Conan Exiles Suggestions

Hello FunCom and fellow players. I pre ordered my Conan Exiles on PS4, since midnight release I have not stopped playing. I never thought I’d love the game so much and too learn that it’s not even the final master piece has me excited. We are expected sorcery, settlements, mounts, pets and all sorts in the future. I can’t wait! However I’ve been trying to find a suggestions and feedback to the Devs in the forum’s and had no luck finding so I’m shooting in the dark here and opening my own topic in hopes the Devs find it and read it.

If so, FunCom Devs of the Conan Exiles, I f’ing love your work so far, warts n all. There are several things and bugs I hope you will address and improve the game even more. I understand it’s still in its diapers and beginning to walk, it’s a fragile stage. One wrong update and you could ruin your current population of gamer’s for quite some time. Forgive my rambling but back to the matter at hand. Archery for starters, now I know this has been an issue for most people’s, it’s too simple in a bad way, the arrows drop very fast, there is no lock on range for bows at a distance and the firing mechanics are a little dull. I’ve been practicing the bow to see if I can improve on it but so far there barely seems to be any improvement overall, I can’t hunt, even headshots don’t help overall. I can’t chase my prey because firing and moving had the arrows flying all over the place like running and gunning hipshot on a first person shooter. Perhaps a rework of archery, for example Skyrim had amazing archery but that could be too complex, but since the combat on Exiles is that similar to Assassin’s Creed Origins, perhaps use that as an example.

Another reason for my topic is an elastic band effect when in combat with several enemies on an online server, I roll away to avoid their attacks just to snap back and be surrounded and wedged in-between enemies and watch my health drop like crazy. I hope this can be fixed someday. Also some weapons offer no benefits what so ever, the one handed may let you use a torch but the combo attacks even when mixed are somewhat useless, some of your attacks miss even when stood right next to the enemy. The spear seems quite over powered, be it player or NPC it is near impossible to stagger the enemy or evade their attack and attack. Not just the spear but on some NPC’s overall, sometimes attacks don’t seem to stagger them at all when it staggers others. I’m not sure if that’s intentional or what but it has made things more complicated then necessary.

I’m sorry if it seems like I’m just complaining but I really love this game and only want to see it improve for the better. I pray you guys will make this a game all other survival sandbox games become envious of. Thank you for bringing this game into my life. I look forward to see it grow and become the talk of many gamer’s.


Oh also one more thing, there be some moonlight at least during night. Not too bright but enough to light up the land in a dim icy blue. However keep it pitch black when it concerns being in shadow.

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Few more suggestions crossed my mind. Be Able to knock out a player, bind and drag them and put them in cages.

Picklock doors and chests for those who fancy themselves thieves.

Poison arrows and fire burn bleed effect from fire arrows.

Dual wield one handed weapons, slower and no bleed effect, keep daggers useful still with speed, back flip and bleed effect.

More science in geography, like cold at night in the desert. Increased coldness when wet, hunger drains faster when cold, thirst drains faster when hot, etc.

Implement new hairstyles and beards and a way to alter hair styles and beards in game, without the need to recreate character.

Alliances between free people’s and clans, alliance shall make these people friendly and register under friendly fire.

Also text chat support on PS4, saves us the trouble of having to use third party software to RP on.

Sorry if it appears I am unsatisfied, just merely offering suggestions for improvement.

Thank you for taking the time to read.


The staggering issue you talked about is due to the type of weapon the enemy is using.
Heavy attacks with some weapons increase poise, making it so they’re difficult or impossible to stagger.

So the very instant a guy with a two-handed weapon begins to swing, you can’t stagger him. You’ll see him stagger if you hit him first (leap attack with an axe, or spear before he’s in range to swing, etc), but then his next attacks go off, uninterruptible. It’s not only two-handed weapons, I was just using them as an example. NPCs can’t stagger me at all when I’m doing heavy axe combos.

I find the axe to be an excellent one-handed weapon. It’s my weapon of choice in almost any situation.
It has a leap attack so I can always get the first strike and stagger my opponent. The heavy attacks do not rebound off of shields. The final heavy attack in a combo bypasses shields, deals damage and knocks them down if possible. It’s also great for AoE, it mows down enemies all around you.

I’d love there to be some moonlight!

There are snake arrows that poison enemies. Fire arrows seem useless, they don’t even ignite tar - they just weigh a lot, I think they’re broken.

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The whole weapon system will need a work over then if your choice of weapon trumps all other weapons. This would be considered an exploit and force players to use weapons they don’t want to just to have any hope of surviving confrontations that drag out. We’ll just have to wait and see what FunCom do to improve and add to the game. Hopefully this game will be exploit free and fair for all players, be they noob or veteran.

I’m not saying my weapon of choice trumps all others, I just prefer it.
I’m sure I’d get my ■■■ kicked in PvP regardless of what other players use. :slight_smile:

I could wreck NPCs just as easily with a mace, two-handed sword, whatever. Any weapon.

Oh another idea, a spyglass of sorts. To zoom and view far distances.

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And another thing. Aggressive, neutral and passive commands for Thralls. So they don’t attack visitors on sight unless they attack or steal from containers.

I really like this part.

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Another suggestion, not relevant to the population but more of a personal request. A Jhebbal Sag faction somewhere in the Highlands that use wolf fur armour with a wolf hood and stuff. To unlock a wolf armour like the dogs of the desert but more northerner and wolf instead.

Or simply implement a giant Direwolf boss that you’ll learn wolf armour from defeating.

1.08 for PS4 is a failure, warpaint is not fixed and it’s impossible to stay alive for long periods of combat. Lotus potions and food are now pointless ways to heal and bandages will just get you killed. Please fix this, I’ve died several times from poison, bleed and lack of healing becaus of this new system.


Jhebbal Sag avatar or a collection of his underlings. These lands are old, surely it would believable a Pict tribe who still worships the old Jhebbal Sag would of settled somewhere in these lands.

Please add floating dead bodies for when I die to drowning, keep losing body to drowning death because body sinks n rag dolls under rocks or under map. Thank you people will b happy


This bit about the spyglass deserves its own topic. I am actually jealous I didn’t think of it first


Seems everyone forgot about the 2 most important stuff…

Please FunCom remove that overburdent popup already.
And weapon display rack functionality in the online version (again) please :smiley:


How come I can’t find any white hair thralls to tame ? Please add more variety lol only dark hair thralls mostly…

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Ok another suggestion, I’m building a base on the water and I’m using pillars and foundations right? But the middle is all pillars I got ceilings all in the middle right? But after the ceilings I have no support like I can add walls but I can’t fill in another level without having pillars all through out my base? Why if it gives bottom floor support why do I have to add more pillars to every level? Fix support on pillars please?

This is already supposed to happen, but I don’t see a difference even when plagued by Frostbite or Heatstroke.
The ‘harsh’ environments are far too forgiving in this game.

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Fix carpet stacking graphics glitch - it’s flashing in and out where 2 carpets touch looks horrible

Make this its own topic!