the thralls need the server’s processing power to make decisions, and if the server is at its limit, the thralls can become quite unresponsive. So it’s more a crappy server problem than a game problem.

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